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Week Six Live Blog: Patriots at Colts

Stay with us tonight for what should be a great battle between two teams who hate each other. Both teams are trying to exact revenge on one another for different reasons and that alone makes this the game of the year to date. Let's do this!

Welcome to Indy as we get ready for the start of Patriots/Colts 2015. These teams hate each other from top to bottom, making this game that much more entertaining. Be sure to stay with us for live updates!

8:31- The Patriots will kick off as they deferred after winning the toss, a maneuver that has been very succesful for New England. Let's see of the pass rush can get to Andrew Luck.

8:41- Touchdown, Colts. Indy drove methodically down the field, took over seven minutes off the clock and scored a clutch touchdown on 4th and one. The Colts came to play so the Patriots better match the intensity. Luck isn't slinging it, but there is nothing wrong with his accuracy as he connected on eight of nine attempts on the opening drive. Colts 7, Patriots 0

8:56- Touchdown, Patriots!! Tom Brady hits Julian Edelman from 12 yards out to even the score. It appears that the Patriots will be able to move the ball like they typically do against the Colts, so it all comes down to the defense getting stops and making plays. If the defense does that, New England will win again. Patriots 7, Colts 7

9:02- The Patriots defense gets the three-and-out they were looking for and get the ball back to Tom Brady and the New England offense.

9:15- Field goal, Patriots. Stephen Gostkowski connects from 40 yards out and gives the Patriots their first lead of the game. Indy has tightened up their run defense, but they are still struggling to stop the Patriots through the air. Rob Gronkowski has been completely shut down so far, a huge victory for the Colts defense. Patriots 10, Colts 7

9:21- The Colts offense had some initial success, picking up  first down, but it was short-lived as the Patriots stuffed the Colts to get the ball back for the offense yet again. This time Brady will be looking to lead a touchdown drive, not a field goal drive. Patriots 10, Colts 7

9:26- Touchdown, Colts. Julian Edelman is having a rough night as he bobbles a perfect pass and Mike Adams takes the deflection back for six. Edelman hurt his finger in the first quarter and he's had three drops since; he may have to get that finger looked at before they go back to him. Colts 14, Patriots 10

9:37- Touchdown, Patriots!! LeGarrette Blount up to his old tricks as he takes the run off and rumbles 38 yards for the touchdown. New England drove 65 yards in just four plays to reclaim the lead; if the avoid turnovers, they should be able to overcome the Colts, mainly by wearing them down. Patriots 17, Colts 14

9:51- Touchdown, Colts. Andrew Luck leads the Indy offense down the field to retake the lead for the home team. Indy was aided on the drive by a pass interference penalty on Devin McCourty, and then Andrew Luck made a great play to find T.Y. Hilton in the end zone. Colts 21, Patriots 17

10:07- Field goal, Patriots. What appeared to be a touchdown to take the lead was taken off the board as Scott Chandler was called for a questionable offensive interference. He was battling going up for the ball and there was a lot of contact both ways. Tough call to make but that is what the home field advantage is all about. The Colts have the lead at the half. Colts 21, Patriots 20


10:27- Touchdown, Patriots!! Rob Gronkowski finally gets involved in the offense, making a 25-yard touchdown catch to give the Patriots the lead. Once again, the Patriots use deferring the toss to their advantage as they pick up 10 points in two consecutive possessions. Patriots 27, Colts 21

10:34- New England's defense steps up and gets the three-and-out, giving the offense a chance to make this a two score game. The secondary has struggled, but they tend to step up when plays need to be made.

10:39- The Colts defense steps up too, forcing the Patriots off the field and giving Luck and he offense another opportunity to recapture the lead. Indy got away with an obvious interference on third down, but I get the feeling the refs are letting the Colts play. Patriots 27, Colts 21

10:46- Dominique Easley is starting to become a factor, and that is a scary thought for Patriots opponents. Easley just ripped through his man and took Andrew Luck down with ease, forcing another Colts punt. If Easley reaches his potential, he could make the Patriots defensive line virtually unblockable. Patriots 27, Colts 21

10:51- The Colts step up and force the three-and-out, but a great punt by Ryan Allen and strong coverage that forced a penalty prevented Indy from having great field position. With three minutes to go in the third quarter, it's time to find out if Andrew Luck is ready to step up in a big game versus Tom Brady. Everyone knows Brady will be ready for the ending. This could be fun, or it could be a repeat of the last three games.

10:57- This will forever be known as the Indianapolis Braincramp; what the heck was that? The Colts setup a formation to possibly throw the Patriots off and get them to jump offsides, and they snap the ball, allowing New England to take over deep in Colts territory. I still can't believe they snapped that ball with two men versus five defenders; not smart.

11:05- Touchdown, Patriots!! Tom Brady continues to move like a ninja tonight and he finds LeGarrette Blount while scrambling from 11 yards out to make this a two touchdown game. The Patriots thrive on taking advantage of other teams mistakes, and the Colts have been victims to it many times. Once again, they burn themselves by not properly executing when trying to draw an offsides and give the Patriots a short field. New England 34, Colts 21

11:12- New England's defense forces yet another three-and-out and get the ball back to the offense. A strong drive here would put the game away and give it the same feel as the last three seasons, something the Colts are deperately trying to avoid. It is one thing to lose, but it is another to lose by 20 on your own field. Let's see if Brady can deliver the dagger and hang 40 on Indy again. Patriots 34, Colts 21

11:25- Once again, the Patriots defense is stepping up when needed, shutting down opponents regularly in the fourth quarter. The Patriots offense takes over at their own 41 and will be looking to score and put this game away.

11:30- Indy makes a huge stand on defense and gives the offense one more chance to make a game of this and they will take over at their own 16.

11:39- The Patriots defense forces the turnover on downs and takes over with 3:31 to go in the game. The Colts have three timeouts remaining, so two first downs would put this game away. It's LeGarrette Blount time. Patriots 34, Colts 21

11:44- The first play of the drive looked promising, but New England was called for delay of game, got backed up into a 2nd and nine and decided to run it three times and force the Colts to eat up all their timeouts. Indy gets the ball at their own 15 with 3:03 remaining and down 13.

11:51- Touchdown, Colts. Andrew Luck drives the Colts 85 yards in under two minutes to make this interesting, but Jamie Collins blocks the extra point so even if the Colts recover the onside kick and score, they'll most likely opt for the tie instead of simpy win the game with the extra point. Let's hope it doesn't come down to that. Pats hands team is up! Patriots 34, Colts 27

11:54- Onside kick recovered by Rob Gronkowski and that will do it here from Indianapolis as the Patriots continue their win streak versus the Colts. This was more competitive than the last few matchups, but it's clear the Patriots are considerably more talented and the Colts have a ways go before being on New England's level.


Goodnight everyone, thanks again for joining us for this entertaining AFC battle. Be sure to join us next week for the showdown with the New York Jets!

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