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Week Seven Live Blog: Patriots vs. Jets

The 5-0 Patriots match up with the 4-1 New York Jets in what should be one of the best games of the year to date. Stay with us as we provide live updates and reactions. It should be a fun afternoon of football!

12:48-  Welcome to Foxboro, we are 12 minutes from gametime. The Patriots have some injury issues today as they'll be missing Dion Lewis, Jabaal Sheard, Shaq Mason, and Marcus Cannon. There depth will be tested against one of the best defenses in football, and the loss of Sheard is going to hurt the pass rush that has been so important over the first five games.

1:04- The Patriots defer as always, then do what they've been doing on defense all year- attack the quarterback. This time it cost the Jets as Ryan Fitzpatrick fumbled and the Patriots offense takes over at the 20.

1:08- New England has to settle for a field goal as Stephen Gostkowski connects from 38 yards out. The Jets pass defense looked as advertised as they only allowed Brady and the offense to pick up five yards before forcing them off the field. Patriots 3, Jets 0

1:20- The Jets chew up some clock with a 15 play drive, but they can't punch it in and have to settle for a 20 yard field goal. New England struggled to cover Marshall and Decker on that series, so they better figure that out or it could be a long day. Patriots 3, Jets 3

1:29- The Patriots offense can't get anything going and the Jets will go back on offense. James White had a drop that would have extended the drive; the loss of sure-handed Dion Lewis is already being felt. New England needs to start trying screens and the running game. Patriots 3, Jets 3

1:43- Touchdown, Jets. Ryan Fitzpatrick hits Jeremy Kerley for the touchdown to give the visiting Jets the lead. The Patriots are allowing Fitzpatrick to get out of the pocket and make plays with his feet, something that they didn't want to happen. The offense needs to wake up, string together some first downs and get a score. The defense needs a breather. Jets 10, Patriots 3

1:52- Three-and-out is the theme of the day for the Patriots offense so far; the Jets are dominating this half and look like the more prepared team. Brandon LaFell had a bad drop on second down that doomed any chance at getting something started. Jets 10, Patriots 3

1:58- New England gets the much needed three-and-out and allows the offense to get back on the field. Brady and Co. have done nothing today and needs to get into rhthym ASAP if they plan on competing in this game. The line needs to give Brady time and he'll find someone open.

2:05- Touchdown, Patriots! Tom Brady dives over the top from one yard out to culminate a much needed drive and tie this one up. Brady also had a 10 yard run on third down to extend the drive and allow the Patriots to get seven instead of three. The defense looked better last drive; let's see if they can pickup another three-and-out and get the offense out there to keep their newfound flow going. Patriots 10, Jets 10

2:14- The Patriots defense does it's job again and forces thje defense off the field; time for Brady to see if he and the offense can retake the lead. Patriots 10, Jets 10

2:24- New England takes the lead on a 46-yard field goal from Stephen Gostkowski, which is a good thing, but the call on third-and-one was very suspect. Why go into shotgun formation what you need less than three feet? Keep Tom under center to force them to keep everyone in and if you want to throw, use play action. Patriots 13, Jets 10

2:30- Jamie Collins with the sack of Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Patriot offense will have 12 seconds to try and pick up a field goal.

2:34- Rob Gronkowski gave the Patriots a chance with an eight yard catch on first down, but once again LaFell dropped the ball on a pass that would have given Stephen Gostkowki a shot to kick an end-of-the-half field goal to extend the lead. LaFell had three drops in the first half and looks ridiculously rusty; hopefully he's awake for the second half because this offense desperately needs a contribution from him to beat this strong Jets defense.


2:57- Drops are killing the Patriots today, this time costing them four points and a two-score lead. Julian Edelman dropped a touchdown on third-and-goal and Stephen Gostkowski cleaned up the mess to extend the Patriots lead to six. Aaron Dobson replaced Brandon LaFell on the drive, which is not a surprise considering LaFell's issues catching the ball today. Patriots 16, Jets 10

3:11- Touchdown, Jets. Chris Ivory makes the catch in the flat and takes it into the end zone from eight yards out to give the Jets the lead. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Eric Decker are giving the Patriots fits and that is just one of the reasons they're behind in this game. Brady and the offense need to come out and execute because if the Jets offense gets the ball back quickly, they may score again because they are getting into a groove. Jets 17, Patriots 16

3:19- Another drop; this is just ridiculous. LaFell was given a second chance and he drops the ball on a crucial third and short. He should find himself on the bench for the remainder of the day. The Jets offense will take over and try to extend the lead to four or eight. Jets 17, Patriots 16

3:31- The Jets drive all the way down the field and appeared to be ready to go ahead by eight, but Brandon Marshall dropped a ball that would have been a touchdown (sounds familiar) and the Jets settle for three. Today is not a banner day for offensive execution; Jets 20, Patriots 16

3:44- Touchdown, Patriots!! Danny Amendola makes the catch on third-and-six from the seven yard line to give the Patriots the lead with 7:16 to go in the game. Rob Gronkowski is starting to get free and make plays and if the defense can get a stop and get the offense back out there, Brady looks like he's ready to deliver a game-clinching touchdown. Patriots 23, Jets 20

3:51- New England's defense picks up the much wanted three-and-out and the offense takes over with just over five minutes to go in the game. Brady will be looking to put together a drive that not only drains the clock but also leads to a touchdown. If the Patriots have half the drops they have today, they are up at least a touchdown right now. Patriots 23, Jets 20

4:00- Touchdown, Patriots! Rob Gronkowski makes the catch for the 15 yard touchdown to give New England a 30-20 lead and seemingly put this game away. Being aggressive was smart on that drive because the Jets offense has had success and taking a two score lead should seal the game. Patriots 30, Jets 20

4:13- The Jets get a much needed field goal as Nick Folk connects from 55 yards out to cut the lead to a touchdown with 18 seconds remaining. The Jets will now attempt the onside kick and see if they can get a couple shots down the field to tie this. Patriots 30, Jets 23

4:15- The Jets recover the onside kick! Bad execution on the part of the Patriots and the Jets will get a couple shots at the end zone.

4:17- New York gets penalized while trying to line up and spike the ball and that'll do here in Foxboro as the Patriots win 30-23 and extend their record to 6-0, giving them a two-game in the AFC East. The Jets proved they are a worthy adversary, but New England had 11 drops on the day, so this game could have been different.


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