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Week 11 Live Blog: Patriots vs. Bills

The 9-0 Patriots take on the 5-4 Bills tonight at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts, and we'll be providing live updates from tonight's AFC East showdown. Stay with us to see our live reactions in what is sure to be a great game.

7:05- Welcome to Gillette Stadium as the Patriots get set to take on the Bills. Let's take a look at the inactives for tonight's game.

Patriots Inactives: DT- Sealver Siliga , WR- Julian Edelman , CB- Justin Coleman, G- Tre' Jackson, LB- Jamie Collins, WR- Keshawn Martin, DE- Trey Flowers

Bills Inactives: QB- Josh Johnson, RB- Dan Herron, LB- Randell Johnson, C- Gabe Ikard, T- Cyrus Kouandjio, DT- Kyle Williams, DT- Stefan Charles

8:31- The Bills get the ball first and will try to set the tone on offense. It will be interesting to see the gameplan.

8:34- Well, that was quick; the Patriots defense forces the three-and-out and Tom Brady will get a chance to lead the Patriots offense. We had a Jerod Mayo sighting and Malcom Brown did a good job rushing Tyrod Taylor on 3rd and six, forcing a bad throw and the punt.

8:47- The Bills defense is here to play, but the Patriots still worked their way down the field and pick up a 35-yard field goal from Stephen Gostkowski. James White was featured more on this drive than the entire last game and he made strong plays. LeGarrette Blount is going to have a heavy workload tonight too. Patriots 3, Bills 0:

8:58- The Bills started the drive running wild with McCoy, but they took him out after three first downs and the drive ended as fas as it started. New England is getting a strong pash rush on Tyrod Taylor, one of the goals to their defensive gameplan. Keep him in the pocket, force either a bad throw or a sack. Brady and the offense takes over looking to pick up seven. Patriots 3, Bills 0

9:04- Rex Ryan with a strong series, confusing Brady and allowing the Bills to keep the Patriots from exploding early. These types of looks only work for so long before Brady deciphers them, so Buffalo better wake up offensively or this early success on defense will be all for not. Patriots 3, Bills 0

9:19- The Bills with a solid drive and Dan Carpenter drills a 53-yard field goal to knot this game up. Rob Gronkowski went to the Patriots locker room with a high ankle sprain and is quationable to return to the game. Patriots 3, Bills 3

9:25- Rob Gronkowski was back on the field, but that was the only positive on that three-and-out. The Patriots offense has looked terrible tonight and it is clear that injuries have really hurt this unit. New England wants to spread them out, but the O-line hasn't been trustowrthy tonight. Patriots 3, Bills 3

9:30- Great defense by the Patriots and they force the Bills off the field after three plays. The young defensive lineman- Easley and Brown- have been excellent tonight. The Patriots haven't had two disruptive interior defensive lineman since, well, ever. Patriots 3, Bills 3

9:39- The Patriots offense is nowhere to be found right now; Buffalo has every answer and isn't allowing Brady to get anything going. Patriots 3, Bills 3

9:49- Devin McCourty steps up and breaks up a would-be touchdown pass to prevent a touchdown, and on the ensuing play Dan Carpenter hit the right upright and the Patriots take over at their own 38. Patriots 3, Bills 3

9:58- Touchdown, Patriots!! Tom Brady and the Patriots offense do what they do best- the two-minute drill. James White made the catch at the 15 and took it in for a 20 yard touchdown catch. As soon as the Bills got into a predictable two-minute defense, they were picked apart by the best two-minute quarterback maybe in NFL history. Brandon LaFell made a huge catch to set the Patriots up at the 20 after Amendola got the drive started with a nice catch and run. Patriots 10, Bills 3


10:16- The Patriots offense gets the ball to start the half and will be looking to make this a two score game. Patriots 10, Bills 3

10:22- New England got screwed by an inadvertant whistle on a scramble play by Brady; Brady hit Amendola for what would have been a long touchdown and they only end up getting the ball at the 40. They picked up another six yards, but Stephen Gostkowski missed his first field goal attempt of the season and the Bills take over at their own 44. Patriots 10, Bills 3

10:30- Touchdown, Bills. Buffalo takes advantage of the strong field position and quickly moves down the field for the score, culminating their drive with a 27-yard run by LeSean McCoy. New England is in trouble. Buffalo 10, New England 10

10:37- Another rough outing for the Patriots offense as they're forced off the field after three plays. Rob Gronkowski has done nothing tonight, nor has Scott Chandler. If the Patriots don't start getting production from anyone other than Amendola, this is going to be a long half. Patriots 10, Bills 10

10:42- The Bills tried running a play one would see in high school or college and the Patriots sniff it out immediately to stuff the Bills and get the ball back to Brady and the offense. Danny Amendola had a strong punt return to setup the offense at their own 35. Patriots 10, Bills 10

10:51- Touchdown, Patriots!! Brady hit Amendola on a great play to escape pressure and the Patriots charged down the field to catch the Bills offside. Not only did they catch them offside, they also picked up six points on a four-yard run by James White, his second touchdown of the night. Danny Amendola has stepped into Edelman's role and flourished, exactly what we predicted would happen. Patriots 17, Bills 10

10:58- Another three-and-out for the Patriots defense as they completely shut down Tyrod Taylor and the Bills offense. As games go on, this Patriots defense seems to get into a groove, and by the time the late third/fourth quarter rolls around, they are very difficult to move the ball against. Patriots 17, Bills 10

11:02- The Bills pick up a much needed stop, a stop that was assisted by a huge holding penalty by Marcus Cannon, but Leodis McKelvin fumbled the punt and the Patriots recovered at the Bills 30, the exact place they would have been if no penalty was never called. Weird. Patriots 17, Bills 10

11:07- New England can't push it into the end zone, but they do pick up a 35-yard field goal from Stephen Gostkowski to extend their lead to two scores. Danny Amendola injured his knee and is questionable to return, but Blount picked up the slack on that last drive and is playing well in the second half. Patriots 20, Bills 10

11:12- That's the end of the third quarter here from Foxboro and the Patriots hold a ten-point lead. The Bills are facing a third-and-four from their own 26 to start the fourth quarter. This is a huge upcoming play for the Bills; they need to put together some type of scoring drive to stay in the game. Patriots 20, Bills 10

11:14- Big sack for the Patriots defense! Easley and Ninkovich combined to make the sack and force the Bills offense off the field yet again. New England takes over and will look to score a touchdown to essentially put this one away. Patriots 20, Bills 10

11:19- Tom Brady with a stupid throw that's intercepted, forcing it into double coverage to an undrafted free agent in his first game. I'm sorry, that is just a dumb throw. Buffalo takes over at their own five and they now have life. Patriots 20, Bills 10

11:26- The Bills offense made it to the 50, but they were stuffed on third-and-inches and decided to punt instead of going for it, which makes sense considering the amount of time left and how well their defense has played. The questions is- have the Patriots figured out how to get Gronk involved? If so, this could be the back-breaking drive they were looking for before Brady's ill-advised throw that was picked. Patriots 20, Bills 10

11:32- Penalties have killed the Patriots offense tonight, this one being another holding call after a strong run on first down. Recovering from holding is almost impossible to do when the offense is at full strength, so starting a drive at 1st and 20 isn't working for this banged up crew. Brady also took another big hit on the drive. Ryan Allen had a great punt to help the Patriots push the Bills back. Patriots 20, Bills 10

11:40- The Bills drive down the field and pick up a much needed field goal, but with just 3:33 to go and one timeout, they need to stop the Patriots from picking up a first down. If New England does pick up two first downs, this game is over. Sammy Watkins made the catch of the week on that drive; wow is he talented. Patriots 20, Bills 13

11:48- The Bills make the needed stop and will have the ball back at the 15 yard line with zero timeouts and 1:51 to go. I'm surprised New England didn't throw on third down. Patriots 20, Bills 13

12:00- Patriots win!! In one of the stranger finishes you'll ever witness, the Bills run out of time and New England escapes with the win to improve to 10-0 on the season. Danny Amendola was injured on a punt return (non-contact) and his situation bears watching, because without him or Edelman, this offense could be in serious trouble.

Please join us again next week as the 10-0 Patriots head out to Denver to take on the 8-2 Denver Broncos. It could be a preview of the AFC Championship. Thanks for joining us, have a great night!


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