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Week 12 Live Blog: Patriots vs. Broncos

The Patriots head to Denver to take on the Broncos, a team that was once defined by it's offense but now is defense-driven. The banged up Patriots will try to remain undefeated and strengthen their hold on the AFC's top seed. Stay with us as we provide live updates and reactions.

7:34- Let's take a look at the inactives for tonight's game between the Patriots and the Broncos:

Patriots: WR Danny Amendola, DE Trey Flowers, WR Julian Edelman, LB Jamie Collins, CB Justin Coleman, TE Michael Williams, S Jordan Richards

Broncos: DE/OLB Demarcus Ware, QB Christian Ponder, QB Peyton Manning, WR Jordan Norwood, CB Lorenzo Doss,  TE Richard Gorman, OL Sam Brenner

8:33- Three and out for the Broncos and the Patriots offense will get their first chance to drive tonight. Rob Ninkovich had a strong play on first down, tackling Ronnie Hillman for a three yard loss and setting the tone.

8:36- Touchdown, Patriots!! Rob Gronkowski hauls in the Tom Brady pass, makes a cut and takes it to the end zone for the 23 yard touchdown. New England went down the field with ease, moving 53 yards on four plays for the score. Patriots 7, Broncos 0

8:42- Another three-and-out for the Broncos offense; the Patriots defense looks fast and prepared tonight, a bad sign for the Denver offense. Chris Harper made a decent return and the Patriots offense takes over at their own 49. Patriots 7, Broncos 0

8:46- The Broncos defense steps up and forces a three-and-out of their own; Scott Chandler better start catching the ball or his Patriot career won't last long. Patriots 7, Broncos 0

9:00- Brock Osweiler with a rookie mistake as he tries to escape a sack and loses enough yards to push the Broncos out of field goal territory; those are the type of plays that cost teams games. New England takes over at their own 20. Patriots 7, Broncos 0

9:14- The Patriots are stopped on third and nine and are forced to punt; Aqib Talib had a braincramp on the punt and illegally forced Matthew Slater out of bounds, costing the Broncos 15 yards with an unsportsmanlike penalty. The Patriots defense has played well so far and now they'll have their ears pinned back with the Broncos deep in their own territory. Patriots 7, Broncos 0

9:18- Interception, Patriots! Jabaal Sheard knocked the ball up in the air and Chandler Jones comes up with the interception. The Patriots offense takes over at the Broncos 15 yard line (make it the ten due to an offside Bronco defender).

9:22- Touchdown, Patriots!! Scott Chandler with the nine-yard touchdown catch and the undefeated Patriots look better offensively than most expected, including yours truly. Brady and the offense took advantge of the defense causing a turnover, something good teams do. Patriots 14, Broncos 0

9:32- The Broncos offense couldn't get anything going, but neither can the Patriots as the teams quickly trade possessions. TJ Ward and Sylvester Williams both left the game on and are questionable to return. Patriots 14, Broncos 0

9:41- Touchdown, Broncos. Ronnie Hillman takes it in from 19 yards out and Denver cuts the Patriots lead in half. Brady and the offense will have two minutes to attempt to mount a scoring drive. Patriots 14, Broncos 7

9:50- Tom Brady chucks one up as high as possible and that will do it for the first half here from Denver. The Broncos were able to have success on the ground in the first half and New England has suffered injuries to Dont'a Hightower and Patrick Chung, so this isn't going to get easier. Patriots 14, Broncos 7


10:06- The Patriots offense gets the ball to start the second half; let's see if they can make this a two-score game again. Patriots 14, Broncos 7

10:11- Denver plays strong defense and doesn't give anything up, forcing the punt after a ref-assisted first down and a nice catch-and-run from Rob Gronkowski. The Broncos offense takes over with a chance to tie this game up. Dont'a Hightower was spotted on the sidelines and Chung is all set to play. Patriots 14, Broncos 7

10:20-  Denver drives to the Patriots 30 to setup the 48 yard field goal attempt, but Brandon McManus missed his second field goal of the season and the drive goes for not. Patriots 14, Broncos 7

10:26- The Broncos defense forces the Patriots off the field after they gained nine yards. Ryan Allen with a perfect punt on fourth down and the Patriots appeared to down it at the one, but he may have stepped into the end zone. We shall see. Patriots 14, Broncos 7

10:32- Demaryius Thomas can't come up with the catch on third-and-seven and the Patriots offense will take over at their own 35 after an excellent 59-yard punt by Britton Colquitt. Patriots 14, Broncos 7

10:38- The Patriots offense can't get it going in the second half and Ryan Allen with an awful 34-yard punt to cap it off; this is an ugly quarter of football. Patriots 14, Broncos 7

10:42- Excellent defense by the Patriots, forcing a fumble on second down then breaking up a pass on third-and-eight to force the Broncos offense off the field. Let's see if the Patriots offense can wake up and score a dagger-touchdown. Patriots 14, Broncos 7

10:47- Touchdown, Patriots!! Brandon Bolden makes the catch on the wheel route and takes it 63 yards for the touchdown. The Patriots have been setting that up all night and they hit it when they needed it most. The defense will now get a chance to get the ball back and see if Brady can put another backbreaker on the board. Patriots 21, Broncos 7

10:53- What looked like a three-and-out is now going to get interesting after a Chris Harper muffed punt at the Patriots 36 yard line; just another situation that would have never occurred if Amendola and/or Edelman were healthy. Patriots 21, Broncos 7

10:57- Touchdown, Broncos. CJ Anderson with a strong run and they take advantage of the Patriots huge turnover on the punt. Brady will be aggressive on this drive and try to lead a touchdown drive. Patriots 21, Broncos 14

11:05- A bogus holding call cost the Patriots 51 yards and either a field goal or more; Tre Jackson was flagged for "holding" Von Miller on a play that happens constantly without being called. The Patriots are forced to punt and now the Broncos take over with a chance to tie this up. Patriots 21, Broncos 14

11:14- The Broncos drove all the way to the Patriots three, but they had to settle for a field goal and are still down four with just over six minutes to go. CJ Anderson has been the player of the game for Denver, picking up yardage on the ground and through the air. Patriots 21, Broncos 17

11:20- Tom Brady is angry and he should be after making a huge play on third down to have it be called back on a terrible offensive pass interference call. That was one of the worst calls I have ever seen and now that he's been called FIVE times for OPI, there is clearly a focus from the league. Patriots 21, Broncos 17

11:24- New England's offense forces a three-and-out and the Broncos will punt with 4:22 to go and one timeout remaining. The Patriots will take over at the Denver 25 and look to put together a game-ending drive. Patriots 21, Broncos 17

11:28- Rob Gronkowski is down and appears to be injured; it looked like he took a shot to the knee, not a good sign. If the Patriots lose Gronk, their Super Bowl hopes are over.

11:32- Fourth-and-three for the Patriots and Ryan Allen comes on to punt, pinning the Broncos down at the 16 yard line. Let's see if the defense can win this for them tonight. Patriots 21, Broncos 17

11:41- Touchdown, Broncos. The Broncos run a pick route and Andre Caldwell comes up with the catch to give the Broncos the lead with 1:09 to go in the game. It appears that the Broncos have ended the Patriots win streak. Broncos 24, Patriots 21

11:47- Field Goal, Patriots!! We are headed to overtime as Stephen Gostkowski connects from 47 yards out and extends this game. The Patriots won the toss and will receive; if they score a touchdown, the game is over, but if they only kick a field goal or not score at all, the Broncos can either tie with a field goal or win with one, depending on how the Patriots do. Patriots 24, Broncos 24

11:54- Three-and-out for the Patriots offense and the Broncos offense will take over at their own 42. The Patriots offense just doesn't have any weapons and this is going to be a mojor problem going forward. All the Broncos need is a field goal, so this game could be over soon. Patriots 24, Broncos 24

11:58- Touchdown, Broncos. CJ Anderson, who's been awful all year, takes a toss left and rips through the Patriots defense for the game-winner. Anderson has been a complete non-factor all year, but he stepped up tonight to help the Broncos defeat an undermanned Patriots team. The Broncos improve to 9-2 and the Patriots drop to 10-1, but are still the top seed in the AFC.


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