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Gronkowski's Knee Bruised, Avoids Tear

Patriots fans were sick to their stomachs last night as they watched Rob Gronkowski take a shot to the knee and writhe around on the ground in pain before being taken off by the cart. What appeared to be the end of Gronk's season may have just been a scare.

Injuries have been the theme of the Patriots season in 2015, but the injuries haven't stopped them from winning, be it from outscoring teams or shutting teams down. Last night, the injuries officially caught up, and unfortunately for New England, the best player on the team not named Tom Brady went down woth what appeared to be a serious knee injury that could end his season. As Rob Gronkowski writhed in pain, Patriots fans across New England and the world were sick to their stomachs as they figured any chance at back-to-back championships just went out the window. Reports started to leak out early that Gronkowski had already been to the x-ray room and was walking around, which is unusual if a tear is spotted on the MRI. After a night and morning of waiting on the exact injury to Gronkowski, we finally have an answer.

It's just a bruise. Exhale, Patriots fans.

According to Dianna Marie Russini of ESPN, Gronkowski's MRI showed that the injury was simply a bruise and he should only miss one to two weeks, if any. It comes down to pain tolerance; a deep knee bruise is awful pain and the last thing the Patriots want to do is use any painkillers with a player that's had knee problems, so the best bet is to test it before the Eagles game and see if he is ready to go. If Gronkowski is out, expect to see a heavy amount of targets going Scott Chandler's way because the Patriots are low on weapons and he's one of the best they have left.

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