Week 13 Live Blog: Patriots vs. Eagles

The 10-1 Patriots welcome the 4-7 Eagles to Foxboro for a late afternoon showdown. The Patriots need to win to maintain their top seed in the AFC and the Eagles are in a position where they can't lose another game if they want a shot at the playoffs.

4:26- The Eagles will open the game on offense and try to get on the baord first. Let's see how this first drive goes and try to get a feel for what Philly is trying to do today.

4:31- DeMarco Murray had some early success on the ground, but the drive flamed out at the 50 and the Eagles were forced to punt. Tom Brady and the Patriots offense will take over and try to get rolling early.

4:37- After an first down run by LeGarrette Blount, the Patriots offense sputtered and were forced to punt. The Eagles were called for an illegal block in the back so they'll be pushed way back. Today is going to be the day when the Patriots defense scores; I just feel like it's going to happen today.

4:44- Penalties kill the Eagles after they move the ball at will but just keep getting pushed back by foolish plays. The Patriots are having a lot of trouble stopping the run, specifically Darren Sproles. The defense needs to come up with some adjustments; Brady and the offense take over at their own 20.

4:49- Ugh...the Patriots offense looks like they've never played together before today. The Eagle are starting to get aggressive because Brady has nowhere to go; if Patriot receivers can't start winning in one-on-one, this might be a LONG day. Patriots 0, Eagles 0

4:54- The Patriots defense is playing well, now stuffing the run unlike earlier in the first quarter. Let's see if the Patriots, who have 13 yards of offense, can get into a rhthym and put some points on the board. At this point I think they'd be happy with a field goal.

5:04- Touchdown, Patriots!! The offense finally gets rolling and drives 80 yards for the first score of the game. James White pulled in a pass from four yards out for the touchdown. Danny Amendola and Scott Chandler made clutch catches on the drive to keep it going and allow the score to happen. Patriots 7, Eagles 0

5:11- The Patriots defense does their job again and forces the Eagles offense off the field, which is good because now the offense can get right back out there. Nothing gets an offense moving like quick turnarounds from drive-to-drive. Patriots 7, Eagles 0

5:20- Touchdown, Patriots!! Danny Amendola hauls in a Tom Brady pass from 11 yards out to out the Patriots up by two scores. The main play on the drive was a 40 yard pass interference committed on Keshawn Martin. New England took advantage of the huge penalty and now hold a solid lead with 7:46 to go in the first half. Patriots 14, Eagles 0

5:28- Touchdown, Eagles. The Patriots foolishly squib-kicked and gave the Eagles the ball at their own 40, shortening the field and giving them exactly what they needed- momentum. Sometimes the in-game decisions of the NFL coaches are awful, and if you ask them why they did it, they say they'd do it again, which is just dumb. Patriots 14, Eagles 7

5:33- Philly gets away with a blatant pass interference on a third down pass to Danny Amendola and the Eagles will get the ball back with just over three minutes to go in the half. Again, that squib kick started this whole mess; shame on the Patriots coaching staff. Patriots 14, Eagles 7

5:41- The Patriots defense steps up big-time and stops the Eagles on a short field, forcing a punt and getting the ball back to the New England offense. Let's see if the Patriots are looking to score or take the touchdown lead to the half. Patriots 14, Eagles 7

5:47- Wow. I was just about to tear into the Patriots for foolishly leaving 15 seconds on the clock, and exactly what I thought could happen, did. Awful, awful, game management from the Patriots coaching staff. I can honestly say that I've never seen them coach worse over a six minute span. Oh, by the way- touchdown, Eagles...thanks to the Patriots idiotic game management. Patriots 14, Eagles 14

*Patriots fans booed the team off the field to end the half, and typically I would say that is wrong, but today they have a case.


6:13- Sorry for the delay, got held up over here. Ugly three-and-out for New England followed by a three-and-out for the Eagles offense; not much to see here so far in the second half. The Patriots need to try to get the running backs involved in the pass game, maybe try a screen. Patriots 14, Eagles 14

6:20- Brady with an ill-advised throw into double coverage that's intercepted and the Eagles take it 100 yards for a touchdown. New England had the ball at the one yard line and not only could they not punch it in, they give up a huge turnover. This is the worst the Patriots have played since Week Four of 2014 vs. the Chiefs. Eagles 21, Patriots 14

6:31- Another ugly series for the Patriots offense, littered with flags, turns even more ugly as the Eagles return a punt for a touchdown to give them a two-touchdown lead late in the third. This is a complete implosion by the Patriots and it'll take a miracle for them to turn it around today. The AFC race is about to tighten up. Eagles 28, Patriots 14

6:38- I thought it was harsh to compare this game to last year's KC game, but now I know it wasn't harsh at all- it's exactly the same. Awful throw by Brady leads to another interception. New England is just not in it today, mentally. Eagles 28, Patriots 14

6:51- Touchdown, Eagles. Foxboro is stunned right now as the 10-1 Patriots have played their worst football in 2015 today. Fans are leaving, which is always a gamble when you have Tom Brady, but it appears that the Eagles will be picking up their fifth win of the season. As bad as the team has played, this mess all started with the idiotic squib-kick after going up 14-0. Eagles 35, Patriots 14

6:57- Another disgusting display by the Patriots offense as they are easily dispatched in three plays. It is amazing how fast a game can unravel; with just over seven minutes to go in the first half, this was a 14-0 game and the Eagles were ready to pack it in. Philadelphia takes over at their own 34. Eagles 35, Patriots 14

7:01- The Patriots defense, which hasn't played that bad, forces the three-and-out and gets the ball back in the hands of Tom Brady. With just 7:51 to go and down three touchdowns, it would take a miracle for the Patriots to come back. Eagles 35, Patriots 14

7:09- Touchdown, Patriots! Scott Chandler makes the catch from 12 yards out to cut the lead to two touchdowns with 5:27 to go in the game. The Patriots took too much time on that drive though, not showing the same tempo they typically do in the two-minute drill. If the defense can get a quick three-and-out, the offense might be able to move quicker the next time they get the ball because they're getting into rhthym. Eagles 35, Patriots 21

7:11- Onside kick recovered by the Patriots! Here comes the Patriots; they need a quick touchdown because they only have two timeouts left. If Brady can't find someone open right away on this drive, throw it into the stands and live to play another play. Eagles 35, Patriots 21

7:19- Touchdown, Patriots!! Tom Brady sneaks it in from one yard out to make this a one-touchdown game. New England converted a huge fourth and 12 to keep the drive alive and now with exactly three minutes to go and two timeouts, the defense has a chance to get the ball back to the offense and possibly tie this game. Wow. Eagles 35, Patriots 28

7:21- New England goes onside again but this time the ball goes out of bounds and Philly gets the ball at New England 45. That's another questionable decision by the coaching staff; it made sense down 35-21 with five minutes left, but with three minutes and two timeouts, why not try to pin them back? Eagles 35, Patriots 28

7:30- Fumble recovered by the Patriots with 1:02 to go! Here comes Brady!

7:34- Keshawn Martin couldn't make the catch on fourth down, but it wouldn't have mattered because there was a hold on the play and that'll do it from Foxboro as the Eagles shock the Patriots and possibly cost New England home-field in the AFC playoffs. Bad coaching, awful special teams, and two terrible interceptions cost the Patriots a game they never should have lost. The Eagle jump back into the NFC East race because the division is terrible; congrats to them for making the plays on the road to keep their season alive. One positive today- the Patriots defense; they did give up yards on the ground, but they routinely forced the Eagles off the field and gave the offense every opportunity to win this game.


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