The Rich Eisen Show: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Discusses PSI

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell joined the Rich Eisen show on Tuesday ahead of Super Bowl 50, where the two discussed Deflategate. Goodell's PSI explanation doesn't mesh with earlier statements from the NFL office. Let's watch the interview.

Now that the Patriots season is over, it is time to revisit the Deflategate fiasco. The reason we have to talk about it again is because the NFL refuses to let go of something that most likely never happened. Roger Goodell and his cronies made the foolish decision to appeal their loss in Federal Court, so that allows us, the media, to call him out on his blatant lies. The delusional Goodell continued to pile on to his ineptitude yesterday as he discussed how the NFL handled the PSI level-checks during the 2015 season.

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