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US Senator Calls Out NFL, Demands PSI Data Collected In 2015 Be Released

New Hampshire State Senator Jeanne Shaheen called out NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Twitter today demanding him to release PSI data collected during 2015 season.

First we had the late-Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter calling for a congressional investigation, and now we have New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen getting involved with the Deflategate fiasco, demanding that Roger Goodell release the PSI data collected during the 2015 NFL season. 

I do agree with her that this data should be released, but US Senators have much more to worry about than football, so maybe she should keep her focus on her own job. It is possible that she is just putting this out there in case this ends up back in the Second Circuit again, and considering some of the comments from the judges, they are definitely interested in the scientific side of ball deflation in cold weather.

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