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Gronk Takes a Stance on Affleck's Rant

Patriots star Rob Gronkowski was recently asked about Ben Affleck's Deflategate comments in an interview with Access Hollywood; and he didn't hold back.

Most of you have probably seen or at least heard of Ben Affleck's rant on Deflategate that he gave in an interview with Bill Simmons on Simmons' new show, "Any Given Sunday." If you haven't, it can be seen below.

Affleck doesn't hold back in telling Bill Simmons how stupid or unnecessary he believes the scandal is. Well now, another celebrity has chimed in on Deflategate; and this celebrity happens to play tight end for the New England Patriots.

In an interview with Rob Gronkowski on Access Hollywood, the star tight end revealed how he really feels about Tom Brady and his deflated balls. Rob unsurprisingly took sides with Affleck and Brady, and had plenty of comments to give.

Affleck felt passionately enough to use NSFW language in his interview. When Gronk was asked what makes someone use language like that in an interview, he had an interesting answer.

Rob said, "Tell you the truth, that's how I really want to talk about it, too." He adds, "Yeah we just can't go on air as an athlete and say all that. I can't just go do that but  Ben Affleck basically said it how I want to say it. He did a great job. I am passionate about football and whatever, us as athletes and football players, we just can't go in the media and start dropping F bombs everywhere. You'll get fined for press conferences, criticizing people, you can't do it. You have to keep it professional."

Deflategate has frustrated many people, as some feel that Tom Brady was treated unfairly by the NFL. You can add Ben Affleck and Rob Gronkowski to that list.

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