Brady Drops Appeal, Will Serve Four Game Suspension

Tom Brady will drop his appeal and serve his four game suspension.

In somewhat surprising news, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has dropped his appeal and will serve his four-game suspension for his part in the fabricated Deflategate situation. Regardless of science proving Ted Wells, Exponent, and the NFL wrong, the Second Circuit overturned Judge Richard Berman's decision to eliminate the suspension. The NFL appealed and won, and after Brady and his team attempted to file for an en banc hearing, they were declined, although the lead judge sided with Brady.

Here is Brady's post from Facebook:


The NFLPA fully intends to move forward with the landmark case and will take it to the Supreme Court, but because of the timing of the case, it is too much of a gamble for Brady and the Patriots. If they do give him a stay and allow him to play, the Supreme Court could either throw the case out completely after hearing it, or they could side with the last decision by the Second Circuit. Brady would have to serve that suspension upon that ruling, and it could come down during or right before the playoffs. 

Adam Schefter tweeted about the NFLPA's decision:

New England is much better knowing that Brady is out for the initial four games because it gives them time to prepare Garoppolo and allows them to have no distractions when Brady returns. As far as Brady and the Patriots are concerned, Deflategate is dead and it's the NFLPA's fight to win. Some may not like this, but the truth is Brady's team-player attitude won out over winning for himself, a trait he's exhibited on and now off the field.

Patriots opponents in Week One through Four are probably excited right now, but Arizona, Miami, Houston and Buffalo better be prepared to face an angry team that will be rallying for their quarterback that was railroaded by the most crooked commissioner maybe in the last 50 years of professional sports. 

One gets the feeling New England won't be a pushover, even with their Hall-of-Fame quarterback simmering on the sidelines. 

Be very worried for the Cleveland Browns in Week Five.

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