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Live Blog: Pats/Bears Preseason Week Two

After a week of heated practices with the Bears, the Patriots will square off with them in their second exhibition of the 2016 Preseason.

Welcome to Foxboro where the New England Patriots are getting set to take on the Chicago Bears in their second exhibition game of the 2016 NFL Preseason. Bill Belichick has already stated that all three quarterbacks will play tonight, but expect to see Garoppolo and Brissett get the lion's share of the snaps. Chris Hogan also is dressed and appears ready to play after missing last week's game after a minor shoulder surgery. 


I guess we won't see Brady tonight. At this point, the Patriots are better off getting the young guys live reps, so sitting Brady makes sense.

First Quarter

14:56- The Bears offense gets the ball to start the night. Let's see how the most overrated quarterback in football, Jay Cutler, looks tonight. 

13:30- Cutler and Jeffrey leading the Bears down the field and they are already at the Patriots 31. 

10:37- New England's pass rush isn't looking as effective as last week, but they haven't sent anyone yet on a blitz so maybe that will change as the quarter progresses. Chicago is currently facing 2nd and 17 from the Patriots 27.

9:03- The Patriots defense steps up on third down and stuffs the Bears in the red zone. Robbie Gould came in and drilled a 36-yard field goal to take the initial lead. Bears 3, Patriots 0

8:55- New England takes over at their own 13 after a bad decision by Cre'von LeBlanc to take it out of the end zone on the return. Sometimes the smart play, not the spectacular play, is the reason a player makes the team.

7:45- After two decent runs by Blount, Aaron Dobson can't make the catch on third down (bad throw by Jimmy G) and the Patriots are forced to punt. Dobson could have and should have caught that ball. He just can't get it together consistently. Chad Jackson, Part II.

6:22- It appeared the Patriots defense was going to get off the field, but Justin Coleman was called for holding and the Bears pick up a first down. 

2:33- Non-existent defense for the Patriots, and Jeremy Langford cuts back for the five yard touchdown run. Very bad showing for the defense. Chicago went for two, and they converted. Bears 11, Patriots 0

1:06- Garoppolo to Bennett for the first down and the Patriots offense looks good for the first time tonight. 

0:00- That's the end of the first, and the Bears have dominated so far. Chicago 11, New England 0

Second Quarter

15:00- Blount with a 21-yard run to open the second quarter, and he's having the type of game that shows why Belichick values him. Blount has a lot of pressure on him to perform in this camp, and he's stepping up so far tonight. 

13:27- Garoppolo hits Bolden for a 17-yard catch and the Patriots are driving down the field. Good answer after the defense got gashed by the Bears. 

12:30- Another first down for Blount and he is putting on a clinic this drive. 

11:19- Brandon Bolden somehow chokes up the ball and the Bears recover at their own four yard line. Bolden did have the 17-yard catch on the drive, but he is definitely on the bubble for this roster. He's a pretty good special teams player, but they have more than enough special teams talent to be forced to keep Bolden, especially when they need to establish the run the help Garoppolo. 

9:40- Trey Flowers with another sack, this time with help from second year player Anthony Johnson. Cyrus Jones returned the punt to the Patriots 48, so the offense have great field position to work with. Garoppolo needs to put together a drive here, and the running backs have to avoid choking up the ball. 

9:05- One play, one sack for the Bears, but the Patriots get the gift holding call and pick up a first down. 

6:54- Tyler Gaffney putting on a show, picking up consecutive first downs and also doing a great job of using the blocks. 

6:15- Another catch for Bennett and New England is at the Bears three yard line. They need a touchdown here.

4:30- Three straight runs by Gaffney, but the Patriots offensive line got whooped by the Bears and New England is forced to settle for a short field goal. Bears 11, Patriots 3

3:44- Interception, Patriots! Rookie Cyrus Jones makes a veteran-like play and the Patriots offense has another red zone opportunity. Jones has looked excellent at camp, and it's plays like that last one that makes it obvious he can contribute this season.

3:26- James White makes the catch on the screen and masterfully dances down to the one. Great play.

2:55- Touchdown, Patriots!! Legarrette Blount takes it in from the one to pick up the much needed touchdown. The Patriots went for two but were stuffed on one of the ugliest designed plays these eyes have ever seen. Bears 11, Patriots 9

1:55- Patriots defensive tackle Anthony Johnson is dominating tonight, and this is the type of performance that can earn you a spot on the roster. Cyrus Jones with a nice return on the punt and he continues to shine as well. 

:54- Garoppolo hits A.J. Derby for 11 yards and the first down; the Patriots are on the Bears 36.

:48- Garoppolo hits Hogan and the Patriots are at the Bears 16-yard line. 

:17- Touchdown, Patriots!! A.J. Derby with the 16-yard touchdown catch that puts the Patriots ahead for the first time tonight. Great second quarter for Garoppolo. New England went for two, and were successful as Garoppolo hit Chris "7-11" Hogan on the crossing route. Patriots 17, Bears 11

:17- Brian Hoyer takes a knee for the Bears and we'll head to halftime with New England ahead by six. 



Third Quarter

13:18- Garoppolo looking good and the Patriots are driving. Chris Hogan got called for a bogus holding call that cost the Patriots ten yards, but they are still in good position to mount a drive.

12:32- Sweet play-fake by Garoppolo and he hits Chris Hogan for a big gain. If Garoppolo can continue to play like this, Patriots opponents are not going to get a break during weeks one through four.

10:44- Terrible throw by Garoppolo should have been picked on third down, but Danny Travathan dropped it and the Patriots are able to pick up the field goal. Those type of braincramps are unacceptable; that should have been a pick-six. Patriots 20, Bears 11

9:17- Brian Hoyer is not looking to hot out here and the Bears defense is forced to punt again. The Patriots secondary is loaded from top to bottom; they may be in a position to trade for future draft picks because literally ever corner on their roster can play in the NFL. For a team that struggled to find defensive backs for almost a decade, they sure have figured something out. Kudos to Nick Caserio and his scouting staff.

7:34- Incredible 26 yard catch by Derby to set the Patriots up in the Bears territory. Derby is making a case for the third tight end position. 

6:42- Brissett hits Berby for nine when the Patriots needed ten; Belichick decides to for it and Joey Iosefa takes it two yards to give the Patriots the first down at the Bears 27 yard line. 

4:00- Stephen Gostkowski connects on the field goal and the Patriots extend their lead to 12. Jacoby Brissett had a strong series, and if he continues to develop as he has this preseason, he has a chance to be good. He needs to work on getting rid of the ball sooner, but that is typically the case for most rookies. Patriots 23, Bears 11

2:18- Daryl Roberts with an excellent pass break up on second down and then strong coverage on third to force the three-and-out. Chris Harper had a strong 15-yard punt return.

1:16- Jailbreak pass rush for the Bears and Brissett gets mauled on third and long. Brissett was smart to take the sack and not try to force a pass.

:00- That's the end of three and the Patriots lead the Bears, 23-11.

Fourth Quarter

15:00- The Bears are looking to put together a drive to get them back into the game, but the Patriots depth is ridiculous so it's going to be difficult to get the passing game going. Let's see if the Patriots can put this away.

10:04- 4th and goal for the Bears from the Patriots two and the Bears can't get it done as New England picks up the goal line stand. The offense is going to have their hands full with this field position. 

9:15- Devin Lucien made two nice would-be catches on the drive, but he was barely out of bounds and the Patriots are forced to punt. Lucien and Brissett should be able to fix that issue in practice and look like they have good rapport. 

8:15- The Patriots defense is just nasty, top to bottom. Safety Jordan Richards made a strong play in the Bears backfield. 

7:35- Richards then gets burnt in pass coverage. Ying and yang.

6:47- Robbie Gould kicks connects for three to cut the lead to nine. Patriots 23, Bears 14

5:37- Brissett is starting to look comfortable and he just threw for his second straight first down.

5:00- Make it three straight, this time to Derby for ten. Josh McDaniels has some talent to work with at quarterback. Devin Lucien dropped a 50-yard rainbow from Brissett; the pass was perfect. Lucien was also called for pushing off, which was unnecessary. 

4:15- Tyler Gaffney looks like a strong clock-killer; he's a strong inside runner and he knows where to pick up extra yardage. 

3:00- Brissett tried to make a play with his legs on third and long, but it didn't work and the Patriots are forced to punt. 

1:59- We've reached the two minute warning with the Patriots ahead by nine. The Bears are trying to make a game out of this in the next two minutes. 

:00- Thanks for joining us tonight as the Patriots are now 2-0 this preseason.'

Join us next Friday as the Patriots travel to North Carolina to battle the Panthers. 

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