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Live Blog: Pats/Giants Preseason Week Four

The Patriots and the Giants meet for the fourth and final preseason game of 2016, and Patriots fans will get a chance to see Tom Brady start and Jacoby Brissett take most of the snaps.

Welcome to New Jersey where the Patriots get ready to take on the New York Giants in the fourth and final preseason game of 2016. Tom Brady is expected to start and then be relieved for the rest of the game by rookie Jacoby Brissett. 

15:00- The Giants will start on offense first; Eli Manning and many starters for the Giants are benched for this inconsequential game. 

14:47- The Patriots run defense looks dominant, and the defense overall looks like it could possibly be the best in football. They have been dominant, and with the amount of young players they have, they'll keep improving.

14:10- Three-and-out for the Giants, a common occurrence for offenses facing the Patriots. D.J. Foster had a strong punt return to give New England good field position. 

12:49- The Giants get away with an obvious pass interference and come up with an interception. "Alligator Arms" Dobson didn't sell out and try to make the catch, which may seal his fate. Dobson just doesn't get it. 

11:29- The Giants are stuffed again, and once again the Patriots defense picks up the offense after a turnover. Assuming everyone stays healthy, this team is going to be dominant when Brady returns. 

9:41- Nate Solder just went off with an injury (hamstring). Bill, pull the plug NOW, get ALL backups in. 

8:05- Brady doesn't look good, and with Cam Fleming at left tackle, it's time to start his one month vacation. 

6:39- Chris Long has been awesome this preseason, providing a strong pass rush every time he's in the game.

5:02- Barkevious Mingo forces two fumbles in a row and the Patriots recover the second one. Mingo has an opportunity to prove that he was worthy of the sixth pick in 2013. 

3:28- Sweet throw to D.J. Foster on the wheel route: I personally have loved this kid as a player since he was at ASU and I expect him to be on the roster. 

2:23- Tom Brady decided to go for a run and scare the heck out of five states in the Northeast. 

1:31- Touchdown, Patriots! Keshawn Martin with an eight-yard touchdown catch to put the Patriots on the board first. New England went for two but failed. Patriots 6, Giants 0


15:00- Mingo again gets a strong pass rush on the blitz, firing through and drilling Ryan Nassib on the the throw. We might have another Belichick steal. 

11:33- The Giants are at the Patriots 14 with a chance to tie this up. Let's see if the Patriots defense can force a field goal.

10:13- The defense gets it done and forces the field goal. Patriots 6, Giants 3

10:07- D.J. Foster is the real deal. He has the ability to bounce outside and the defense just can't deal with his speed. Great play by a talented player. 

8:11- Aaron Dobson trying to redeem himself comes up with a 37 yard catch on a beautiful Brady throw. 

7:21- And just like that, Foster puts himself back on the bubble after fumbling because he was carrying the ball like a jackass. Great catch, great run, but you have to put the damn ball away. 

6:25- Belichick made it a point to speak with Foster, a sign that the coach likes the player. It would be very surprising if Foster gets cut due to one mistake. 

5:25- Mingo is all over the place, making another tackle for a loss. He is so fast and strong; how did Cleveland screw that up? Wow. 

4:10- Brady is STILL in the game. Come on Bill, pull him. 

1:11- Ugly series for the Patriots and they're forced to punt. Brady was sacked on second down; he has to come out. 

:49- Nice catch by Larry Donnell and the Giants are driving into field goal territory.

:07- Jordan Richards with the interception in the red zone, and the Patriots will have a three-point lead at the half. Patriots 6, Giants 3



15:00- Jacoby Brissett will take over for Brady (finally) and the backup offense will head out to the field. 

13:45- Brissett continues to look good and has now hit 15 passes in a row over the last two games. (Make that 16.)

12:35- Jacoby Brissett takes a wicked shot and the Giants defense steps up on third down and stops the Patriots. DeAndre Carter had the ball hit him in the hands, but he couldn't hold on to it. 

10:19- Touchdown, Giants. Ryan Nassib hits King for a 59 yard touchdown. The Patriots forst breakdown causes them to allow a touchdown. Giants 10, Patriots 6

6:01- New England stops the Giants and forces the punt. The offense will try to get its act together after the last two awful drives. 

:12- Dirty [play by Mark Herzlich after a nice catch by Devin Lucien. The Patriots are trying to punch it in from the four.


15:00- 3rd and goal from the four; can Brissett get it done?

14:49- New England is forced to settle for three and make this a one point game. D.J. Foster had punched it in, but a stupid hold by Keshawn Martin nullified the score. 

9:58- The Patriots offensive line can't give Brissett enough time and the Pats are forced to punt again. 

6:29- The Giants are putting together a drive. Elandon Roberts is trying to fight through an injury but it's clear he's struggling. 

3:49- Touchdown, Giants. Jonathan Jones gets beat for the touchdown and the Giants extend their lead to eight. Thomas to Lewis for 17 yards; Giants 17, Patriots 9

3:40- Nice wheel route to Foster for 17 as the Patriots try to even this up in the final three minutes. his is a good test for Brissett.

2:00- We've reached the two-minute warning here and the Patriots are driving. Brissett would gain a lot of confidence if he can lead the offense down for a touchdown. 

1:39= The Patriots are facing a 3rd and 10 from the Giants 39, and D.J. Foster comes up with 9 1/2 yards. New England will go for it on 4th.

1:16- Aaron Dobson drops a touchdown and shows again that he just can't make the big play. Very frustrating. The Giants take over and will win this one tonight. 

:21- The Patriots force the Giants to punt, so there will be at least one attempt to tie this game. 

That'll do it here from New Jersey as the Giants beat the Patriots, 17-9. New England finishes the preseason 3-1 and will head out to Arizona to open the season on September 11th at 8:30 PM. 

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