Moreau Trying to Stick with Patriots

Former University of Louisville running back Frank Moreau signed with the New England Patriots on August 1, 2003 and is facing a tough battle to remain on the roster.

Moreau who played in 14 games during two NFL seasons with Jacksonville and Kansas City is coming off a pretty good campaign in NFL Europe with the Rhein Fire. The 6-foot, 223-pound fullback carried the ball 99 times for 462 yards and two touchdowns.

Moreau, no longer a wide-eyed rookie feels the experience during the spring in NFL Europe was a positive one.

"It was a good experience," Moreau explained. "I got to travel around and see Europe and just an opportunity to play. It was a great opportunity to just expose myself to NFL scouts."

Moreau knows he has an uphill battle to make the roster with the Patriots.

"I'm going to do everything I can to make the roster, if not with New England there are other teams that watch the pre season games. My goal right now is to go out there and play hard and try to play mistake free football and hopefully these coaches will see something in me."

From a numbers standpoint Moreau is listed fourth on New England's depth chart a fullback and sixth at the running back spot.

"The numbers situation you really never know," Moreau said. "The coaches don't tell you too much. When the final roster comes out a lot of people are shocked that they got released, but the situation is that they already have two good backs and two good fullbacks, so mainly my goal is to see if I can contribute on special teams and when I get in the game show them what I've got."

Moreau saw action in New England's first two pre season games. He racked up 21 yards on seven carries in the Patriots 26-6 win over the New York Giants on August 7. In the Patriots 20-13 victory over Washington on August 17, Moreau lugged the ball three times for 17 yards.

Moreau is also hoping to make a good showing on special teams.

"Things are going good," Moreau stated. " Hopefully I can get on the field more against the New York Jets on special teams. You know the third pre season game is really when the starters play most of the game. Hopefully this game I do a little bit more on special teams."

George Von Benko

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