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Week One Live Blog: Patriots vs. Cardinals

Stay with us tonight as we provide live updates and reactions to the Sunday Night showdown in the desert. Can the Patriots win on the road against maybe the best team in the NFC without Brady and Gronk?

We are about seven minutes from kickoff; here are the inactives for tonight's game:

Patriots- TE Rob Gronkowski, LT Nate Solder, G Jonathan Cooper, RB D.J. Foster, LB Elandon Roberts, CB Eric Rowe, TE Clay Harbor

Cardinals- S Marqui Christian, RB Stepfan Taylor, G Cole Toner, DT Olsen Pierre, DT Ed Stinson, NT Xavier WIlliams, LB Kareem Martin

The Cardinals have won the toss and elected to receive, a surprising move against a team with a decimated offense.


15:00- The Cardinals get their offense on the field first and will look to put the pressure on the Patriots right from the start. Belichick likes receiving in the second half, so it worked out fine. 

12:53- Good defense by the Patriots and they force the Cardinals off the field after just one first down. Amendola is back receiving the punt. 

11:41- First throw from Garoppolo is high, which isn't surprising. He'll need some time to settle in; this game might be very defensive in the first half. 

10:55- 1st down catch by Edelman for 11 yards, a nice throw-and-catch for the QB and WR.

9:48- Another strong connection between Garoppolo and Edelman on a crossing route for a 1st down. Edelman looks good, but they need to go easy with his play count. 

7:34- Touchdown, Patriots!! Chris Hogan with the 37-yard touchdown catch, and Jimmy Garoppolo looks like a veteran on his first drive of 2016. Good play designs by New England helped simplify things for the third year quarterback, and having Edelman makes things easier too. Patriots 7, Cardinals 0

6:18- After a big play by Floyd, the Patriots defense buckles down and forces the Cardinals off the field again. Arizona has their hands full with this Patriots defense.

6:00- 22 yards gained by James White on the screen play and the Patriots get out of the hole they were in field position-wise. 

4:19- Strong run by Blount and the Patriots are driving again. Good balance on the play calls, which is keeping the Cardinals on their heels.

2:32- Great catch by James White on 3rd & 5, giving the Patriots another 1st down. 

1:37- Edelman and the jet sweep- a match made in heaven. 

1:05- 47-yard field goal by Gostkowski, and once again Garoppolo has a strong drive that leads to points. Great play by the Cardinals defense on 3rd down to get off the field, but the Patriots are pushing them around, and if they continue to do that, they'll come out of here with a win. Patriots 10, Cardinals 0

:00- That's the end of one from Arizona; Patriots 10, Cardinals 0.


12:34- The Cardinals finally started stringing together some plays, but the New England defense stepped up again and picked up the sack. Chris Long looks reborn in New England, playing with attitude and really helping to ease the loss of Chandler Jones from the Patriots pass rush. New England takes over deep in their own territory.

11:42- Chris Hogan with a big catch on 3rd & 5 to give the Patriots another 1st down. 

10:26- That's the stuff they can't allow- TURNOVERS. Garoppolo has to protect the ball. Chandler Jones, true to his selfish self, made a great play but decided to dance and cost his team 15 yards. Dumb. 

6:38- The Cardinals are driving, and Chris Johnson just set them up with a first down at the Patriots 15. Let's see if the New England defense can step up and force the field goal. 

4:50- David Johnson picks up a 1st down on 3rd & short and the Cardinals are at the Patriots three.

4:06- Touchdown, Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald makes the catch and finishes off the drive for Arizona, a drive that started with a Patriots turnover. Garoppolo needs to shake it off and put together a scoring drive. Patriots 10, Cardinals 7

2:37- Brandon Bolden could have made that a strong drive, but because he's an awful running back, he only picked up four yards on 1st down when he should have picked up 20, then he fumbled on second down, losing the four yards he just gained. Third down was a dumpster fire too; the Cardinals defense is settling in. 

1:34- Justin Coleman with an excellent play on 3rd down to force the Cardinals to punt. Cyrus Jones was in on the punt return and took it back to the 25. New England has roughly 90 seconds to put together a scoring drive; this is good for Garoppolo's development. Patriots 10, Cardinals 7

:15- After an ugly series filled with penalties, the Cardinals take over with 15 seconds left in the half. They should take a few shots down the field.

:00- New England comes up with another sack and that'll do if for the first half. Although the Patriots offense was non-existent in the 2nd quarter, they have to be happy with the lead, and they get the ball to start the 2nd half.


15:00- Garoppolo makes a catch of his own deflected pass and picks up three yards on the play.

13:30- Garoppolo runs for six to give New England the 1st down. That's a dynamic Jimmy G brings that Brady does not. 

12:20- Great blocking by the Patriots and Blount runs for 15; good start to the half for the Patriots offense.

10:34- Rookie wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell steps up and makes a big catch-and-run on 3rd and 7. 

10:00- Touchdown, Patriots!! Blount with an awesome run, pounding his way in from eight yards out. The Patriots are the bigger and tougher team (as always), something people seem to forget every year. Patriots 17, Cardinals 7

7:08- The Patriots defense gets stingy again and forces the Cardinals off the field. Palmer got hammered on a 3rd & short play, and then he fumbled on the following play. He didn't look right and the Patriots took full advantage.

6:20- Fumble, Patriots. Blount chokes one up and the Cardinals take over at the Patriots 33. You have to protect the ball!

4:29- Touchdown, Cardinals. That's 14 points off of Patriots turnovers tonight. If the Patriots expect to win this game, they cannot turn it over again. Those mistakes are deadly, especially on the road against a good team. Patriots 17, Cardinals 14 

:00- The Patriots are facing a huge 3rd down to start the 4th quarter, so we'll see what they're made of right here.  Patriots 17, Cardinals 14


15:00- Roughing the passer on the Cardinals, a huge penalty on 3rd down when it appeared the Cards made the stop.

12:40- Terrible holding call on Martellus Bennett takes a 1st down away and forces the Patriots to settle for three, which didn't come easy due to being set back 10 yards for no reason at all. Patriots 20, Cardinals 14

10:19- Big run by David Johnson sets up the Cardinals at the Patriots 12 yard line. 

9:46- Touchdown, Cardinals. Larry Fitzgerald with an incredible touchdown catch and the Cardinals take the lead for the first time tonight. Garoppolo will have to put together a drive to get his team the lead back. Cardinals 21, Patriots 20 

8:55- Huge 3rd & 15 conversion for the Patriots; Garoppolo used his feet to buy time and found Amendola for a 30 yard gain. 

5:00- Blount picks up 13 on 3rd and 11 and the Patriots are sitting pretty at the Cardinals 22 yard line. They are playing for a touchdown, not a field goal. 

3:44- 32 yard field goal by Gostkowski puts the Patriots back in front, but there is a lot of time left. Don't be surprised if Arizona kicks a field goal and the Patriots are trying to win it in the last 30 seconds. Patriots 23, Cardinals 21 

:41- With undera minute to go, the Cardinals lined up for the go-ahead field goal, but the snap went awry and Catanzaro missed the field goal. Huge miss, and the Patriots will line up in victory formation. 

:00- That'll do it here from Arizona;  the Patriots came here and shocked the NFL world, beating a Super Bowl favorite without their two best players and left tackle. Excellent job by Belichick and his staff getting this team ready for a tough opener.


Thanks for joining us tonight and be sure to return next week as the Patriots take on the Dolphins at Gillette in an AFC East showdown. 

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