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Week Two Live Blog: Pats vs. Dolphins

The Patriots face their second test minus-Tom Brady as they welcome the hated Dolphins to Foxboro for an AFC East showdown.

Big day for the Patriots as they try to start their AFC East domination early, but as always, it won't be easy against an always competitive Dolphins team. Let's take a look at the inactives for today's game:

Patriots Inactives- TE AJ Derby, CB Eric Rowe, LB Dont'a Hightower, TE Rob Gronkowski, G Jonathan Cooper, T LaAdrian Waddle, DT Anthony Johnson

Dolphins Inactives- WR Justin Hunter, CB Jordan Lucas, RB Isaiah Pead, RB Damian Williams, C Mike Pouncey, LB Donald Butler, G Dallas Thomas


15:00- Jimmy Garoppolo completes  his first pass to Julian Edelman, a good start to the game.

14:30- Blount with a ten yard run and the Patriots look good. 

13:04- 3rd and nine and the Patriots come up with the 1st down on a ten-yard catch by Julian Edelman.

12:00- Martellus Bennett with a nice catch-and-run sets the Pats up at the 14-yard line.

10:53- Touchdown, Patriots!! Garoppolo hits Amendola on the left hash and he takes it in for six. Great drive by Garoppolo and the Patriots. New England 7, Miami 0

10:30- With Dont'a Hightower out, Jonathan Freeney will get more time.

9:47- Good pressure from the Patriots forces a high throw from Tannehill and the Dolphins are facing 3rd and 7.

9:42- Duron Harmon breaks up the pass and Miami is forced to punt. Good defense overall, specifically the defensive line on that series. This Patriots defense is stout. 

9:24- Chris Hogan with a big gain to setup the Patriots at the Dolphins 44, and then Edelman takes a little dropoff pass for nine yards to make it second in one at the Dolphins 47.

8:00- Chris Hogan picks up 23 yards on a terrific throw from Jimmy Garoppolo, setting the Patriots up at the Miami 22. 

6:22- Touchdown, Patriots!! Martellus Bennett with the 20-yard touchdown reception and the Patriots have a two-touchdown lead very early. With the way this Patriots defense plays, it could be a long day for the Dolphins, assuming the Patriots pass rush can get to Tannehill.

4:31- The Patriots stuff Tannehill on a 3rd-and-1 and force another Dolphin punt. Garoppolo will try to keep the offense in rhythm and go ahead by three scores. 

3:07- Another New England 1st down, this one coming after Garoppolo missed Matt Slater for a 50 yard bomb. The Patriots are driving again.

1:46- 1st down, this time on a 15 yard Julian Edelman catch. The Patriots are at the Dolphins 29.

:37- DJ Foster makes the catch out of the backfield, picking up seven and getting some yardage back lost on a holding penalty. That's the end of one here from Foxboro. Patriots 14, Dolphins 0


14:53- James White with a 17-yard run on a draw on 2nd and 13, The Patriots are now setup at the Dolphins 17.

13:10- Touchdown, Patriots!! Danny Amendola is open in the middle of the field again, and this time Garoppolo had to avoid the blitz to make the play. Garoppolo looks awesome today, as does the entire Patriots offense. This one is getting away from the Dolphins quickly. Patriots 21, Dolphins 0

11:50- The Patriots defense forces another three-and-out and Danny Amendola makes a strong punt return to give the offense great field position. First down and ten at the Dolphins 48.

10:13- Garoppolo misses James White down the sideline and the Patriots are forced to punt for the first time today. Miami takes over at their own 14-yard line.

9:23- Nice play by Devin McCourty, breaking up a pass on what would have been a huge play.

8:40- The Dolphins picked up one first down, but that's all they could muster and the Patriots will take over at their own 31.

7:17- Illegal hands to the face negates a three-and-out, a stop they needed. The Patriots move to the 40.

6:02- Amendola picks up the 1st down, but he fumbled and the Dolphins recovered. Turnovers are a recipe for allowing a comeback, so the Patriots need to be careful.

5:49- Chris Long comes up with the fumble recovery, a fumble that was forced by Logan Ryan. Patriots get the ball right back.

5:41- Miami continues to have brain cramps, this time making a late hit on Julian Edelman that gives the Patriots great field position. First and ten at the Dolphins 37.

4:20- Jimmy Garoppolo is hurt and Brissett is loosening up on the sideline. Kiko Alonso drove him into the turf and it appears that he's severely injured his throwing shoulder. 

3:45- This is a huge development for the Patriots. Losing Garoppolo is big, and although they do have a big lead, this game may tighten up with Brissett taking the snaps. On his first throw, he threw a perfect out to Edelman but he dropped it. Gostkowski came in and nailed a 34-yard field goal and the Patriots extend their lead to four scores. Patriots 24, Dolphins 0

2:48- The Dolphins will receive the kickoff and start their possession at the 25. The Dolphins need to put a score of some kind on the board. 

1:58- We've hit the two-minute warning and the Dolphins are putting together their best drive of the day. If they get a score here, they'll have a chance to climb back into this game because they get the ball to start the second half.

1:50- Interception, Patriots!! Great pressure forces Tannehill to throw it and Jamie Collins was right where the ball went. The Patriots take over at the 50.

1:05- Two third downs, and two Edelman drops on out-patterns. He needs to catch that ball. Good punt by Ryan Allen and the Dolphins take over at their own 14 with :58 seconds to go. 

:05- Miami drives down the field for the 27-yard field goal as time expires on the first half. The Patriots have dominated, but the injury to Garoppolo changes everything. 




15:00- The Patriots will kickoff to begin the second half. Most believe Garoppolo has an injury to his collarbone or AC joint. We'll keep you updated.

11:35- Just when the Dolphins start to gain some momentum, Trey Flowers forces a fumble and the Patriots recover. Jacoby Brissett will try to get the offense rolling like they were for the first 18 minutes of the game. 

11:35- Martellus Bennett with the 45 yard pickup on a simple tight end throw-back into the flat. Great play by Bennett sets the Patriots up at the Dolphins 30. 

9:10- After a nice catch-and-run from Martellus Bennett, Julian Edelman picks up a first down on a crossing route. Miami also added a late hit to tack on 15. 1st & Goal from the nine.

8:44- Touchdown, Patriots!! Blount takes it in from nine yards out and the Patriots put together a well designed scoring drive that should give rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett confidence. Patriots 31, Dolphins 3 

6:17- Devante Parker is making plays and the Fins are driving down the field quickly.

5:45- Touchdown, Dolphins. Kenny Stills burns Justin Hunter and Miami shows signs of life. Patriots 31, Dolphins 10

4:31- Two runs and two first downs- first Brissett then Blount. Brissett made a great catch on a bad snap to avoid a potentially game changing turnover. He was sacked on the next play though. 

2:29- Ugly series and the Patriots are forced to punt on 4th and 22. Brissett is going to need a lot of work during the next few days to get ready for Houston on Thursday. There is a good chance we never see Garoppolo take another snap this season, which stinks for him, the fans, and the organization.

:00- The defense is getting gashed by Miami and they need to get a pass rush going again, because with a rookie quarterback running the New England offense, points might be hard to come by. This is the least comfortable three touchdown lead I've seen in awhile.

Patriots 31, Dolphins 10


15:00- First play of the 4th is bad news for the Patriots; interference by the Patriots and the Dolphins are at the Patriots 12.

14:51- Touchdown, Dolphins. This game isn't over Patriots' fans, there is a ton of time left and the defense looks lost. Patriots 31, Dolphins 17. 

14:35- Blount hurdled Byron Maxwell and runs for3rd  20 yards to move the Patriots to their own 45. Even a field goal would be big for the Patriots; they don't need a touchdown, but they do need a score.

11:44- Nightmare scenarios are starting to look real as the Patriots offense is falling to pieces due to stupid holding penalties. Joe Thuney got called for two holds in this half that completely killed the Patriots, and if they blow this, that will be a big reason why. Brissett made a bad pre-snap read on 2nd and 15, got strip sacked, and they faced 3rd and  29.

8:32- The Dolphins are moving at will. This game is going to come down to the final drive. 

7:14- Another first down for the Dolphins. No pass rush at all. This is ugly for Patriots fans. 2nd & 4 from the Patriots seven.

6:06- Touchdown, Dolphins. Kenjon Barner takes it in from seven yards out and this is a one touchdown game. The Patriots are in trouble, and with Garoppolo most likely out for the near future, the hopes of going 3-1 or 4-0 w/out Brady may be a pipedream now. Patriots 31, Dolphins 24

4:18- Back-to-back 1st downs and the Patriots are trying to kill the clock. Three more first downs and they may be able to finally close this thing out.

2:49- First down catch by Bennett and the Patriots are at the Dolphins 35.

2:00- We've reached the two-minute warning and the Patriots have a 1st down at the Dolphins 24.

1:04- Well, the offense did their job, but Gostkowski choked and missed the field goal. The Dolphins have a minute, no timeouts, but they are on fire. This game has a good chance of going to overtime.

:19- Miami has the ball at the Patriots 34 with 19 seconds left...

:02- Interception, Patriots!! Duron Harmon comes up with the pick and the Patriots will line up in victory formation. New England survives a furious Miami comeback to improve to 2-0, and initial reports are already indicating that Garoppolo has no broken bones, which is great news. 


Thanks again for joining us and be sure to join us again Thursday night when the Patriots take on the Houston Texans. 

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