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Week Three Live Blog: Patriots vs. Texans

Follow us here as we provide live updates from tonight's game.

15:00- A nice run by the Texans to open the night is followed up by a nice play by the interior.

13:51- Hopkins with the 14 yard catch for the 1st down. Logan Ryan has his hands full tonight.

12:50- Jabaal Sheard with the sack on 3rd & 8 and the Patriots force the Texans offense off the field. First sack of the season for Sheard.

12:16- Jacoby Brissett gets the first start of his career tonight. Let's see of he's ready for primetime.

11:03- Brissett missed a wide-open James White for what would have been a 1st down, instead throwing a fade route to Chris Hogan that didn't have a chance.

9:32- Questionable 1st down given the Houston. He was definitely short. Bad spot, bad job by the challenge team. It was obvious.

7:19- The defense comes up with the stop on a foolish run on 3rd & 8. This is the NFL, you have to throw on third, and if you do run, try a draw. Patriots offense takes over at their own 25 after the touchback on the punt.

5:00- Option! Got to love the creativity, especially when it gains the Patriots a 1st down. 

3:15- Malcolm Mitchell with the catch on a strong throw from Brissett, who seems to be settling in. The Patriots are driving.

2:11- Gostkowski drills a 24-yard field goal and the Patriots take the lead, 3-0. Good drive for Brissett as he's starting to settle in. The kid can clearly play. Patriots 3, Texans 0

2:01- What appeared to be a fumble is being called down by contact. This might be challenged, and that was OBVIOUS. Wake up officials, WAKE UP!

2:01- Patriots win the challenge and the offense takes over the Texans 23. Huge turnover, let's see if New England capitalizes.

1:54- Touchdown, Patriots!! Jacoby Brissett has wheels, and he runs it 27-yards for the touchdown. Huge play after the braincramp turnover by the Texans. 10 points in 13 seconds? That's efficiency. Patriots 10, Texans 0

13:40- Interception, Patriots! Jamie Collins drops back and makes the play to set the Patriots up at the Texans 43. Turnovers equal losses, and the Texans already have two tonight. 

8:11- Houston is challenging the play and they may win it. They need any win they can get right now.

7:17- Huge 3rd & 15 conversion from Brissett to Amendola, and the Patriots dig their way out of terrible field position.

5:21- What looked like a possible long drive is quickly cut short when Blount gets stuffed by Wilfork on 3rd and 3. I say let the kid throw it there; this Texans front stuffs the run.

3:00- Lamar Miller running well and the Texans are looking to get a score before halftime. They are currently facing a 2nd and 5 from their own 48. With the Patriots receiving to start the second half, Houston is desperate to score here. 3rd & 2 coming up after the two-minute warning.

1:10- James White with a decent run and the Texans call a quick timeout. On 2nd and 3, Edelman takes the jet sweep eight yards for the 1st down.

00:- The Patriots let the clock run out and go to halftime with a 10 point lead and the ball to start the second half. Good, creative half of offense by McDaniels and the Patriots. Patriots 10, Texans 0


14:56- Good start to the half for the Patriots as Julian Edelman picks up 23 yards on 1st down.

13:28- Blount is starting to find creases and the Patriots running game is finally making a contribution.

10:20- Great throw on the deep out to Amendola, giving the Patriots a 1st down at the Texans 11.

8:23- Edelman with the rare drop on 3rd and 7 and the Patriots are forced to settle for a 25-yard Stephen Gostkowski field goal. The Patriots took 6:30 off the clock, so even though they didn't score a touchdown, they accomplished the mission- kill the clock and get a score. Patriots 13, Texans 0

8:12- Fumble recovery, Patriots! Another huge special teams mistake by the Texans and New England takes over at the Houston 21.

6:28- Pass interference in the end zone by the Texans and the Patriots are at the one.

5:46- ANOTHER interference in the end zone and the Patriots get four more downs to work with at the goal line.

5:30- Touchdown, Patriots!! Blount takes it in from one yard out and the Patriots extend their lead to 20. Houston needs to touchdown drive when they get the ball back or this game may be over. Impressive 2 and 1/2 quarters so far for a team using their 3rd string quarterback. Patriots 20, Texans 0

5:12- Huge drop by the Texans; those are the types of things that happens to visitors at Gillette.

5:03- Three-and-out for the Texans offense; great job by the Patriots pass rush, but the drop on first down was a killer for the Texans. 

4:00- Brissett missed a wide open Chris Hogan on what would have been a long touchdown and the Patriots are forced to punt. 

Fourth Quarter

14:53- Great play by Jamie Collins on 3rd down, and the Texans were lined up to go for it on 4th and 4, but they called a timeout, their second of the half.

14:53- Malcolm Butler, who has been awesome tonight, drops an interception, but it's ok because it was 4th down and he still forced a change of possession. The defense is stepping up after an embarrassing second half against the Miami in Week Two.

13:33- Terrible series for Brissett; he looked like a rookie on that series. Ryan Allen with another booming punt to pin the Texans back in their own territory. The Patriots defense needs to stay aggressive and stonewall this Texans offense. Patriots 20, Texans 0

11:40- Another three-and-out for the Texans offense and the Patriots will have great field position to start their drive, sitting at the 47.

11:00- Touchdown, Patriots!! Blount with a 31-yard touchdown run to give the Patriots a four touchdown lead. Blount looks like he's in the best shape of his career; he looks slimmed down, stronger and faster, and he is reaping the rewards of his hard work. The offensive line is getting it done too. Patriots 27, Texans 0

8:19- Another fourth down stop for the Patriots and the offense takes over at their own 47.

6:52- Three and out for the Patriots, but Ryan Allen's 47-yard masterfully placed punt pins the Texans deep in their own territory again. Patriots 27, Texans 0

2:00- The Patriots stepped up yet again tonight, riding their defense, special teams and running game to a dominating performance.

1:15- Ryan Allen on to punt and try to pin the Texans back again, which he did as the Texans make the fair catch at the three. Impressive night for Ryan Allen.

:00- That'll do it here from Foxboro as the Patriots come away with the dominating victory over a quality opponent. This is one of the most impressive wins of the Belichick era, which says a lot. 

Thanks again for joining us tonight and be sure to join us Week Four when the Patriots take on Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills. Goodnight everyone!


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