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Week Four Live Blog: Patriots vs. Bills

The Patriots and Bills renew their rivalry in Foxboro today in an AFC East showdown.

Welcome to Foxboro! Let's take a look at the inactives for today's game.

Patriots inactives- G Jonathan Cooper, DB Eric Rowe, RB DJ Foster, TE Greg Scruggs, QB Jimmy Garoppolo, LB Elandon Roberts, T LaAdrian Waddle

Bills inactives- QB Cardale Jones, WR Greg Salas, RB Reggie Bush, WR Justin Hunter, OL Gabe Ikard, C Patrick Lewis, T Cyrus Kouandjio


15:00- Bad decision to take it out and the Patriots start at their own nine.

14:32- 90 yard play by the Patriots called back for holding. That's too bad, big plays like that are tough to come by.

13:12- Three-and-out for the Patriots after a 3rd & 5 run from LeGarrette Blount. It is pretty clear that the Patriots are staying conservative; the play that came back was just a swing pass and Edelman did the rest.

12:00- 15-yard catch by Charles Clay and the Bills pick up a first down. Buffalo is limited at WR, so the Patriots secondary should control Clay, a player they've struggled with in the past.

10:55- Another Bills 1st down after a 13-yard catch and run by LeSean McCoy. 

9:45- Mike Gillislee with a 15 yard run and the Bills are driving down the field with ease. Ugly start for the Patriots defense.

7:23- Terrible coverage by Logan Ryan on 3rd and 7. You can't play off on that play, you just can't. 

5:31- Illegal pick by the Bills earns them a touchdown. Some believe that is legal, but they're wrong. The league needs to either allow picks or not, they can't just call it on specific teams (Patriots, Broncos) and allow others to get away with it. Bills 7, Patriots 0

5:27- Cyrus Jones is quickly working his way off the kick return unit with the awful decisions he has made today. You can't get your team stuck at the nine and 13 on the first two possessions, especially when a rookie is playing quarterback. Terrible start all-around for New England today.

4:18- Enough of the college offense, get the ball down the field. Brissett isn't THAT limited in the offense; let him throw something other than a screen. The Bills will take over again and try to extend their lead to two scores. Bills 7, Patriots 0

2:29- The Patriots defense should be ashamed of themselves. Buffalo is doing whatever they want and the Patriots are missing tackles left and right; that is an effort issue, not talent.

:30- Tyrod Taylor runs for 15 more and the Bills are sitting pretty at the Patriots 14.

:00- The Bills are facing a 3rd & 21 after a foolish taunting penalty from Richie Incognito. I know, shocking. The Bills will probably score, but if the Patriots hold them to three, that's a victory in itself. 


15:00- Facing a 3rd & 21, the Bills pick up 13 and Dan Carpenter kicks a 34-yard field goal to put the Bills ahead by 10. Bills 10, Patriots 0

13:22- What a nightmarish start for New England; 3rd & 16 and the Patriots run a foolish little toss play to James White. Regardless of the false start, there has been VERY questionable play-calling from the Patriots, and if they don't wake up soon, this game will become a blowout.

11:46- Someone should tell Logan Ryan that the game has started. 

10:10- The Patriots just can't stop the Bills today, and this doesn't look good because Buffalo keeps hitting the same routes. 

9:36- No pass rush, terrible coverage, holding calls in the secondary, this is just gross. Sorry Patriots fans, honesty is one of our policies. 

7:51- The Patriots hold the Bills to three again, but the only way they can create pressure defensively is to blitz. Bills 13, Patriots 0

7:30- Huge play by Martellus Bennett to get the Patriots into the red zone, but questionable calls and refs not being setup cost the Patriots a first down. On 3rd & 11, Brissett tried to make a play and was hit three yards from the sticks. He fumbled on the hit and the Bills will take over deep in their own territory. Huge mistake by Brissett costs the Patriots precious points; today he looks like a rookie.

1:00- Another terrible play call by McDaniels and thankfully this half will be over soon. It's time to take the training wheels off and let this kid throw the ball down the field because the run isn't going to be there, and neither is the screen game. Buffalo tried to get the ball back, but a masterful punt by Ryan Allen ends the half. Bills 13, Patriots 0



11:48- After a huge three-and-out for the Bills offense, the Patriots are driving. Martellus Bennett is doing damage today. 1st down & 10 from the Bills 30.

10:38- Brandon Bolden drops a touchdown. The following play is almost an interception for Buffalo. Everything is difficult to do today. Adding insult to injury- Gostkowski, the highest paid kicker in the league, missed a 48-yard field goal. Every time the Patriots start to gain momentum, they make a mistake and lose it. Bills 13, Patriots 0

7:20- The Bills put together a decent drive, but once again the defense tightened up at the 30. Dan Carpenter missed a 47-yard field goal, so the Patriots get the ball back still down just 13 with plenty of time to go. Let's see if the offense can avoid mistakes and pick up some kind of score.

5:06- Ugly offense is the theme of the day for the Patriots. On 3rd & 19, Brissett had time and an open Amendola, but the ball sailed the punt team had to come back out again. The offense might not score a point today, it's that bad.

:28- Dan Carpenter drills a 44-yard field goal and the Bills extend their lead to 16 with :28 seconds to go in the 3rd. New England must put together a touchdown drive on the next series or this game is likely over. Bills 16, Patriots 0


14:20- Rob Gronkowski makes his first catch of the season on 3rd & 8, a great time to pick up his first catch. 

10:00- The Bills are challenging a terrible spot that cost them a first down; they should win this challenge and the drive will continue. 1st & 10 Bills at their own 37.

8:22- The Bills are facing 3rd & 12; New England desperately needs a stop here. 

7:00- New England gets the stop they need, but with just seven minutes left, they'll need a miracle to comeback down 16. 

6:30- Strong run by Brissett on 1st down, picking up 16 yards, and of course on the next play they get called for a hold. Two steps forward, one step back, the story of the day for the Patriots. 

4:51- The Patriots are driving, but guys are dropping like flies. First it was Blount, then Bennett, and now Brandon Bolden is down with what appears to be an ankle injury. Again, two steps forward, one step back. Frustrating day for New England.

3:22- You would think this game is a one score game with the way the offense is moving. No tempo at all, taking their time. Strange game for the Patriots offense.

2:46- The Bills stop the Patriots in the red zone and it's starting to look like the first time New England will be shut out at Gillette, and also their first time since 1993. Ugly day for Jacoby Brissett and the Patriots offense. 

:57- The Patriots will try and save face and pickup a touchdown with less than a minute to go. It most likely will not happen.

:00- Sometimes it is hard to watch a football game, and the last six minutes of this debacle made it even harder. There was no attempt to make a comeback by New England. They essentially killed the clock like this was the fourth preseason game and they just wanted to get out healthy, which may have been the thought process with Brady returning next week (thankfully). 


Thank you for joining us today and be sure to join us next week for the return of Tom Brady and Rob Ninkovich, two players the Patriots really need back. 

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