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Week Six Live Blog: Patriots vs. Bengals

Stay with us as we provide live updates from the Patriots/Bengals showdown in Foxborough.

We are close to game time. If you haven't had a chance, go listen to LOCKED ON PATRIOTS to hear the inactives and predictions for today.

We'll be back in five minutes for kickoff!


15:00- The Patriots will receive and Tom Brady takes it at the 25. Here we go.

12:59- Great play by Brady on 3rd & 9 gives the Patriots their first opportunity within the Bengals 30.

12:11- The Patriots drive stalls at the Bengals 28, but Gostkowski drilled a 46-yard field goal to give the Patriots a 3-0 lead. Great play from Brady to Gronkowski to setup the field goal and a strong run by Blount to open the game, but that was all the offense did on that drive. Flashes, but not consistency yet. It'll come. Patriots 3, Bengals 0

7:36- The Bengals move to their 49, but they couldn't keep the drive going and the Patriots will take over at their own 20 after a shanked punt. Brady and the offense will try and get into rhythm after am up-and-down first series. 

7:09- 1st down catch by Julian Edelman.

4:43- 1st and 20 from the Patriots 45 and LeGarrette Blount runs for four. 

3:04- Good coverage by the Bengals and the Patriots are forced to punt. The hold to make it 1st and 20 killed an chance of that drive continuing, and you have to give the Bengals credit for good defense.

:34- What looked like a 3rd down stop turns into a 1st down after an illegal hands to the face penalty. Tough call, that looked like a shoulder shot, not face.

:00- That's the end of one from Foxborough. Not a good quarter for the Patriots; the offense needs to wake up.


14:10- 1st down by the Bengals and they are starting to put together a drive. 

12:28- Alan Branch with a great play on 1st & 15. He's a beast. 

11:42- And the Patriot give them 16 right back. Awful pass defense.

11:15- Dalton hits Bernard and the Bengals are at the Patriots six. Bad defense on this series, except for Elandon Roberts (who is down with an injury.)

9:05- Goal line stand for the Patriots defense!! After an awful start they stepped up big and made a much needed stop. Surprising that Marvin Lewis went for it, but you can't knock the call; Cincy was driving the ball with ease. Patriots 3, Bengals 0

8:51- Big run by Blount gets the Patriots out of the shadow of their own goalposts and now they have some room to work with. The Bengals didn't score, but they ate eight minutes off the clock, which is almost as good as a score because it keeps Brady off the field. 

7:12- Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. 3rd and 12 and the Patriots run a draw. There isn't much more that annoys me more in football than the giveaway down. It was 3rd and 12, not 3rd and 30. At least run a screen. Patriots 3, Bengals 0

4:15- The Bengals are driving again, sitting at the Patriots 16 with a 1st & 10.

4:00- 1st & goal after a 12-yard throw and catch to AJ Green.

3:10- Touchdown, Bengals. Andy Dalton setup in pistol and ran the option with Jeremy Hill, keeping it and running for a three-yard score. The Bengals are shocking the Patriots. Bengals 7, Patriots 3

1:40- 1st down catch by Edelman and the Patriots are in two-minute mode. They need some type of score here. 

1:06- 39 yard catch & run by Chris Hogan sets the Patriots offense up at the Bengals 15.

1:01- Touchdown, Patriots!! James White with the catch at the 10 and he takes it the rest of the way for the score. Huge drive for the Patriots offense, and it looks like they might have figured out how to move on this Bengal offense. The illegal contact penalty saved them, and they took full advantage. Patriots 10, Bengals 7

:00- That'll do it for the half as the Patriots head into the locker room with the lead, which is a surprise when one considers how awful they played in the 1st half. The offensive line finally woke up at the end of the half, and when Brady has time, he'll pick apart any defense, now matter how good it is. The Bengals covered great all half until those final two minutes, but it was more scheme than anything else and the Patriots figured it out.




11:14- Touchdown, Bengals. Brandon LaFell with a five-yard touchdown catch as the Bengals go 80 yards on nine plays. The defense, besides the goal line stand, has been terrible. Bengals 14, Patriots 10

9:04- After an ugly 3rd & 17 play with no protection, the Patriots are forced to punt. This is ugly stuff from the hometown team.

7:05- Safety, Patriots!! Dont'a Hightower makes the best play of the game so far and comes through with the sack of Dalton on an A-gap blitz that was perfectly timed. The Bengals lead is cut to two and the Patriots are getting the ball. Bengals 14, Patriots 12

6:50- Martellus Bennett finally comes alive with a 24-yard catch down to the Bengals 44.

5:16- Huge catch & run by Rob Gronkowski sets the Patriots up at the Bengals four.

5:00- Touchdown, Patriots!! Brady hits Gronkowski for the four-yard touchdown and the Patriots regain the lead. After the defense changed the momentum with the safety, the offense rode the wave and kept it going. Great drive, and now the defense needs to get a stop. Patriots 19, Bengals 14

4:44- New England's defense is starting to get into a groove and they force the Bengals offense back to the sidelines. Edelman had a decent punt return to setup the offense at their own 47. Patriots 19, Bengals 14

3:52- Gronk goes for another 38 yards and the Patriots are back in the red zone. Gronk has been dominant the last two games.

2:58- Touchdown, Patriots!! Brady hits James White from four yards out to give the Patriots an 11-point lead. The reason it isn't 12 points? Gostkowski missed the extra point. Not good. Patriots 25, Bengals 14

:00- The Bengals are at the Patriots 46 as they convert on 4th & inches to end the 3rd quarter. The Patriots have an 11 point lead headed into the 4th, but this has been a strange game so anything that happens won't shock me. Patriots 25, Bengals 14


12:37- Eric Rowe with a great play in coverage on AJ Green and the Patriots hold the Bengals to the field goal. Mike Nugent hasn't been great this year either, but he got the job done. Patriots 25, Bengals 17

11:13- Huge 1st down catch by Amendola sets the Patriots up at the 50. 

9:15- Huge penalty by Pacman Jones (holding) gives the Patriots a 1st down after they were facing a 3rd &12. Typical Bengals mistake gives the Patriotsmore chances to score.

8:31- Gronkowski with another huge play down the seam and it is starting to get a little heated out there. Gronk and Burfict were ready to go at it, but cooler heads prevailed.

7:52- Gronk deserved that penalty, but the Bengals should have got called for unsportsmanlike too. That penalty hurts big time. 

6:46- Due to Gronk's penalty, the Patriots are forced to kick the field goal, which Gostkowski barely wrapped around the goal post. The Patriots are back up by 11. Patriots 28, Bengals 17

4:14- Huge sack by Sheard and Hightower and the Bengals are facing 4th and 20, which forces them to punt. Edelman returned it to the 50, and the Patriots are about three first downs away from putting this game away.

3:18- After a 1st down run by Blount, he stupidly grabbed the helmet of a Bengal defender who hit him after the whistle. Just let it go, run the clock down and get the win. He was let off the hook because another ref saw the first hit.

2:15- 1st down catch by Edelman on 3rd and 4 gives the Patriots the first down that should put this away. Kirkpatrick got called for a facemask to put the Patriots even closer to the end zone. 1st & Goal from the seven.

1:17- 4th & Goal from the half yard line and Blount takes it in from one-yard out to give the Patriots a 35-17 lead. Great second half for the Patriots after the awful showing in the first half. Patriots 35, Bengals 17

:00- That'll do it here from Foxborough as the Patriots improve to 5-1 and the Bengals drop to 2-4. It didn't look good in the first half, but the Patriots owned the second half and end up winning by three scores.


Thank you all for joining us and be sure to join us next week as the Patriots head to PIttsburgh to take on Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers. Have a great night everyone!

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