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Week Eight Live Blog: Pats/Bills

Stay with us as Chris Simoneau provides live in-game updates.

12:53- For the inactives and updates on today's game, check out my podcast, LOCKED ON PATRIOTS for up to the minute news and pre and post game podcasts. They'll also be posted here on Scout.com


15:00- The Patriots will kickoff after winning the toss and deferring, a Belichick favorite.

14:20- Mike Gillislee runs for a 25 yard gain. The Patriots need to be aware of his speed. 

13:11- The Bills are using unconventional formations and runs to work their way down the field. The Patriots defense looks confused.

12:15- Another big play for the Bills and they are set up at the six.

11:08- Good red zone defense by the Patriots aided by a Reggie Bush non-catch and the Bills are limited to three. The defense needs to get a look at what the Bills are doing and make some adjustments. Bills 3, Patriots 0

9:18- James White with a big catch on 3rd and 6 gives the Patriots the 1st down at the Bills 45.

8:00- Chris Hogan with a 16-yard catch on 3rd & 10; another big 3rd down conversion.

6:10- Another 3rd down conversion for the Patriots; Edelman converts this time.

4:35- Touchdown, Patriots!! Danny Amendola gets open for the 10-yard touchdown catch to give the Patriots the lead. Gostkowski drilled the extra point to make it Patriots 7, Bills 3. Good drive for New England, especially on 3rd down. 

3:49- Drops on 2nd and 3rd down cost the Bills 1st downs, and they are forced to punt from their end zone. The Patriots are setup at the Bills 45 yard line after a 33-yard shank of a kick. Patriots 7, Bills 3

1:33- Touchdown, Patriots!! Chris Hogan hauls in the 53-yard touchdown catch on 3rd & 13 gives the Patriots their second touchdown of the quarter, this coming after a big play to Julian Edelman was negated. Gostkowski squeezed the extra point through. Patriots 14, Bills 3

:00- The Patriots with a third down stop to end the first quarter, and they'll have the first possession of the second quarter.


14:32- Kyle Williams comes up with the sack on 3rd & 10 and the Bills defense gets their first stop of the game. Taylor and the offense will try and mount a drive.

10:37- After a penalty riddled possession, the Bills are forced to punt. The Patriots take over at the Bills 18.

9:14- Three & out for the Patriots offense, and the Bills defense is starting to get confident. Brady has taken a lot of big shots; the line needs to protect better and the receivers need to get open. Patriots 14, Bills 3

7:26- Eric Rowe called for a pass interference and the Bills are now in the Patriots red zone.

7:00- Reggie Bush with the catch on the wheel route (which he made famous) and the Bills are now setup at the Patriots 7.

6:26- Touchdown, Bills. Mike Gillislee takes it in from four yards out to cut the Patriots lead to four. Patriots 14, Bills 10

4:19- 69!! That's the 69th career touchdown catch for Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, the most touchdown catches in the history of the Patriots. Good answer to the bills drive with a two minute drive. Patriots 21, Bills 10

:49- Can they please remove Eric Rowe from the defense? He's been awful today.

:38- Powell almost made an amazing catch, but he couldn't finish. 3rd and 10 for the Bills.

:32- On 3rd & 10, the Bills couldn't get anything done. Dan Carpenter came in to attempt the 49-yard field goal, but it hit the right post. Patriots 21, Bills 10

:02- Stephen Gostkowski nails a 51-yard field goal, a ball that was all over the place and it hit the upright before it went through, but for a struggling kicker, it's all good. Patriots 24, Bills 10


15:00- Danny Amendola with a 73 yard kickoff return and the offense is setup in the red zone to open the second half.'

14:00- Touchdown, Patriots!! Julian Edelman takes it in from 12 yards out, Tom Brady's fourth touchdown pass of the game. Gostkowski nailed the extra point again and the Patriots are now up by three touchdowns. Patriots 31, Bills 10

13:14- A botched punt turns into a 1st down run for the Bills; a huge mistake by the Patriots special teams costs them a possession.

10:45- Taylor with WAY too much time in the pocket and the Bills pick up a 1st down; huge hit by McCourty, clean too. 

7:57- Touchdown, Bills. Careless defense on 4th & 3; the Patriots blitzed, expecting the run, but it failed them badly. Overall terrible job by the defense and special teams on that possession, basically allowing the score. Patriots 31, Bills 17

6:00- Great throw by Brady and awesome footwork by Gronk for the first down. They make the most difficult plays look easy.

4:43- Brady sees 12 Bills on the field on 3rd and 5, gets the ball snapped and a free 1st down. Veteran play by Brady.

3:05- Touchdown, Patriots!! Blount takes it over the top, his 9th of the season, and the Patriots go 12 plays and 75 yards for another score. The offense looks awesome today. Patriots 38, Bills 17

1:27- Reggie Bush with the ill-advised backwards throw on a designed trick play; Hightower blew it up, to no ones surprise.


14:55- Turnover on downs for the Bills and the Patriots take over at their own nine.

12:40- Another self-inflicted wound by the Bills with the roughing the passer penalty on a 3rd down stop. 

10:52- Gronk with a 33-yard gain on 3rd and 5 and the Patriots are back in the Bills red zone.

9:24- Another penalty by the Bills on 3rd down gives the Patriots a 1st down at the Bills 15.

7:45- The Patriots can't punch it in, but Gostowski came on and hit a 32-yard field goal to extend the Patriots lead to 24. Patriots 41, Bills 17

4:37- The Patriots make the stop on 4th down and Jimmy Garoppolo comes in to finish the game at qb for New England. Brady with another masterful performance. Patriots 41, Bills 17

:30- Touchdown, Bills. They pick up a cheapie with the two-point conversion at the end, but this game is over. Patriots 41, Bills 25

:00- That'll do it from Orchard Park and the Patriots have defeated the Buffalo Bills, 41-25. We got pretty much what we expected from this game; the Patriots offense overwhelmed the Bills defense. New England heads into the bye week with a 7-1 record, tops in the NFL.


Thank you for joining us today and be sure to join us in two weeks. Have a great night everyone!



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