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Week Ten Live Blog: Patriots vs. Seahawks

Stay with us as we provide live updates from Foxborough tonight as Patriots battle the Seahawks in a game that may determine the best in football.

We are just over 20 minutes from kickoff so it's time to take a look at the inactives for tonight's game. Let's start with the Patriots.

Patriots Inactives: DT Woodrow Hamilton, RB Dion Lewis, T LaAdrian Waddle, LB Kyle Van Noy, CB Eric Rowe, RB DJ Foster, ans TE Matt Lengel.

Seahawks Inactives: WR Tanner McEvoy, RB Thomas Rawls, SS Tyvis Powell, G Rees Odhiambo, DE Michael Bennett, T Bradley Sowell, TE Luke Wilson


15:00- The Seahawks win the toss and defer, forcing the Patriots to receive. Cyrus Jones gets his chance to get back in the good graces of the coaching staff.

14:47- Nice little screen to James White to open the game gains the Patriots 13 and puts the Seahawks on their heals a little.

13:38- Gronkowski with a 22-yard catch on 3rd and 5 extends the Patriots drive. 1st and 10 at the Seahawks 35.

12:57- Strong seven yard run by Blount.

12:26- Blount is running hard tonight and the line already looks confident against this Seahawks front.

11:38- James White catches another pass underneath in the flat and takes it for a 1st down.

10:31- Interference in the end zone and the Patriots are setup at the one yard line.

10:19- Touchdown, Patriots!! Blount takes it in from one yard out and the Patriots go 79 yards on nine plays for the touchdown. Great job by the Patriots offensive line, and once again Tom Brady making plays on 3rd down helps the Patriots get a huge score. Patriots 7, Seahawks 0

10:19- Awful kick by Gostkowski and the Seahawks will have the ball at the 40. Huge special teams mistake, something I spoke about in my daily podcast, Locked On Patriots. 

7:57- Seattle makes three plays and they are now within 10 yards of a touchdown. 3rd and 4....

7:14- Jermaine Kearse couldn't come up with the catch and the Seahawks are forced to settle for a field goal, which is a huge victory foe the Patriots defense. Gostkowski needs to get his head out his you know what and keep the kicks inbounds. That kickoff led to those three points. Patriots 7, Seahawks 3

7:01- Nothing doing on the first two plays; 3rd and 11...

6:20- Bennett makes the catch for six yards and the Patriots are forced to punt. The Seahawks coverage has been very good, even on the scoring drive. Patriots 7, Seahawks 3

5:15- After a sack drove Seattle back seven yards, they picked up 13 to make it 3rd and 4. Justin Coleman was called for pass interference because he didn't get his head turned around. If he turned they don't make that call. 1st down, Seattle.

3:57- C.J. Procise with a catch out in the flat and the Seahawks pick up a big 1st down.

2:18- The Seahawks face another 3rd and short. Let's see if the Pats can step up....

1:37- They do step up and cover the pass well; it was an oddly designed play for 3rd and a short two, but that's Pistol Pete for you. Seattle picks up three more, but the Patriots are still in the lead. Patriots 7, Seahawks 6

1:33- Brady had a rough series last time the offense had the ball, and they need to get the defense a breather. Even if they don't score, they at least need to pick up a few 1st downs.

:49- 2 plays and just 3 yards is not good...

:11- Three-and-out for the Patriots offense, and they are looking confused. THIS is exactly what I expected; a slow start for the Patriots offense and the Seahawks to kick field goals all night. New England will figure this out eventually.

:00- The 1st quarter ends with Jimmy Graham 11-yard catch for a 1st down. The Patriots need to keep Wilson in the pocket. At the end of one, the Patriots hold the lead. Patriots 7, Seahawks 6


14:18- Big 3rd and 7 for the Seahawks....

14:08- Seattle picks up 20 yards and once again they are driving into the Patriots red zone. You have to get stops on 3rd down.

12:23- Busted play nets the Seahawks a 1st down. Things are not going well for the Patriots defense right now.

10:56- 2nd & Goal for the Seahawks from the Patriots 6...

10:49- Touchdown, Seahawks. The Patriots defense looked terrible on that drive, and if they don't wake up, New England could be in trouble. Steven Hauschka missed the extra point, which could end up being big. Again, as we discussed on Locked On Patriots, the Seahawks field goal/extra point unit has struggled. Seahawks 12, Patriots 7

9:04- Interception, Seahawks. Terrible throw by Brady as he's trying to hit Malcolm Mitchell deep. Terrible decision. Turnovers lose games. Seahawks 12, Patriots 7

8:30- The Patriots defensive line is awful tonight; they need to step up against the run and pass.

6:49- The Patriots defense keeps getting in their own way, this time getting called for offsides on a 3rd down stop.

6:40- Ninkovich with a huge sack on 3rd and 3 and the Patriots defense steps up and finally forces Seattle off the field without scoring. Seahawks 12, Patriots 7

4:00- Gronk takes a shot and is being looked at on the sidelines. In the meantime, Bennett is making plays and Blount just had a strong run.

3:04- 1st Down for Julian Edelman and the Patriots are at the Seattle 14.

2:20- Bennett takes it down to the Seattle three yard line with an 11 yard catch and run. They should go right back to him on the next play.

1:46- Blount runs for zero yards on 1st and goal from the two.

1:14- Holding on the Seahawks and the Patriots will have the ball 1st and goal from the one yard line.

1:05- Touchdown, Patriots!! Blount battles for the final yard to give the Patriots the lead. Gostkowski nailed the extra point and the offense looks like it has figured out how they want to attack this talented Seattle defense.

:31- Seattle picks up a big chunk play and are now in field goal range at the Patriots 30.

::07- Chung with blown coverage as Wilson runs around the pocket and Seattle picks up a touchdown instead of the half-ending field goal that looked inevitable. Terrible job by Chung, he knew Baldwin had been passed to him in zone and he just blew the coverage. Seahawks 19, Patriots 14

The Patriots defense better wake up because the offense isn't going to score more than 30 today, and even that is a stretch. Third down has been a huge problem; keep Wilson in the pocket and make the sack. Seattle has 248 yards of offense in the 1st half; that is pathetic. New England has also been vanilla on offense, and they need to get creative with their tight ends in the 2nd half.



15:00- Wilson and the offense pick up where they left off with a throw and catch to Graham.

14:20- Branch swallows up Prosise. 3rd and 3.

13:39- Hightower just misses an interception, but the good news is he broke up the pass and the Patriots will get the ball back. Cyrus Jones had a nice return, but it was negated by a dumb tripping penalty by Justin Coleman. He's on his way to the dud list with this performance tonight.

13:19- The Patriots run a screen on 1st down at their own 8, then back it up with a draw to make it 3rd and 2. 

12:21- Chancellor with a hit to Brady's knee and Tom looks dinged up. 15 yard penalty, 1st down.

12:10- Strong run by Blount for 7.

11:01- Big catch and run for 17 on 3rd and 4 sets the Patriots up in Seattle territory.

9:35- On 2nd and 17, Bennett picks up 15 to give New England a chance at the 1st down. 

8:54- First down, Amendola. Danny run a deep in and was wide open on the seam. 

8:20- Great run off tackle by LeGarrette Blount; the play was lead by Gronk and Develin.

7:52- Touchdown, Patriots!! Basically the same exact play and Blount takes it in for the score. Great blocking, especially against a defense like Seattle. Gostkowski drilled the extra point. Patriots 21, Seahawks 19

7:04- Paul Richardson wide open for a 39 yard gain, The defense is downright bad tonight.

5:45- DPI called on Hightower and the Seahawks are now at the Patriots 20.

4:57- 1st and Goal at the seven after Prosise makes the first down catch.

4:27- Nothing there running on 1st down. Probably better off throwing.

3:47- Trey Flowers with a huge sack to make it 3rd and goal from the Patriots 13.

2:57- Awesome pressure from the Patriots defense, FINALLY, and they force Seattle to settle for another field goal. That field goal does give the Seahawks the lead, but it is just by one point. Seahawks 22, Patriots 21

2:55- Cyrus Jones downs it in the end zone (smartly) and the Patriots offense will take over at the 25. They need to put together another scoring drive, preferably a touchdown drive. Brady should be in the gun and the offense should spread these guys out because they can't stop it.

2:30- 36 yard catch by Bennett and the Patriots quickly move into Seattle territory. 

2:00- Nine yard run by Blount follow/-ed up by a three yard run for the 1st down.

1:02- Gronk with the drop on the slant over the middle; not s surprise after he got rocked earlier.

:47- Awful holding penalty on the Patriots may push them out of field goal territory if they can't make a play on 2nd or 3rd. Thuney with the hold.

:29- False start on Gronk: braincramps are going to cost them points here on this drive. Incomplete pass to Hogan, 3rd and 25.

00:- Huge catch by Julian Edelman on 3rd and 25 makes it 1st and Goal for the Patriots at the Seattle nine.


15:00- Blount picks up one on 1st and goal.

14:11- Brady runs for three on 2nd and goal and it's now 3rd and goal.

13:36- Frank Clark with the sack and the Patriots are forced to go for the field goal, which Gostkowski connected on to give the Patriots the two-point lead. Patriots 24, Seahawks 22

12:55- Bad kick coverage and the Seahawks have great field position.

11:37- 3rd & 6 for the Seahawksfor t at the Patriots 40...

11:10- Prosise with a 38 yard catch. 1st and goal from the Patriots two.

9:03- 3rd and goal from the one yard line after the Pete Carroll challenge, which he might lose...

8:59- After forcing the Seahawks into a false start with a line shift, Seattle is forced to kick the field goal that puts them back up by one. Seahawks 25, Patriots 24

8:46- Cyrus Jones with a great return but he fumbled, luckily being saved by Nate Ebner. Great play by Ebner; this game is wild. New England is at the Seattle 45.

8:29- Fumble by Julian Edelman and the Seahawks make the play that may decide the game. Sometimes you just need to go down. Seattle has the ball at the NE 48.

7:35- CJ Prosise continues to kill the Patriots, picking up a 1st down on 3rd and four.

7:00- The defense needs to get a stop right now or the Patriots may be in trouble tonight.

4:24- Touchdown, Seahawks. Doug Baldwin with his 3rd touchdown of the night. Pete Carroll reminds everyone that he is a moron and goes for two when going for one forces the Patriots to go for two. LOL Pete, are you serious? Seattle 31, New England 24, Pete Carroll -1

4:24- Brady and the offense will take over down a touchdown. Let's see if he has another comeback in him.

4:10- 1st down catch for Malcolm Mitchell after Bennett's 8-yard gain. 1st and 10 from their own 44.

2:40- 3rd and 5 and Malcolm Mitchell is called for a huge false start. 3rd and 10.

2:25- Edelman with an incredible catch and run and the Patriots are at the Seattle 24 yard line. 30-yard catch and run for Julian. We are now at the two-minute warning. What a game.

2:00- 1st and 10 Patriots at the Seattle 24. 

1:48- Badly executed run play cost s the Patriots four yards, but Gronk makes an incredible catch on the next play to set the offense up at the Seattle goal line. What a catch.

:35- Brady tries a sneak on 1st & goal but was stuffed at the one. The Patriots have three timeouts left, Seattle has zero because they just used their last one. 

:25- Blount stuffed on the leap over the top; 3rd and goal from the Seattle one.

:19-  Brady fumbles on 3rd and one and this game will come down to 4th and goal from the two yard line. Wow.

:11- Gronkowski clearly interfered with but nothing called and the Seahawks will win. Great game from Foxboro, basically a flipped script from the Super Bowl. Tough loss for New England. They couldn't punch it in from the one yard line against a defense that was missing Michael Bennett. The Patriots will drop to 7-2 and the Seahawks will improve to 6-2-1.


Thanks for joining us tonight and be sure to join us again next week. In the meantime, tune in to Locked On Patriots, posted every day on Tough loss, but at least it is out of conference and there were no injuries. This loss won't hurt them in the long run. 

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