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Week 12 Live Blog: Patriots vs. Jets

Stay with us as we provide live updates from the Patriots/Jets game today.

We are getting close to game time here, so let's get you updated on today's inactives for the Patriots and the Jets.

Patriots Inactives: CB Justin Coleman, WR Matthew Slater, CB Cyrus Jones, T LaAdrian Waddle, RB DJ Foster, TE Matt Lengel, DT Woodrow Hamilton

Jets Inactives: QB Christian Hackenburg, WR Charone Peake, WR Devin Smith, CB Marcus Williams, CB Nick Marshall, T Brandon Shell, C Nick Mangold


15:00- Brady and the offense will get the first crack at it today.

14:30- Ugly first two plays, but Dion Lewis did make a nice play on 3rd down to give the Patriots a new set of downs. 1st down, Patriots.

13:56- Stupid timeout by the Patriots allows the Jets to challenge and now it is 4th down. Ryan Allen came on to punt, Jets will take over at their own 26.

11:38- Two 1st downs for the Jets and the Patriots pass defense continues to look porous. Again, I understand their plan, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

10:33- New England's defense steps up and forces the Jets into a 51-yard field goal attempt which Nick Folk drilled. The Jets strike first. Jets 3, Patriots 0

8:48- Quick series for the Pats and the Jets offense is back on the field. Jets 3, Patriots 0

7:07- Nice tackle by McCourty forces the Jets to punt on 4th and inches, giving the Patriots strong field position for the first time today. Let's see if the line can protect and the passing game can put together a drive. 

6:43- This is ugly.

4:49- After picking up a 1st down with a Julian Edelman catch-and-run, the Patriots offense stalls out and is forced to punt. On the coverage, Jonathan Jones ran into the returner after the fair catch was called, but he wasn't called because the fair catch call wasn't clear enough. The Jets offense will take over and try to extend their lead. Jets 3, Patriots 0

3:30- 40 yard throw-and-catch for the Jets and again, this Patriots defense just allows whatever teams want to take between the 30's. 

2:14- 3rd & 9 and Brandon Marshall picks up the 1st down on the crossing route. Honestly, I just don't understand why the Patriots coverage is so bad. 

:53- Bilal Powell is now tearing through the Patriots defense and it is now 1st and goal from the Patriots seven.


15:00- The Jets are facing 2nd and goal from the Patriots two, and so far New York has completely dominated this game. New England doesn't look ready to play and once again their defense is giving up huge chunk plays in the passing game. What the he*% did they do to this defense? 

14:56- Touchdown, Jets. Brandon Marshall with the catch from two yards out and the Jets extend their lead to two scores. Jets 10, Patriots 0

*If the Patriots don't wake up soon, this is going to be a long day.

14:56- Rob Gronkoski is questionable to return after hurting his back. On the 1st play of the series, Brady hits Bennett for 12. 

13:34- 3rd and 5, Brady looks off. This is a huge play.

13:15- Mitchell with a great catch on 3rd down to give the Patriots the 1st down. The rookie is starting to turn heads.

12:20- After a seven yard catch by Hogan, Blount takes it four yard for another 1st down.

11:40- Double pass results in a pass interference by the Jets and the ball will be placed at the Jets eight.

11:08- Foolish draw on 2nd down followed up by a poorly designed pass play on 3rd down and the Patriots are forced to settle for a Stephen Gostkowski field goal. Hey, look at the bright side- he didn't miss. Jets 10, Patriots 3

10:00- Fumble! Patriots recover and the offense takes over at the 50. On the play, Malcolm Butler got burned, but he did a great job getting back into the play, forcing the fumble and also recovering the ball. 

9:40- 15-yard catch by Edelman sets the Patriots up at the Jets 35.

9:00- Martellus Bennett with a five-yard reception and it's 3rd and five from the Jets 30. Big play coming up. 

6:29- Touchdown, Patriots!! Brady dropped the ball on the fake jet sweep, and he picked it right back up it found Malcolm Mitchell in the back of the end zone for the score. Gostkowski drilled the extra point and we are now tied up. Patriots 10, Jets 10

3:58- The Patriots give up way to many 3rd and long conversions, something that will kill them in the playoffs. They have to get off the field.

2:05- Eric Rowe breaks up the pass on 3rd and four, and Nick Folk's field goal attempt was blocked. The Patriots offense takes over ready to go on a two-minute drill. Patriots 10, Jets 10

1:50- 15 yard catch by Mitchell and the Patriots are at the Jets 43.

:30- Hogan picks up a big 1st down and the Patriots.

:02- Gostkowski misses a 39 yard field goal and the Patriots excellent drive to end the half is all for not. Gostkowski is quickly becoming a very average kicker.




12:00- The Patriots defense does the job and gets the ball back for the offense. Let's see if the defense adjusts as well as it did at halftime last week.

8:38- The Patriots put together a good drive, but they are forced to settle for a 29-yard field goal, which Gostkowski drilled with confidence. The Patriots take the lead, but they need to start getting into the end zone. Patriots 13, Jets 10

2:24- The Patriots defense allowed the Jets to go about 30 yards before they tightened up and forced the punt, which was fair caught by Danny Amendola at the Patriots 11. Let's see if the offense can put together a touchdown drive, which may put this game out of reach. Patriots 13, Jets 10

:34- 3rd and 5 and it appears the Patriots are going to let the quarter come to an end. The Patriots face 3rd and 5 to open the 4th.


15:00- Brady, who has been off all day, overthrows Chris Hogan on 3rd and 5 and the Patriots are forced to punt. The defense needs to step up.

12:35- The Jets are driving with ease and are now facing a 2nd and 1 from the Patriots 24.

10:17- Touchdown, Jets. It didn't look like a catch, it was originally called not a catch, but even after reviewing something that absolutely wasn't a clear catch, they overturn the call. The Patriots defense is bad, I don't care what anyone says. They are allowing one of the worst passing games in football to tear them up. They should be embarrassed. Jets 17, Patriots 13

9:39- Nice play by Brady as he hits Chris Hogan for a 23 yard gain. Brady was pressured and stepped up in the pocket to make the play. 

8:20- 1st down catch by Dion Lewis, and now the Patriots are at the Jets 26.

7:12- Brady with a dangerous throw on 2nd and 7, but luckily it was incomplete. 3rd and 7...

7:06- Mitchell drops a touchdown and the Patriots are forced to settle for a 41-yard Stephen Gostkowski field goal. Mitchell has been good, but he really needs to make that catch. Patriots cut the lead to one with just over seven minutes to go. Jets 17, Patriots 16

6:05- The Patriots can't defend the pass, and now they are starting to give up the run too. These last three games have been awful for New England in multiple phases, and Patriots fans have a reason to be worried. 

5:16- The defense steps up and forces the three-and-out, but I'm not going back on what I just said- the Patriots are in trouble if they don't get it together. In the last three games, including today, New England has faced two terrible teams and one very good one. It's not surprising that they lost to Seattle, but the San Francisco and New York games are more alarming because they can't seem to stop an inept passing game. Even a Joe Flacco would tear them up, and those are the guys they'll see in the playoffs.

4:45- Nice catch-and-run by Edelman and the Patriots are now at their own 40.

4:04- Brady improvises and hits Lewis for 13 more yards.

3:25- 4th & 4 and instead of kicking the field goal, New England goes for it and gets it. Big gamble by Belichick.

2:05- Brady hits Hogan and the Patriots are now at the Jets 8.

1:56- Touchdown, Patriots!! Malcolm Mitchell gets it done this time and makes the huge catch to put the Patriots back up. New England went for two, ran a jet sweep with James White and he got it done. Huge 8-point touchdown for the Patriots. New England 24, New York 17

1:56- AWFUL overturn by the refs on the two-point conversion; that's the 2nd time today that a call that wasn't clear was reversed in the Jets favor. NFL with some home-cooking today. Patriots 22, Jets 17

1:50- Chris Long with the forced fumble and the Patriots recover!! Big play, but the game isn't over just yet. One more 1st down and this game is over. 

1:24- ...and there it is, the game clinching 1st down for the Patriots, and Tom Brady has now won 200 games in his career. The Patriots improve to 9-2 and the Jets drop to 3-8.


Thank you for joining us today and be sure to listen to "Locked On Patriots" tomorrow as we discuss the "Studs and Duds" from today's game. Have a great night, Patriots fans!

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