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Week 14 Live Blog: Patriots vs. Ravens

Stay with us as we provide live updates from tonight's AFC showdown between the 10-2 Patriots and the 7-5 Ravens.

Almost ready for kickoff, so we'll get you all updated on tonight's inactive players. Here are the lists:

Patriots Inactives- WR Danny Amendola, RB D.J. Foster, DT Woodrow Hamilton, SS Jordan Richards, CB Eric Rowe, T LaAdrian Waddle, WR Griff Whalen

Ravens Inactives-  RB Javorius Allen, TE Crockett Gillmore, OG Ryan Jensen, CB Chris Lewis-Harris, OLB Za'Darius Smith, RB Lorenzo Tallaferro


15:00- Brady and the offense take the field to start the night.

14:00- Martellus Bennett couldn't shake free and the Patriots come up two yards short of the first down. It is not a good sign that the Patriots went three and out to start, but it's a long game and the Patriots need to get an idea of what the Ravens are doing in coverage.

12:13- Typical awful NFL refs; how is he in the dirt if the whistle isn't blown?? That being unchallengeable is just another stupid rule in this game, a game that has WAY to many obscure rules that "protect" players. That was a fumble, end of story. After a fair catch by Cyrus Jones, the Patriots offense takes over at their own 37.

11:04- Another three-and-out and the Patriots offense, like it usually does against Baltimore, is starting very slow. Edelman should have made the play, but he dropped the ball. Great punt by Ryan Allen, pinning the Ravens back at their own one. This is a good time to blitz and try to make a play.

10:47- Safety, Patriots!! Well now, I guess I had a good idea. The Patriots blitz Van Noy, which opened up the line for Malcom Brown, and they pick up the safety. Patriots 2, Ravens 0

8:00- Edelman stops his route at the goal line and Brady overthrows him. Ugly start on offense for the Patriots. 

6:00- Huge play by the Ravens and 15 is tacked on after a dumb penalty by Malcolm Butler. This game is going to be a dog fight.

5:30- Field goal BLOCKED!! Shea McClellin leapt the center and blocked the field goal, a legal play because he didn't make contact with the longsnapper. Huge play, and the Patriots keep the two-point lead. 

4:30- Edelman and the Patriots finally convert on 3rd down and the Patriots are at the Ravens 39. New England needs a touchdown badly.

1:04- Touchdown, Patriots!! LeGarrette Blount takes it in from one yard out, his 14th touchdown run of the year, tying Curtis Martin for the most in Patriots history. Blount also leads the NFL in touchdowns. Patriots 9, Ravens 0

:00- That's the end of one here from Foxboro; the Patriots defense looked dominant at times, at awful at other times, but they're making plays and that is why they're winning. The offense looks out of rhythm, but that put it all together for one drive, picking up big touchdown. On to the second quarter.


15:00- The Ravens are at their own 49 to start the quarter; Dennis Pitta jumped to open the series, so it's 1st and 15.

14:08- 1st down catch by Kamar Aiken, and now the Ravens are driving. 

13:06- Perfect throw by Flacco, but Perriman didn't see it. 3rd and 7...

13:02- Big stop by the Patriots defense; Edelman was back deep, but the Patriots plan on that play was to try and block the kick. Like I talked about on my podcast, "Locked On Patriots", it makes sense for New England to be ultra-conservative in the punt return game because Jones isn't dependable, and they need to keep Edelman healthy. I like the gameplan. Patriots 9, Ravens 0

10:30- Blount is running wild and the Patriots are at the Ravens six yard line. Impressive work by the offensive line.

9:31- Big 3rd & Goal for the Patriots....

9:28- Touchdown, Patriots!! Malcolm Mitchell with the six-yard touchdown catch on the slant and the Patriots are now up 16. That ball was fired in there, but Mitchell still caught it with those hamburger helper sized mitts of his. What a steal; he's a starting NFL wide receiver, and he may be a very good one too. The defense should be well-rested now too, so let's see if they get aggressive and try to blow this game wide open.

8:33- Interception, Patriots!! Devin McCourty makes the play on a pass intended for Mike Wallace, and the Patriots are back in business. After not forcing nearly any turnovers for weeks on end, this defense is starting to rack up the takeaways. They came into tonight ranked 8th overall. Patriots 16, Ravens 0

8:40- Can the NFL refs be any worse? Wow. McCourty tackled by the possible graze of a finger. OK Hochuli, ok.

7:46- Malcolm Mitchell makes another play, this time taking the ball down to the Ravens 16.

6:23- 1st down catch by Hogan, Pats at the two...

5:56- Lewis swallowed up; 2nd and goal from the four...

5:19- Two-yard catch by Hogan, Pats back at the two again...3rd and goal...

4:36- Interception, Ravens. Brady with a brain cramp throw and the Ravens make the play to stay in the game. Remember this drive; if the Ravens come back and win this, this will be the drive that haunts New England. You have to convert there, even just a field goal. Awful decision by Brady. Patriots 16, Ravens 0

2:20- The Ravens were going to go for it on 4th & 2 from their own 39, but they were called for a false start and punted. The Patriots were flagged for holding on 1st down. 1st and 18 from the nine.

1:45- Lewis gets eight back, 2nd and 10...

1:15- Incomplete pass makes it 3rd and 10, so this is a big play for New England....

1:11- Eric Weddle with the safety blitz and the Ravens get the stop they were looking for. Baltimore called a timeout, and with just over a minute to go, they'll take over at their own 49. Patriots 16, Ravens 0

:20- 3rd and 5 for the Ravens....

:03- Field goal, Ravens. After having his 1st attempt blocked, his 1st miss of the season, Justin Tucker drills a 50-yard field goal to finally put the Ravens on the board. Strong 1st half for the Patriots defense, and the offense had a good 2nd quarter, minus the brain cramp at the goal line when they should have extended the lead to 23. Patriots 16, Ravens 3


15:00- The Ravens offense gets the ball first in the second half. This is a huge series for Baltimore.

13:25- The Patriots defense steps up and forces the three and out to open the 2nd half. Patrick Chung was deep to return the punt, another guy that isn't Cyrus Jones. Last time Jones was out for a punt return, he almost ran into the ball, He's really struggling, and it's clearly a mental thing now. 

11:28- 3rd down conversion by Julian Edelman; the Patriots need a scoring drive, doesn't need to be a touchdown.

10:43- Flea-flicker, Brady throws a dart to Hogan and the Patriots are at the Ravens 23.

10:00- Seven yard run by Blount puts him over 1,000.

8:45- Touchdown, Patriots!! Martellus Bennett makes the touchdown catch from 19 yards out and the Patriots pick up the much needed score. The Ravens are now down three touchdowns, although there is a lot of time left in the game. Patriots 23, Ravens 3

8:09- I really don't need or want Ed Hochuli to explain to me how a false start works; we get it, just call the false start and shut your mouth. 

7:08- Mike Wallace with the drop on 3rd down, a play that would have been huge. 

7:00- Cyrus Jones strikes again. They might have to cut him for that play. He didn't try to recover the ball; that's unacceptable. 4 fumbles on punt return; I said it today- keep him out of there!!

6:50- Touchdown, Ravens. They should give that touchdown to Jones. Disgusting effort on his part; wait until Belichick sees that film. Patriots 23, Ravens 10

6:45- Slater's turn to cough up the game; another fumble, this time on kick return. What the hell is going on out there? Wow. 

5:24- Touchdown, Ravens. The Patriots return units are giving this game away. Brady needs to get the offense back on the field and lead a scoring drive to get some confidence back because this is bad. Turnovers will kill you every time. Patriots 23, Ravens 17

4:17- This game reminds me of the Broncos game last year; lets hope it doesn't end the same way.

3:47- 3rd and 16 and New England only picks up ten, being forced to punt to a suddenly confident Ravens offense. This game has gone crazy; Allen pins the Ravens back at the one again.

:32- 1st down, Ravens. They are at their own 30.

:00- Sack by rookie cornerback Jonathan Jones and that'll do it for the quarter. Disgusting display by Jones and Slater make this a game when it should be a three-touchdown lead for New England. Let's see if they can overcome their turnovers and hold the lead. Patriots 23, Ravens 17


14:56- 3rd and 14 for the Ravens...

14:45- Mike Wallace scares the hell out of the Patriots and their fans, but Jonathan Joseph catches up and makes the play. Chung and Edelman back for the punt, and they didn't go near the ball. Any type of scoring drive here would be huge. 

13:28- Three-and-out for the suddenly inept Patriots offense; the Ravens offense will take over. The Patriots defense has been good, but the offense not getting them a breather will not help. Patriots 23, Ravens 17

10:56- Big holding penalty on Baltimore; 1st and 20 at their own 24...

10:26- Perriman with a 47 yard catch over guess who? Cyrus Jones. Please, get him off the field.

6:53- Sack, Patriots!! The New England defense forces a field goal and the Ravens cut this once three touchdown lead down to just three points. Can Brady and the offense put together a touchdown drive and seal this thing? We're about to find out. Patriots 23, Ravens 20

6:28- Well, this game is on Tom Brady's shoulders now. Lead a drive, get the score and this game is over; give it back to the Ravens and we may have troubles ahead. 

6:28- Touchdown, Patriots!! Tom Brady hits Chris Hogan for a 79-yard touchdown pass right down the middle of the field. Huge play, exactly what the Patriots needed. The Patriots defense probably would have liked more of a breather, but they can't complain now that they've been given another 10-point lead. Patriots 30, Ravens 20

6:15- Good coverage on the kickoff and Hester is ran out of bounds at the 15. Flacco comes out to try and keep pace.

5:37- 3rd & 8 for the Ravens...

5:11- Big conversion by Mike Wallace, 1st down Ravens.

4:48- Six-yard run by Dixon; strong run.

4:30- 3rd & 5, Ravens...

4:04- Steve Smith with the back shoulder catch to give the Ravens 1st and 10 at the Patriots 30.

3:21- 3rd & 3 from the 23...

2:35- 4th and 1 and the Ravens will kick the field goal to make it a one touchdown game. Tucker barely hit it, but it made it through. Patriots 30, Ravens 23

1:55- 2nd & 2, Patriots, from the Ravens 36.

1:45- Blount slams his way up the middle for a 1st down run, and this game is one 1st down away from being over. 

1:44- 5-yard run by Blount. 2nd and 5...

1:36- 3-yard run makes it 3rd and 2. They'll be :59 seconds to go when the Patriots run this 3rd down play. 1st down wins it.

:59- The Ravens make the stop; the clock will run down to :12 seconds. Maybe it's time for the Patriots to do what the Ravens did. Hmmmm...

:00- LeGarrette Blount with a 4-yard run on 4th down seals the win as the clock winds out. Great win for New England, overcoming three huge turnovers that would have sunk most teams. The Patriots clinch the AFC East, and their record improves to 11-2. The Patriots are in the driver's seat for the #1 seed, but they have to win out to ensure it happens. Congrats, Patriots! Enjoy your hats and t-shirts. 


Thanks again for joining us, and be sure to join us again next week as the Patriots travel to Mile High to take on the Broncos. Have a great night, Patriots fans.

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