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Week 17 Live Blog: Patriots vs. Dolphins

Stay with us as we provide updates and opinions from the Patriots/Dolphins Week 17 matchup in Miami.

The Patriots try to lock up homefield in the AFC playoffs today as they take on the Miami Dolphins. We'll provide updates and live opinions during this huge AFC East showdown. 


13:40- The Patriots get the ball first and are already up against a 3rd and 6 from their own 29. Brady was forced to call a timeout.

13:30- 1st down run by Tom Brady. 

11:38- Great catch by Edelman for 20 yards, giving the Pats the 1st down at the Dolphins 38.

9:34- A strong run on 1st down by Blount sets the Patriots up for another 1st down, and then Bennett gets involved with a 9-yard catch. 1st and 10 from the Miami 14.

8:38- 8-yard run by Lewis on 1st down and the Patriots are threatening in the red zone.

7:57- Lewis with another 1st down run; 1st and goal from the three.

7:28- Touchdown, Patriots!! Martellus Bennett with the touchdown catch to give the Patriots the lead to open the game. New England took almost eight minutes off the clock, and to have an opening drive like that in a place they typically struggle is a good sign. Patriots 7, Dolphins 0

5:51- Trey Flowers with the interior pass rush forces the throw early; it appeared that a Miami receiver was going to be open, but Flowers forced the play to speed up and in turn the Patriots defense picks up the three-and-out. Stopping Jay Ayaji is the goal today; they did that on the first drive.

5:28- David Andrews with a great block and Blount takes it 19 yards for the 1st down. New England is at the Miami 26.

4:22- 3-yard gain by Blount; 1st down at the Miami 14.

3:41- Touchdown, Patriots!! Michael Floyd with a 14-yard touchdown catch; he finished off the run by ripping through three tackles, a sign of his strength. New England added a legitimate weapon with the former Cardinal. New England looks sharp, mainly due to the running game. Patriots 14, Dolphins 0

2:54- Interception, Patriots! Logan Ryan makes the interception on a horrible throw by Matt Moore. New England takes over at their own 44.

2:14- 1st down, Patriots. Chris Hogan with an 8-yard catch on 2nd and 6. New England is now at the Dolphins 46.

1:50- 8-yard run by Lewis on 1st down; the Patriots can run on these guys all day.

:51- Edelman picks up a stupid unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and cost the Patriots 15 yards. That is a moronic play.

:00- The dumb penalty by Edelman forces the Patriots into a 2nd and 25, but they were able to get 20 back and are in field goal territory. 


14:56- Field goal, Patriots! Stephen Gostkowski connects from 40-yards out to extend the Patriots lead to 17. The offense looks good, and they probably would have scored a touchdown if it weren't for Edelman's brain cramp. He just can't do that, it's inexcusable. Patriots 17, Dolphins 0

12:22- Great defense by Chung, Flowers, and Roberts on the end around. 3rd and 4 for the Fins.

11:48- Matt Moore, who was under pressure from Chris Long, made a nice throw to Stills, but Stills decided to put up just on hand and give no effort. The Patriots offense takes over at their own 10.

10:20- 1st down catch by Julian Edelman; Patriots are now at their own 23.

9:31- 12-yard run by Dion Lewis gives the Patriots the 1st down at their own 35. They should have tacked on 15 with the late hit on the sideline.

8:58- Play-action gets Bennett open and he picks up 15 yards. 1st down at the Dolphins 45

6:01- Toe-touching catch for a 1st down by Michael Floyd, a play probably no other Patriots could make. Great catch by the big receiver out of Notre Dame.

3:21- Field goal, Patriots!! Although they would rather have seven, they'll take three and extend the lead to three touchdowns. The Dolphins are going top try and throw because they need a score, so the defense has a chance to make a play here. Patriots 20, Dolphins 0

2:15- Two first downs for the Dolphins, one by Landry and a strong run by Ajayi sets the Dolphins up at the Patriots 48.

1:06- 1st down Dolphins at the Patriots 30.

:36- 2nd & 5 Dolphins at the Pats 13...

:28- Touchdown, Dolphins. Awful defense throughout the drive; bad tackling, poor coverage, and it results in a Dolphins touchdown. Landry picked up a foolish 15-yard penalty for taking off his helmet and spiking it. Dumb, just dumb. Patriots 20, Dolphins 7

:04- Gostkowski misses the 52-yard attempt in a rough spot on the field, and the Patriots can't extend their lead. I'll give Gostkowski a pass on that one; 52 yards is a long kick, especially in the spot of the field he was stuck on. Patriots 20, Dolphins 7



15:00- Miami gets the ball to start the half, and this series will tell us where this game will go in the next 30 minutes.

14:15- Crucial 1st down by the Dolphins; this game could potentially get very interesting.

13:00- 3rd & 4, Dolphins...

12:00- Awful coverage results in another Miami 1st down.

11:47- New England forced the fumble they wanted but couldn't recover; the play was negated for Miami, but the Patriots had that ball and somehow Jarvis Landry stole it. That can't happen.

10:33- Wow, this is bad 3rd down coverage! Miami is making this look easy. It doesn't make sense to play this far off. The Dolphins are moving the ball with ease.

8:39- Touchdown, Dolphins. Kenny Still was uncovered as the Patriots completely blew the coverage. This is the worst the Patriots defense has looked all season and they should be concerned. The last two drives have been very ugly. Patriots 20, Dolphins 14

7:47- Huge holding penalty by Shaq Mason costs New England a 1st down; 2nd and 14.

6:41- Touchdown, Patriots!! 77-yard touchdown on the catch, run, and devastating block. Julian Edelman was about to be tackled when Michael Floyd came up and crushed Tony Lippett, cousin of former Patriot Ronnie Lippett. Great play, big score and the Patriots offense answers big. Patriots 27, Dolphins 14

5:23- 3rd and 6, Dolphins...

5:02- Finally the Patriots come up and cover on the crossing route; Logan Ryan made the play and the Patriots offense will have the ball at their own 9. Patriots 27, Dolphins 14

3:39- The Patriots run a WR screen on 3rd down and Edelman limps off the field after the play. It's very simple- remove him from the game if he is hurt at all; worst case scenario is facing Matt McGloin in Oakland. The Patriots are forced to punt.

2:14- 3rd and 5 for the Dolphins from their own 45...

1:40- The Patriots got good pressure and Ninkovich hit the arm of Moore, forcing a bad throw and a three-and-out. The Patriots take over at their own 17. They need to establish LeGarrette Blount in this drive.

1:21- 13-yard catch by Michael Floyd gives the Patriots the 1st down at their own 30.

:30- On 1st and 15 New England runs a horrible dive play with Dion Lewis and they will start the 4th quarter facing a 2nd and 16 from their own 24. At the end of three quarters, the Patriots have a 13-point lead. Patriots 27, Dolphins 13


15:00- 2nd and 16 from the Patriots 24....

14:55- Another hold by the Patriots and this drive is officially dead. 2nd and 26.

14:25- 7-yard run by White to give them more room to punt. Landry is back to receive, but Allen put the ball out of bounds at the Miami 32. Considering how ugly that offensive series was, pinning them back to the 32 is a win.

13:09- 1st down Dolphins on a 13-yard catch by Jarvis Landry; Landry plays his best vs. New England.

12:28- Jay Ajayi with an 11-yard run; the Dolphins got away with a hold.

11:13- The Dolphins are moving again and are currently at the Patriots 25...

9:55- Another illegal shift on the Dolphins; 1st and Goal from the Patriots 11...

8:35- Damian Williams coughs it up and Shea McClellin takes it 73 yards to the Miami 18. 1st down for the Patriots offense.

7:28- 1st down run by James White sets the Patriots up at the Dolphins 7. 1st and Goal.

6:46- Blount takes it five yards and the Pats are at the two...

6:05- Suh makes the play and the Patriots are facing 3rd and Goal...

5:33- Touchdown, Patriots!! LeGarrette Blount takes it in for his 18th touchdown of the season, the most by a running back since Adrian Peterson in 2009. New England went for two and converted. Miami was called for a personal foul on the play; these teams hate each other and it's a beautiful thing to watch. Patriots 35, Dolphins 14

4:00- More strong pressure from Trey Flowers, forcing another errant throw that brings up 3rd and 8.

3:54- The Dolphins punt and pin the Patriots back at their own two. Garoppolo should come in for the final 3:54 of this game; no need to test fate. Patriots 35, Dolphins 14

1:00- 1st and 10, Dolphins, from the Patriots 33...

:00- And that will do it here from Miami as the Patriots wrap up the season with a 35-14 whooping of the Dolphins, and they finish the 2016 regular season with a 14-2 record and the #1 spot in the AFC. The Dolphins drop to 10-6 and will travel to Pittsburgh next week for the Wildcard Round.


Thank you all for joining us today for the season finale, and be sure to join us in two weeks when the Patriots take on either the Dolphins, Chiefs, Texans, or Raiders. Happy New Year!

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