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Buzz about players of interest to the Pats...

There is some real interesting stuff in the forums today....

One thread in particular, started by Teal Sox, has collected some intriguing rumors and tips from Patriots fans.

The first rumor related started via Pro Football Weekly, and involves outstanding linebacker Julian Peterson. According to the report, the Patriots might consider tossing two first round picks at the Niners in exchange for the emerging defensive star. As other Pats fans point out, this would be an incredibly high price to pay for any single player, and Patriots are not the Redskins when it comes to tossing away draft picks. Still, it's an intriguing rumor.

The second interesting note in the thread concerns the possible interest that the Pats might have in recently deactivated receiver Keyshawn Johnson of the Bucs. This speculation started up weeks ago, and continues today. TealSox mentions ESPN Magazine, but there have been other articles that have made the connection as well.

Finally, "loishs" tells us that his cousin, John Huntley, is trying out for the Patriots and that Huntley is the leading punter in the NAAFL, as well as appearing in their All-Star game.

Join us in the forums and let us in on what you've heard!

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