Patriots Boot Punter

In a move that could hardly be called surprising, the Patriots have released punter Ken Walter. The team has not announced who has been signed to replace him as of yet. Here are more details...

In a move which had been called for on the Patriots Insider forums for quite a while, the team has released punter Ken Walter. At present, no replacement of for the punter has been named. Players that the team has tried out include NAFL punter John Huntley and Brent Bartholomew.

Walter, 31, is a seven-year NFL vet, having played four years for the Carolina Panthers, and three for the Patriots. He was part of the 2001 Super Bowl team, and had appeared in three post-season games.

In 2003, Walter had punted 63 times and had an average of 37.9 yards (worst in the NFL), with a 33.9-yard net. Walter's problems had become acute over the last two weeks, as bad punts at key points in the game put both games at risk. Against the Texans, a weak punt put the Houston club in excellent field position during overtime, and a shanked kick late in last Sunday's game against the Colts gave Indianapolis an opportunity to win the game in the last seconds. - Patriots Insider Staff

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