Patriots release three

<p>Patriots Cut three including James &quot;Big Cat&quot; Williams.</p> <p>The New England Patriots announced the release of three players who were competing for roster spots. The most intriguing of the three candidates was James Williams known as &quot;Big Cat&quot;.</p> <p>Other players released according to official sources, were back-up QB Kurt Kittner, and DL DeVonte Peterson.</p> <p>Read on for the take on todays newswire as well as more details about Big Cat.</p>

Williams, a huge Offensive Tackle who had spent his entire career playing for the Chicago Bears. He is a mountain of a man, 6'7" 330lbs as listed in his player bio. Big Cat had been out of football in 2003 after being released in a cost cutting move by the Chicago Bears after the 2002 season.

The Patriots invited Big Cat for a visit during the 2003 season, but did not offer him a job out of concerns from his injury recovery. They decided to go with what they had at that time, and kept an eye on Big Cat's progress as he worked on getting back to football shape.

Chicago Bears History For more on James Williams (Big Cat), visit our friends over at Big Cat could have made a HUGE impact on the team had things worked out on the Patriots.

The rest of today's newswire is filled with articles on newly signed DT Dana Stubblefield. Stubblefield is described by some as worth the chance the Patriots are taking on him if he can overcome the injuries that sidelined him most of last season with the Oakand Raiders.

Stubblefield chose the Patriots over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Giants and the Jacksonville Jaguars. In yesterdays' Providence Journal Online, staff writer PAUL KENYON makes this point:

Stubblefield said one of the main reasons he signed with New England was that other players told him Belichick would treat him fairly.

"I'm a good friend of Anthony Pleasant, Chris Slade, [Willie] McGinest. I played with Don Davis. They know this guy, know him very well. I know these guys will tell me the truth," Stubblefield said. They told Stubblefield he would like playing for Belichick, one reason he chose the Pats over Tampa, the Giants and Jacksonville.

"[Belichick's] a man of his word," Stubblefield said. "I was hearing it from players who played under him in the past and some players who are playing for him now."

This take is in sharp contrast where Ty Law and Lawyer Milloy have said Belichick can't be trusted, or in Law's case, called him an outright liar.

Milloy's recent comments on the Kellen Winslow Jr negotiaions with the Cleveland Browns, indicate that the player still harbors animosity toward the organization he played for until last season. In today's Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mary Kay Cabot writes this on Milloy:

Buffalo Bills four-time Pro Bowl safety Lawyer Milloy, who is represented by Kevin and Carl Poston, said his advice to Winslow Jr. would be to trust his agents during these tough negotiations.

"You saw what happened to me last year when an organization [the New England Patriots] let me go after years of being loyal to them," he said. "As a player, you have only so many opportunities to have leverage and right after the draft is one of them. He needs to max out."

Additional takes on the newswire:

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