Roster Cuts Coming

<p>Coach Belichick and his staff are coming to the point where they have to decide who can help make the team better, and who cannot.</p> <p>News, notes and a few injuries to report on are the order of the day. Official roster must be submitted in by 4pm.</p> <p>Which rookies, free agents and veterans will make the team this year? Will the team keep an extra wide receiver? Will Klecko make the roster as a DL, LB or FB? Those are just a few of the questions of the day.</P>

In case you weren't already aware, this is one of the days many NFL prospects dread. Today is the first of two main roster reduction days. By 4:00pm each NFL football team must submit their roster to the NFL offices in New York with a maximum of 65 players. Add to that, roster exemptions for players who played in NFL Europe, for which the Patriots have 9, and the total allowable roster would be 74 players.

With the release of Cody Skates, Andy Mignery, J.J. Stokes and Brian Sawyer earlier this week, coupled with placing rookie draft pick Guss Scott on injured reserve, the roster currently stands at 77. So the team only has to make 3 more official moves to comply with the required cutdown.

Today will be tough for the few players who will be told "The coach wants to see you in his office, and bring your playbook." Those dreaded works are typically issued by a staff person labeled as "the Turk". No player wants to see the Turk, but its a reality in the NFL, and players on the bubble know its possible that the Turk is coming for them.

The Patriots NFL Europe players who are considered roster exemptions are: QB Rohan Davey, WRs Michael Jennings and Chas Gessner, DB Earthwind Moreland, LBs Grant Steen and Lawrence Flugence, DBScott Farley, DL Buck Rasmussen and OLs David Pruce and Jamil Soriano.

Dan Klecko continues to improve. Rodney Harrison on a recent radio interview talked about how Klecko needs to improve and work on some things on defense. Harrison got into a heated discussion with Klecko during the Panthers game. Harrsion went on to comment that he sees Klecko making strides, and continuing to improve every day.

Belichick made similar comments on Klecko earlier in the week. Klecko continues to get practice time at multiple positions, most notable of which are as a backup fullback. With the release of Fred McCrary, Klecko's work at the Fb position allows the team to build depth, and improve Klecko's chances of making the roster.

Injury Front:

No word on how serious Troy Brown's leg injury is. Brown injured his leg during the game against the Carolina Panthers on Saturday. With the injuries to the WR position, including the malady which has affected P.K. Sam, look for a player like Gessner to get a much improved chance to make the final cut.

The comment by head coach Bill Belichick on wide receiver David Givens, who did not play Saturday because of a leg injury he suffered during the preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals, was that "he's getting better day by day". Givens might have recovered enough to play against Jacksonville Jaguars in the final preseason game.

Belichick on LB Rosevelt Colvin's recovery "I think Rosie has made consistent progress not only in the games but in practices. He has been on a pace in training camp that has been elevated on a regular basis." Colvin has played in the game against Carolina, and continues to work on getting back into football shape.

Other injury concerns: Cedric Cobbs (leg), Jim Miller (shoulder), Ty Law (leg)

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