Patriots Resign Players to Practice Squad

<p>The Patriots announced their practice squad as of today. All of the players listed on the practice squad were part of the list of 12 that were cut yesterday in the final roster cut to the NFL mandated 53 player limit.</p>

Patriots 2004 practice squad:

Eric Alexander, LB
Kory Chapman, RB
Michael Jennings WR
Justin Kurpeikis, LB
Malaefou Mackenzie RB
Christian Morton, CB
David Pruce, OL
Buck Rasmussen, DL

Players who were cut yesterday who weren't resigned:

Ricky Bryant WR
Terrell Buckley DB**
Chas Gessner WR
JeRod Cherry DB**

** player not eligible for practice squad do to vested veteran status

The only real surprise here is that Gessner wasn't kept on the team and another reciever cut with the hope of making it to the practice squad. That player would be P.K. Sam, who's mysterious leg injury has kept him out of the last couple weeks of training camp practices and preseason games.

Kurpeikis had a good game against the Jaguars as the final preseason game leadins the team with 5 tackles and 6 assists. Alexander is a LB prospect the team didn't want to give up on.

Jennings has some speed that the team likes, while maybe not enough to knock someone off the active roster, you can bet he'll be called upon with confidence if there's an injury to the WR corp.

Morton was a 7th round out of illionois draft pick this year that the Patriots didn't want to waste, and with the release of Buckley and Cherry, Morton got the chance he deserves to try to play his way on to the roster through the PS.

Mackenzie, the former Jag appears to add some depth to the possible roster, considering that the team only has 3 RBs on the squad. One injury and either Mackenzie or fellow RB Kory Chapman, from the Ravens, will be given the shot.

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