Patriots Beat Colts, Again

<p>The Indianapolis Colts came to Foxboro to prove that last years loss was a fluke, and that if it weren't for the alleged mugging the Patriots DBs put on their receivers, then there would have been a different AFC Champion.</p> <p>Well it didn't quite turn out that way last night. Even with the referees on their side, the Colts were handed a 3 point loss the Patriots, again.</p>

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne (87) and offensive guard Rick DeMulling (64) take down New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi in the first quarter after he intercepted a pass by Colt quarterback Peyton Manning in Foxboro, Mass., Thursday, Sept. 9, 2004. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

It was billed as a rematch worthy of Prime Time lights and star studded singers. Sure the weather wasn't the greatest, courtesy of remnants of hurricane Frances, yet the game didn't disappoint.

Both teams managed to put on a tremendous display of offense. Both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning were able to hit their favorite targets time and again for big plays. When it came time to grind out the yardage, both Edgerrin James (30-142) and Corey Dillon (15-86) carried the load when called upon.

Brady and crew went with an empty backfield set most of the night. Brady was able to hit the mid range pass time and again, finding targets David Givens, David Patten and TE Daniel Graham with ease. Brady's orchestration of the offense left little doubt that the Patriots offense is clicking on all cylinders, even if they didn't have a 3rd RB (Kevin Faulk was absent for personal reasons,his mom passed away).

Peyton Manning was in typical Peyton form, audibling at the line of scrimmage, throwing quick outs to Marvin Harrison, and having a particularly good rapport with WR Brandon Stokley.

The game was a fairly even contest with both QBs driving their team down the field to score when needed.

Stay tuned for Key Play Summary, stats and more pictures from Last night's game.

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