Fan Commentary: Game One of the Newest Pats Season

<p>Leo Greene has been on the web for some time. He writes about things that spark his interest. A former New Englander, he never loses sight of Boston sports including the Red Sox endless quest. We found Leo's work on the web and enjoyed it so much, we asked him to join us.</p> <p>Fortunately he agreed. Here is his first contribution to the Patriots Insider site. A Fans perspective on the first game of the season... the New England Patriots vs the Indianapolis Colts.</p>

A short introduction is in order. So without further ado, here is Leo's Bio:

Leo Greene is a long time suffering, short time celebrating Patriots fan from North Sandwich NH. A 1995 graduate of Wheaton College with a BA in Creative Writing and Literature Leo has worked as a special Ed teacher, carpenter, dog track manager, customer service manager, coach, actor and of course as a writer. All the while keeping very close track of his New England teams and offering mostly useful tid bits of information. Claims to fame include, winning an Adam Sandler look/sound alike contest at the White Horse, noticing that Mark Blount is really very skinny in person, and being held hostage by his acting career during each Superbowl win. Leo currently lives in Palo Alto CA and enjoys taunting Raiders fans as a way to stay fit.


Game One of the Newest Pats Season.
How it all went down.

5:38 Pacific time
Pats XXXVI Championship T-shirt, purchased by my mother at a convenience store. Check
Switch over to BET to check out Throwback Thursday with my man Big Tig, who has the good sense to show MC Lyte "I Need a Roughneck", ONYX "Slam" and of course Cypress Hill "Insane in the Membrane".
Moultonborough paint T-shirt in view…check.
Edward Norton is beating himself up on FX right now.
All my Pats Friends have been called…check.
The opening view is a shot of Boston harbor about 60 yards from my old North End apartment. I miss that place, especially watching Pats games there in the Fall.

6:00 PM
By the way, it only took about 10 seconds for Al Michael to start with a dynasty jinx type comment; doesn't he understand how New Englanders feel about that? Our old fool Uncle John Madden decided to chime in with, "Team is the new template". Interesting. Maybe ol' John should take a knee and run out the clock himself.

The game is getting ready to start, it's raining, pat Patriot is running for his life in front of a charging team of players, and we have our first official football season visit by Drew Bledsoe's little brother…OK, it's Adam Bledsoe. If I'm going to treat him like a cult icon I guess I can use his real name.

Another "By the Way" I was at the 9/8 Red Sox vs. A's game and saw a guy in a Patriots #90 Dan Klecko jersey. Excellent thing to wear while your Boston Red Sox are delivering a Dolemite slap down.

Did you see where the Pats offensive players are all from? Southern Connecticut State was my favorite.

1st Quarter:

11:52 The Patriot tight ends are really what would have just been called a target receiver a year or two ago. This is also the point at which they first show Corey Dillon on the sideline. Oh, and apparently Ty Willingham is the Head Official? He really looks like him.

Full-out-pouring-rain and muggy with 8 straight passes.(Insert Homer Who-hoo here)

Vinateri's first field goal of the season. This actually made another thought pop into my head…why did San Francisco get rid of Jeff Garcia? That really makes no sense.

My fiancé comes home from Yoga and instantly beats me to the punch by saying, in a mocking voice of course, "Did you know that Adam Vinateri the only kicker in the NFL with a guaranteed contract." She may have heard me say this a few times, or perhaps every time they even show him on TV, kicking or not.

MY FIRST BRUSCHI OF THE NIGHT. I'd like to thank Jerry Glanville for that last comment. He does the Pats pre-season games and has often just said Bruschi's name over and over and exclaimed that he simply just loves saying it. So do I.

End of the 1st Quarter:

Was that a Coors Light advertisement free quarter? Or, am I so immune to that stupid "and Twins" song I didn't even hear it…a cosmic question.

2nd Quarter

8:02 Edge scores and I think, perhaps out loud, "the Colts are pretty good."

7:44 The first, "hat's why we got him" run by Dillon. Man is he explosive. I was always a fan but still wonder about that tremendous rap sheet. Bob Kraft must have him under house arrest the moment games and practices are over.

5:02 Huge sack by big Willie McGinest which gives me a real chance to pump my fist, and gives me an idea for a T-shirt design. McGinest's Miscreants across the front with a cool #55, and on one sleeve it has Silent, and on the other, but violent. I think that's going to be a big hit.

3:50 Brady throws a laser to Patton and I no longer wonder about his true ability to throw the ball.

3:04 TD Branch…more fist pumping.

3:01 I start to wonder why they never gave Bledsoe that type of pass protection, or was he really so predictable that the passing game faltered? His little brother says to shut up or he's not coming over anymore. I'll be quiet now.

:02 Vinateri, 44 yards, right hash mark, rain and wind stopped…..MONEY.

2ND Half

MGD Cracked
Law is a little gimpy, and I notice how technically sound Manning's foot work is.

14:42 Big Willie snuffs out a run and Al Michael says "beaten like a rented mule" and I think, "someone needs to say, on TV 'He was beaten like a rented mule being ridden by a red headed step child with freckles who's late for dinner on Prince spaghetti night and is a Jets fan.'"

I also just noticed that not much has changed since 1989. Colts Pats was a big game then too, only the score would be 9-6 and they both only have two wins all season. By the way, what ever happened after the Jim Harbaugh Captain Comeback year? A total melt down I guess. Or did Jim Kelly knock him out, again?

13:13 First official Montana/Brady comparison comment in a long jumble of words spewed out by Madden. "Curse you Justin Merriman!"

11:41 Another Corey "that's why we got him" Dillon run.

10:48 TD pass from Brady to Patten.
Here's where they show the emperor, Bob Kraft, in the owners box pumping his fist and wearing the blue dress shirt with the white collar. So classy. Adam Bledsoe doesn't really think so though.

7:33 the first run of the season by an opponent where I think, man I miss Ted Washington.

5:39 A Manning naked bootleg? His lead blocker was a Leprechaun riding on a Unicorn.

5:14 tic…tic…tic…don't the Colts see what's happening. The Pats D is intentionally keeping the offense on the field and just, well, tic…tic…tic.
This is also where I realize that Edgerrin James' hair is sponsored by Aaron McGruder and his Boondocks cartoon. No really, check it out.
Oh, and is that Steve Young driving a Toyota truck in that "where's Joe" at the Home depot/Lumber yard ad? I think so. Or is it another one of those Zeta Jones look alike deals that companies like T-Mobile does?

13:46 Wow, Jarvis Green looks really hungry.

4th Quarter

10:30 My fiancé has decided that Bill Belichick is wearing a hospital gown on the sidelines. I miss the huge grey sweatshirt.

10:50 Where in the world is Hart Lee Dykes?

10:15 Dillon does it again, did I mention that's why we got him? We, it is.

7:35 Brady INT. Either Daniel graham ran his route too short, or Brady never adjusted to Graham's run and just chucked it. Either way…tic…tic…tic.

6:35 First John Madden, "…you know it's football…."

5:30 Manning leaves the field with a Drew Bledsoe head shake and chin strap unfastening gesture. That says it all really.

5:20 A fumble

4:39 A big Bruschi, or Brewski if you choose.

3:51 I know that Pats have been a bit physical on receivers, but not on that particular play.

3:43 It's OK, because it's a fumble on the 1st yard line.

3:20 Pats need a 1st down….MONEY.

2:00 so, so tough….tic..tic.

:45 McGinest gets silent and violent with a huge sack, and the Villagers rejoice.

:19 missed field goal, and Coach Belichick and Big Willie fall in love all over again.

0:00 Patriots 27 - Colts 24

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