From the Filly Files: A Win is A Win

<p>After watching a close, yet not unexpected victory against the Arizona Cardinals there is no short supply of perspectives on the game. We're proud to bring you another installment from one of our inside fanatics, Michelle Vitagliano. Michelle is pleased to share her perspective on the game.</p>

A Win Is a Win
Michelle Vitagliano

It wasn't the most exciting football game I've ever watched but it was a win nonetheless and in a sport where there's no column to rank excitement, I'm happy with a "W". The Patriot's
23-12 victory over the Arizona Cardinals brought their record to 2-0 and one game away from tying the league's record of 18 straight victories. But if you listened to the post-game press conferences and read the papers, it seems like the fans (myself included), are more focused on tying and hopefully beating that record than the players themselves.

The Pats remained humble about their win and recognized the need for overall improvement if they want to make their way to another Super Bowl this year. So allow me to boast about the key players:

Corey Dillon: 32 carries and 158 yards in his second regular season game with the Pats. This guy knows how to run with the ball. Go ahead Corey, throw your equipment in the stands when you get back to New England but do us a favor and sign it first! I'd be happy to hang your sweaty shoulder pads on my walls!

Daniel Graham: Two touchdowns in the first half. Some guys haven't scored that many touchdowns in one season and I like going into the half with at least two touchdowns under our belt!

Eugene Wilson: Two, almost three interceptions - a play that always gets me out of my seat!

David Givens: Injured in preseason, he proved himself in this game with six catches for 118 yards surpassing his career high set last year. Stay off the injured list Givens. We need you on the field.

Adam Vinatieri: With a face like his, this guy doesn't have to do anything and I would still like him. But he put 9 points on the board for the Pats. Is anyone else at the point now where you feel like you don't even have to look because you just expect him to make it?

The Defense: Congratulations on holding the NFL's all-time rushing leader, Emmitt Smith, to just 31 yards and 13 carries and sacking QB Josh McCown five times. Good to see a little desert heat doesn't slow you guys down!

Pats Fans: For a second after the Patriot's first touchdown, I thought, "Is this a home game?" Even the announcers made a comment about it. Thanks for representing us on the road!

There was also a significant player who wasn't at the game but had an incredibly strong presence. Former Cardinals player Pat Tillman was honored across the NFL as players wore his number, 40, on their helmets. Tillman was killed in Afghanistan earlier this year and was remembered during the halftime ceremonies as a banner displaying his jersey was unveiled.
The remembrance probably put a lot in perspective for both players in fans alike and the Cardinals will continue to remember Tillman all season long as they wear his number for the remainder of the season.

And speaking of putting things in perspective, the Pats have this coming weekend off to prepare for their game against the Bills on October 3rd, at Buffalo. It's a match-up I look forward to every season ever since Bledsoe left to become the Bill's QB. I like Bledsoe and always have. But liking him and wanting him as your QB are two different things. Plus, I still have his Pats jersey, which I can't seem to part with. Actually, that brings up a question I have. Is there any sort of jersey etiquette I should know about or could I wear #11 during that game and still be seen as a 100% Pats fan? Either way, hopefully he'll give us more of a run for our money than the Cardinals did! Like I said, our victory Sunday wasn't the most exciting one I've ever watched, but a win is a win and I'll take it!

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