Bills - Patriots, What The Numbers Tell Us

<p>Ken Castro has been working on bringing us additional insights into this weekend's matchup with the Bills. We've been looking for ways to justify the possibility of an upset but just don't seem to find any. Ken has done some digging and uncovered a few nuggets you will find interesting.</p>

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The world of football is fraught with statistics lovers. Numbers. From Vegas, to the keeper fantasy league at the office, it’s always about the numbers. Numbers here, numbers there. You guessed it; numbers everywhere.

With an off week about to come to a close, numbers crunchers throughout the New England region are looking for an insight on the New England Patriots - Buffalo Bills matchup, on Sunday.

Well in that light, how’s this for an idea? Lets look at the numbers.

Since the NFL instituted the 17-week schedule during the 1990 campaign, constituting a necessary off week for every club, the Patriots haven’t fared particularly well.

Overall they are 6-8 over that stretch. But scratch below the surface a bit and once again you may find that statistics are often the harbingers of deception.

In winning seasons (.500 or better), the Patriots have fashioned a 4-4 record after the rest week.

In their Super Bowl runs, the Pats garnered wins in all three of their scheduled games after a free Sunday. (46-38 over Baltimore,1996; 38-6 over Carolina, 2001; 12-0 over Dallas, 2003).

Against this week’s opponent- New England was on the short side of a 16-13 home loss, back in 2000.

How does all of this number manipulation translate for Sunday’s matchup? We’re not really certain, but one thing is a lock, numbers, and those who adhere to their validity or lack thereof, will always have a place in the unpredictable world of the National Football League.

Patriots after week off:

1990 (1-15) 10-17 loss at Miami, 1991 (6-10)26-23 win over MINNESOTA, 1992 (2-14) 0-14 loss at LA Rams, 1993 (5-11)23-21 win at Phoenix Cardinals, 1994 (10-6)3-23 loss to MIAMI, 1995 (6-10) 17-30 loss at Atlanta, 1996 (11-5)46-38 win at Baltimore, 1997 (10-6) 13-34 loss at Denver, 1998 (9-7) 30-27 win at New Orleans, 1999 (8-8) 17-24 loss NEW YORK JETS, 2000 (5-11) 13-16 loss BUFFALO, 2001 (11-5) 38-6 win at Carolina Panthers, 2002 (9-7) 16-24 loss to DENVER, 2003 (14-2) 12-0 win over DALLAS

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