Filly Files: Patriots not alone setting records

<p>Our female fan commentator has returned with a piece on the Boston sports fans psyche. Knowing how important it is that the Red Sox Nation fights off the evil empire (New York Yankees) to force a game 7, Michelle Vitagliano, gives us a unique look at one curiosity known as a Yankee fan in Red Sox land.</p> <p>What does this have to do with the Patriots? Well the Sox continue an improbable consecutive game winning streak that no other team in history has done. Sound Familiar?</P>

Patriots not alone setting records
By Michelle Vitagliano, Fan Comentator

These are the days… for Boston sports fans of course. There's no other city in this world I would rather live in right now! With the New England Patriots' 30-20 win over the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday and the Red Sox winning two nights in a row to come back from a 3-0 deficit to the New York Yankees in the ALC playoffs, who needs the NHL! And who needs sleep?

I'm not sure if I should say this or not but when it comes to the Pats, I'm starting to think I know what it feels like to be a Yankee's fan (although I can assure you, that is one team I will never support). I'm starting to get the feeling that the Pats are supposed to win. How could they not? I'm looking at the schedule for the rest of the season and thinking there aren't any teams we can't beat. I'm actually starting to think about ways to make the games more exciting for me to watch because they're certainly not nail biters that come down to the wire. Could this really be happening? As exciting as it is to see the Pats go undefeated for so long, could I really be getting to the point where I'm finding myself somewhat bored with the games because we're that good and I never question our ability to win? Is it too early for me to book a ticket to Jacksonville for February 6th? Is this what it feels like to be a Yankee's fan?

And speaking of Yankee's fans, I think this is something worth noting. I saw one at a bar during game 5 on Monday night. Picture this- I'm at a bar with some friends watching the game. I see this guy in a Yankees hat pass by a few times and my blood starts to rush. What should I say to him? Should I yell "Yankee's suck? Should I ask HIM who HIS daddy is? It is my duty and obligation as a Sox fan to boo him as he passes me by. As the game gets closer and closer to the 9th inning, I look around at the bar full of Sox fans who look like they've just been diagnosed with cancer as this Yankee's guy calmly struts around the bar without a care in the world.

Here's where the strange twist comes in and you're probably going to find it hard to believe. As I was walking back from the bathroom, I saw the "Yankee's fan" sitting at a table knitting while watching the game. Yes, I said knitting - a hobby that is normally taken up by geriatrics. Picture it - a guy with a Yankee's hat, in a bar, KNITTING during game 5 of the ALC playoffs. Was I on MARS? I was speechless as my quick thinking friend went right up to him and asked if he was knitting Red Sox. Rest assured Pats, as good as you are and as confident as I am that you will win every game this season, I vow to never, ever knit while watching you play!

The Pats are 5-0. Corey Dillon found his place with this team and Tom Brady has yet another receiver he can confidently pass to. Bethel Johnson came back from having some time off for a reason Bill Belichick is still unwilling to give. If Johnson can be out that long and then come back to make an incredible catch like he did on Sunday, who cares what he was out for. Let this guy play! Richard Seymour has been a key player for turnarounds and Willie McGinnist always seems to be in the right place at the right time. I like Asante Samuels not only because he wears my lucky number but because he's gets better each game. I actually don't think there's a guy on this team that I don't like.

So what happens if the rest of the season goes as well as it has so far? If Brady keeps finding receivers, if the offense keeps running the ball, if the defense keeps stopping their opponents from scoring, if Adam Vinatieri keeps putting points up for us and Rodney Harrison keeps making great tackles? The obvious answer is we'll be Super Bowl bound come February. But what happens between now and then? How do we keep Pats fans from knitting during the games? Here are some ideas:

1. Hook the players up with microphones. I want to know what they're saying in the locker room, in the huddle, to each other, to their opponents and to the fans. Do they whisper sarcastic sweet nothings to guys they mercilessly tackle to the ground or do they take the "your momma's so fat…" route. I want to hear the trash talking! Imagine listening to a halftime locker room Belichick pep-talk? I want to hear what happens on the field and if we can't mike them up because of foul language, put the non-censored games on pay-per-view. I'll pay! What was Seattle's QB Matt Hasselbeck whining about all day on Sunday every time they showed him? I don't know because I couldn't hear him! The only reason I liked the XFL is because you could actually hear the players. Why not have this option in the NFL?

2. Make it a rule that players MUST take their helmets off when they're not in the game. C'mon guys, if the cheerleaders wore masks on their faces the whole game, you wouldn't be too happy would you! One of the highlights of Sunday's game was when Brady's helmet came off and the camera crew got a nice long close-up of him. Is this guy a model who happens to be really good at football or a really good football player who could one day walk down the runway in Armani clothes? And he's not the only one who makes my head turn!

3. Baseball has Scooter, the cartoon baseball that gives the TV audience information about the different types of pitches. Why can we have Freddy the football who explains some of the plays or calls? I'm no expert and I could use some explanations.

4. How about occasional fan interviews? There's nothing I like more than hearing passionate New England fans talking about how "this is ahh yeea, I've been a fan foh almost fohty foh yeez and I'll nevah stop watchin. Drew Bledsoe, lohng gohn but we love Tom!"

5. Can we, as Pats fans, make a collective effort to find a team in our league that we can hate just as much as the Yankees? It may take a few years in the making but let's work on it. I think it makes the game so much more exciting!!!

And can we ALL take a vow that no matter how good or how bad we are, we will nevah, EVAH be caught dead knitting in a bah while the Patriots are on? Go Pats!

Michelle Vitagliano, passionate Boston sports fan that she is, can be found in the insiders forums. Her weekly fan commentary can be found here on the Patriots Insider site, or you can search for her articles on the Insiders by searching for "Michelle Vitagliano". If you're a local you can find her mostly around the Boston bar scene on game night, hanging with her friends. You can reach Michelle directly on the forums.

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