Filly Files: Boston and New York

<p>Another look at the Boston vs New York competition. Michelle V takes a look back at the Patriots vs Jets game along with a little perspective at the upcoming game against the Steelers.</p>

Filly Files: Boston and New York
by Michelle Vitagliano,
Fan Commentator

Somebody pinch me! No, I don't think I'm dreaming - I just can't keep my eyes open! Between the Boston Red Sox being 2-0 in the World Series and the New England Patriots at 6-0, sleep has been put on the back burner! But I'm willing to lose sleep for the cause!

Once again, Boston showed another New York team who's boss! The Jets marched into Gillette Stadium on Sunday with a 5-0 record under their belt and walked out with their first loss of the season. It was the first game since last year's Super Bowl that I could feel my heart beating a little bit faster than normal, especially when the Jets were driving up the field in the last two minutes of the game. After all, both teams were 5-0 prior to Sunday's match-up and both were ready to defend their title of "undefeated". But it was once again Brady's bunch that pulled through to bring the Pats winning streak to 21 straight victories, and 18 straight regular season victories, a new NFL record. The best part is the Pats again got the job done without the help of some of their top players. Troy Brown was out with a shoulder injury, Deion Branch was out with a knee injury and Patrick Pass had a thigh injury.

Tom Brady who was sacked three times, completed 20 out of 29 passes for 230 yards. Even more impressive is that he got up after two hard hits, one by Dewayne Robertson and the other by Jonathan Abraham. If it weren't so risky, I would love to see how Brady would perform on defense! He can certainly take a hit but I'd like to see the damage he could do in a tackle!

Rookie Randall Gay stepped up to the plate and took Eugene Wilson's spot to start the game and in the first quarter. He broke up a pass that could have resulted a Jet's touchdown, had three tackles and recovered a first quarter fumble. Even though you don't hear his name as much as Teddy Bruschi or Ted Johnson who both had ten tackles against the Jets, I have a feeling that Gay is one to keep an eye on. And when you're ready to cheer for him when his name gets announced before the start of the game and you're not crazy about the idea of shouting "Gay", feel free to use "Blue" instead. Apparently it's his childhood nickname and it's stuck with him through the years.

Belichick wouldn't reveal why Eugene Wilson didn't start the game but when he did play, he had six tackles. Adam Vinatieri was the first one to put points on the board with two field goals and David Givens caught five passes for 107 yards.

What I didn't like about this game was the taunting call against David Patten that cost the Pats a penalty. How can it be that in a game where guys are knocked unconscious, "taunting" is actually a penalty? Worse things have happened on an elementary school playground than what Patten got called for on Sunday. And he didn't even touch the player. Who was it that made this rule up? My guess is it was someone who was bullied as a child! I get as annoyed with this rule as I do with the fact that players can't really celebrate their successes on the field, especially after a touchdown. It's something my uncle and I used to argue about all the time last season. He says, play the game and forget the funny business. I say, play the game and if you do score, chicken-dance it up in the end zone. Do the Salsa. Square dance if you want. Who the hell cares! You just scored a touchdown, you didn't murder anyone! What's wrong with a victory dance? Is it that you might hurt the opposing team's feelings? If you play ANY sport and you're feelings are hurt by a player celebrating a touchdown, you should find another hobby. Maybe knitting is a good option. Either way, I will be dancing in my seats after every Pats touchdown!

On Sunday, The Pats face the 5-1 Pittsburgh Steelers who currently hold first place in the AFC North. This is a team that didn't want us to lose against the Jets because they want to be the first ones to beat us this year! Well we're up for the challenge and for those of you who are lucky enough to be going to the game, bring your dancing shoes! Go Pats!!!

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