Filly Files: Patriots Show Some Heart

<p>The Patriots victory over the St Louis Rams has a lot of fans feeling pretty good after that loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even with Ty Law and Tyrone Poole out, the Patriots managed to find a way to beat a very good St Louis Team.</p> <p>This week's fan commentary is a reflection of the heart this team shows. Read on for Michelle Vitagliano's take on the game.</p>

PHOTO: New England Patriots placekicker Adam Vinatieri approaches the hold of Josh Miller during one of four fieldgoals he kicked against the St. Louis Rams in St. Louis, Sunday, Nov. 7, 2004. Vinatieri hit a season-best four field goals, then threw his first career touchdown pass on a fake to Troy Brown to help the Patriots bounce back from their only loss with a 40-22 victory Sunday. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Filly Files: Patriots Winning again
by Michelle Vitagliano,
Fan Commentator

The New England Patriot's 40-22 win over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday was the type of game I could watch over and over again like a good movie. Why? Because it wasn't just a game, it was an entertaining performance and one I think Siskel and Roper would give two thumbs up, way up!

As has been the story of this season and last, the Pats once again played without the help of some key players like Ty Law and Tyrone Poole sitting out due to injury. And the cast got cut even further when, in the second play of the game, 185 pound Asante Samuel left with a shoulder injury while knocking the Ram's 288 pound tight end Brandon Manumaleuna out of bounds. Fortunately, he returned in the fourth quarter.

Before I knew what type of player he was, I wanted Samuel's jersey because he wore my lucky number. Now I want it because he's a strong player who plays with a lot of heart and is only getting better. Plus I like his dreads and I need to get rid of my Dave Megget jersey… it has been a while since he played for the Pats and it's time for an upgrade (are you getting all this Dad? I'm trying to make Christmas gift buying a little easier for you this year)!

I was happy to see Corey Dillon back in action with 112 yards rushing and a touchdown in the third quarter and hats off to both Bethel Johnson and Mike Vrabel for their 4 and 2 yard touchdowns. Willie McGinest had a key play when he deflected a pass that lead to a Torry Holt interception and Randall Gay had a nice tackle. The Pat's defense left Ram's quarter back Marc Bulger seeing stars after sacking him five times.

But if I had to vote for an MVP for this game, my vote goes to Adam Vinatieri for throwing his first, and probably not last, touchdown pass of his career in a play that fooled just about everyone except for the Patriots. I love plays like this when we catch the other team off guard and make scoring look easy. What's better than a little trickery in football! Not to mention it was a nice looking pass - spiral and all! And like icing on the cake, Vinatieri followed up with the extra point.

It was a move the Pats had been practicing all last week and hoped to deliver if the time was right. It required more than just playing football. It involved acting and a little sneakiness on the part of Troy Brown who took advantage of the Rams not paying attention and snuck off to the side to catch the perfect pass. I wish we could run this play again but I'm sure our opponents will be keeping an eye out for it for the rest of the season. In total, Adam had four field goals and is now 18 of 19 this year. I like to refer to him by his first name. It makes me feel like I know him and hats off to the camera crew who got some nice face shots of him with his helmet off! Thanks guys!

So here we are, a little over a week after that dreadful loss to Pittsburgh and no one is even thinking about the winning streak being broken. The Pats have once again proven that even with a few of their best players out, they have what it takes to win games.

Speaking of players being out, I wonder if these guys are getting flu shots? I think it should be mandatory… the elderly, the sick and the New England Patriots take priority over everyone else for the shot. In the meantime, I would like to make an anal retentive observation. I wish Tom Brady would stop licking his hands before each play which he does to get a better grip of the ball because he might come down with something and we can't afford another man out. Isn't there a company that can put together some type of sanitizing kit for him to keep in his pockets so that he's not licking the same hand that touched the ball that has fallen all over the field without cleaning it first? Or how about a product that has the same effect as saliva that he can squeeze on before every play? I'm not as disgusted by the hand licking as I am by baseball players spitting, scratching or blowing snots into mid air, but I do worry that germs spread like wildfire especially this time of year and, well, I just think there's got to be a better way to get a grip on the ball then licking hands!

This aside, I'm looking forward to another great Patriot's performance on Sunday night against the Buffalo Bills and this time, they'll have the home crowd there to give them a standing ovation when the fat lady sings. Go Pats!

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