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If you do NOT have your e-mail associated with your insider profile on the EZ Boards, take a moment and make that correction. We cannot contact you unless you have your profile set to accept emails or if you check your Personal Messages (PM's) regularly. We're only going to be contacting you if you have your e-mail turned on in the profile section.


Congrats to Chris The Impaler for getting the highest score last week in the weekly picks contest. The Impaler cruised to his first win of the season without much help from the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night. Tealsox , Morpheus and deftoner made it a close race for second.

Weekly Prize goes to Tealsox! CONGRATS!

Sorry Impaler, you already have access.

If you do NOT know about the Weekly Contest... Ask Morpheus, or read this thread. While you may be trailing a bit for the annual prize, you can still win the weekly. Teal wins the weekly prize of an Insider Access Pass and will hold it until next weeks winner gets to take it from him.

Its fun, it's cool, and it really humbles those of you who might consider yourselves experts. We run the contest through and you need to sign up through Yahoo before you can submit picks. So don't wait till last minute. Deadline to submit picks is FRIDAY at 3pm.

Other items of note:


We are auditioning football writers who are supposedly knowledgeable about the NFL, the players and the teams. If you read a column and LOVE IT... Let us know. If you HATE IT.... also let us know. These columns are for your viewing pleasure and we need your feedback to build a better site.

Most of the writers are experienced and educated in the art of journalism, although some are pure football fans who know how to write. If there is a subject you would like us to cover more in depth, all you have to do is send us feedback on what you'd like to see. We'll do our best to get it to you ASAP.


We've added a section on the site to obtain Patriots gear for the one you love, be that yourself or another. While there has always been links to team shop gear on the Insiders, anything you buy through the PATRIOTS Store gets a portion of the sale rebated to a fund which we will use to compensate our staff.

Not to mention there's some pretty neat stuff there.

SuperBowl DVD

This site is run by mostly volunteers, fanatical writers and a few beer deprived sports wonks who work diligently to bring you the news every day. While we all have day jobs, it's nice if our efforts could net us a drink, or two, on the weekends for all the time we put in bringing you the news. So before you head off to the game, or swing by the mall to pick up that little patriots something, check out the Patriots Store links to see if you can find what you're looking for online for less. And rest assured, your support of the site goes appreciated by fellow Patriots fans and site contributors alike.

FREE STUFF, with Subscription:

Under the Free Stuff category, the offer for a free ANNUAL FHM magazine subscription with a one month Insider pass, ends pretty soon. Consider this a little more site pimpage shameless promotion of the value of an Insider Total Access Pass.

For more details on the rest of what you get, check out the Limited Time Offer here

From a recent Spread in FHM the magazine: Alyssa Milano shares some thoughts on being cast as a Witch on CHARMED
Charmed’s sweetest witch still has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Alyssa Milano wants to get something off her chest. It seems that the last two times the Brooklyn-born bombshell has appeared in FHM, she’s claimed that while tending her garden, she routinely doffs her top. Well, today, curled up on a sofa in her San Fernando Valley, CA, home, the 31-year-old blue-jeaned babe is coming clean. “I’ve never gardened topless in my life,” she confesses while ...

Other FHM sections: Film Reviews :: Video Game Reviews :: Musician Interviews . . . and more


We will be building photo galleries of each game as the season progresses. Look for more announcements on where to find the galleries in the forums. We do this because the images are typically larger and clearer than what you get on other sites, and we all know how cool it is to have our own photo gallery of Patriots pictures.

Most of the time the premium galleries have images you won't find in the mainstream media sites, so be sure to check them out as well. All galleries can be found on the front page during game week, and later on, in the archives from where you'll have to do a search or click on the links at that point.


Site Contributors wanted. This is our help wanted sign. If you love this site and feel like you want to contribute to it's success, be sure to drop a note to the site admin. through the contact links posted above.

Contributors needed for:

Many people have expressed an interest in writing, and we thank you for that interest. What we really need are some bodies who feel like helping update other parts of the site while we work on building more in-depth coverage on the team. Site contributors who are regulars, get a FREE ACCESS pass for their troubles.

Thanks for keeping the Patriots Insider one of the best independent media outlets on the web.

Jon Scott
Webmaster / Site Administrator

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