Thanksgiving Observations: Top 20 list

<p>This week the Patriots have downed another potential preseason favorite for the playoffs. While New England staved off a late 4th quarter comeback by the Kansas City Chiefs, our fan commentator has been busy with life experiences... called moving.</p> <p>Michelle Vitagliano gives us this week's Thanksgiving version of the Fan Commentary. We wish you and your a happy, healthy and safe holiday.</p>

20 Things I'm Thankful For
by Michelle Vitagliano,
Fan Commentator

I have a confession to make. I didn't really watch the game on Monday night and I'm feeling guilty about it. But I do think I have a good reason. I'm in the process of moving in to a new place and because I have too much stuff to move, it has taken me a few more trips than expected.

So, Monday night, after a long day of work, packing up boxes, driving a half hour from my old place to my new one, lugging boxes up two flights of stairs to my new place and then having to find a parking spot in an area that is 99% resident parking (I don't have my sticker yet), I walked into my place, ready to kick back, crack a beer and watch some football. You can imagine how miserable I was when I turned the TV to find that the reception on ABC was worse than cell phones in the tunnel and I could barely see the players. I kept it on but really couldn't see what was happening.

I do know that they won again in a 27-19 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs and are now 9-1 this season. And I do know that this was the first time that the Pats won in Arrowhead. So I could sit here and try to recap a game that I didn't really see, or, seeing as it's Thanksgiving, maybe I could share with you a few things that I am thankful for:

1. Having a father who took baby pictures of me inside a set of football shoulder pads.
2. Having a father who starting teaching me how to catch a football at an age where I thought "keep your eye on the ball" actually meant holding the ball to my eye.
3. Having a father who, when no one else had any confidence in them, was always a faithful New England Patriots fan.
4. Having a father who had the sense to buy two additional season tickets with one of his friends.
5. Having a father who started bringing me to Patriots games when I was young and still brings me today.
6. Having a father who called me when I had just moved to England to tell me that he had an extra SuperBowl ticket and had I been home, he would have taken me to New Orleans.
7. NOT having a nervous breakdown after I had realized that I was just a country away from going to the SuperBowl.
8. Not getting fired when I went to work the day after that SuperBowl with one of the worst hangovers I've ever experienced (the game started around midnight because of the time difference).
9. Believing and knowing that my dad really would have taken me if I were home.
10. Having a father who, as much as he loves those Pats, would miss games so that he could come watch my soccer tournaments in high school or visit me in College.
11. Having a mother who never gives my father a hard time about going to the games and hearing wish him good luck before he heads for Foxboro.
12. Having a mother who, as much as she too loves the Pats, is just as happy watching them on TV which betters my chances of going to games.
13. Having a father who never lets a loss, no matter how bad it is, get the best of him and in the end, always knows that it's "just a game".
14. My friend Suzanne who, even though I think she's more of a Sox than Pats fan, is still a diehard and isn't afraid to go to games with me even in cold, rainy and freezing weather.
15. My friend Emi who told me that if I ever married a guy who wasn't into football, we could swap husbands and hers would watch the game while she and mine shopped.
16. Having the sense to realize now that the guy I marry really needs to be a football fan.
17. Finally having a place of my own to watch the games at.
18. Having the opportunity to write for a website about one of my favorite things in life.
19. Robert Kraft, who I think did more for this organization than any other owner has done for any other sports team in the country.
20. The New England Patriots for all the good memories so far and for making Sundays from August through January some of the best days of my life.

Happy Thanksgiving. Go Pats!

Michelle Vitagliano, passionate Boston sports fan that she is, can be found in the insiders forums. Her weekly fan commentary can be found here on the Patriots Insider site, or you can search for her articles on the Insiders by searching for "Michelle Vitagliano". If you're a local, you can find her mostly around the Boston scene on game night, hanging out with her friends.

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