<p>Wondering what to do with your fantasy football team this week? Chris Timoney gives you some ideas on whether you should start 'em or sit 'em in week 13 around the NFL.</p>

By Chris Timoney

Here’s a few Do’s and Don’ts of week 13 in the NFL for all you fantasy football players…

I am stuffed from all the Turkey Day leftovers and from all the good advice I gave you folks. Amidst tough weather in Denver on Monday night Plummer proved serviceable with 245 yards and a TD while Todd Pinkston did the same in better conditions against the Giants with 3 catches for 75 yards, even more yards than T.O. Not too shabby I must say. Most importantly, I hope ALL of you stayed clear away from the QB situation of Dallas. In fact I hope very few of you even watched that game. 4 QB’s on Dallas last Thursday combined for a whopping total of 255 yards, 1 TD and 4 INT’ that’s a turkey.

One major holiday down, 2 more to go. Before Christmas and New Year’s roll around there’s plenty of scorching hot fantasy football action. So here’s this week’s scoop.

Under The Radar…
QB ­ Far removed from the glory of his days with the Panthers and Giants, both literally and geographically, Kerry Collins began the season as a backup to the aging Rich Gannon while battling some injuries of his own.

Collins has been taking the snaps regularly since week 3. Although not always great Collins has made for a decent fantasy QB. In harsh, wintry weather in Denver on Monday night Collins proved his fantasy worth by throwing for 339 yards and 4TD’s while finishing with his 2nd best passer rating of the year. This weekend the beat should go on for Kerry as the Raiders host the Chiefs in Oak-Town. KC’s borderline nonexistent defense gave up 378 yards passing last weekend at home. Just imagine how much they’ll give up with all those scary looking people in the stands. Play Kerry and relax with a Tom Collins.

RB - The Eagles host Green Bay this weekend and Brian Westbrook has proved that he’s over his injuries and back to his well rounded game. The Packers don’t really possess a good pass defense and can give up a lot of yards.

This won’t bold well against the multi-headed monster that is the Eagles offense. This combined with playing in Philly will open the door for Westbrook and his mates to have a huge day. Westbrook will put forth a well-rounded performance as the Packer D scrambles around covering T.O., Pinkston, tight ends and oh, Donovan McNabb.

WR ­ After I reveal my Under the Radar wide receiver you’re probably going to think I’m moving to Oakland, but I’m not and most likely never will.
That being said, I’m saying Jerry Porter makes a nice play this weekend at home against the Chiefs D for the same reasons I advised you to play Kerry Collins. Porter’s season has been way below what fantasy owners had expected. Aside from a week 7 113 yard 1TD output, Porter’s season has been mediocre at best. Monday night in Denver Porter erupted for 3TD’s and 135 yards. The Raider’s may not be seeing any post-season play, but look for Porter to be streaking in the post for nice fantasy points this weekend.
Remember, at home vs. KC.

Don’t Do It…

QB ­ Joey Harrington’s career in Detroit has been a constant struggle, I hope he’s at least learning something. This year was supposed to be Harrington’s break out season, but injuries to his wideouts and the constant losing mentality in Detroit has turned this into another tough statistical journey for Joey. The Lions QB has thrown for over 200 yards only 3 times this season and 2 weeks ago threw for under 100 yards. Even though the Lions host the Cardinals I can’t prescribe Harrington as a remedy for your fantasy team. Like with most things regarding Detroit, stay away from Harrington.

RB ­ Sure Rudi Johnson had a monster day against the Browns, the operative phrase being “the Browns”. Trust me when I say that Johnson will not put up 200 yards on the Ravens defense in Baltimore. Two weeks ago against the Steelers Rudi only racked up 62 yards. Look for more of a Steelers type game this weekend from Johnson. If Johnson’s your feature back find someone else. In deep leagues hope that your feature back is named Tomlinson.

WR ­ Since Randy Moss’ return Nate Burleson has truly become second fiddle and bordering on page turner in D minor. The Vikings play in Chicago where I can’t imagine the conditions will be all that pleasant. The Bears have a pretty good pass defense and won’t be foolish enough to leave Burleson wide open while double teaming Moss. Burleson has put together a decent season for himself but perhaps readjusting to the shadow of Randy Moss is effecting his play. If the Bears had a real QB I’d go as far to say that they might even win this game, but they don’t so I’ll settle on saying that Burleson will take another week to readjusting to Moss’ return.

You Gotta…

QB ­ If Cleveland was in any more disarray they’d be in Akron. The coach has left, nobody has a clue as to who will be taking snaps for them on Sunday and they’ve lost another defender in Andra Davis due to injury. With all that going on somehow the Browns have to host the defending Super Bowl Champions who by the way have been rolling towards another Super Bowl title. Aside from a natural disaster, I see no way in which stud Tom Brady doesn’t rack up LARGE numbers on Sunday. Again I’m calling for Brady to post 400 yards passing.

RB ­ With Zach Thomas now joining the list of injured starters on the Dolphins D the door is wide open for Willis McGahee to shine in front of his former Miami fans. Coupled by the fact that McGahee won’t have to split carries with Travis Henry due to injury, all the talk will be about Willis in the backfield for the Bills on Sunday. Every game that McGahee has carried the ball more than 20 times he’s rushed for over 100 yards. Against a poor and depleted Miami D Willis may have flashbacks to his Miami days and could possibly put up another 4 TD’s like he did last week against the Seahawks. Either way McGahee will have a huge day in his return to South Beach. Why can’t the Dolphins ever get a good running back, oh wait, they did.

WR ­ The way the season’s been going for the Saints I shouldn’t be all that surprised that they have the worst pass defense in the NFL. Not just the NFC, the entire NFL. This is one of the reasons there may be a new coach on the Bayou next fall. Anyway, New Orleans plays host to the Panthers who also have endured a disappointing season. Yet the Panthers have managed to put together a decent passing attack even without some marquee players on offense. Wide receiver Mushin Muhammad has been a staple in the Carolina offense for years and has made a nice career for himself for the once expansion Panthers. Muhammad has played well all season and although the Panthers will only play 16 games this season coach John Fox still has them playing tough ball and Mushin should shine on the carpet in New Orleans this weekend.

Well that’s that. Take my advice or leave it on the web page. Either way, when it comes to playing fantasy football, aren’t we all winners in theend. And PLEASE start working off Thanksgiving dinner...Christmas and all the cookies that come with it are just around the corner.

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