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<p>The Daily Newswire is updated with a big dose of Charlie Weis today. In case you've not been inundated with the daily updates on the coaching carousel in both college and pro football, the rumor mill about the Patriots Offensive Coordinator has heated up. </p> <p>Read on for more on today's news, and loads of information on The Patriots Insider website including Site changes, Free Stuff, Ask the Experts and upcoming news on the Patriots vs Bengals game.</p>

Weis In the News:

The Boston Globe reported earlier this week that Weis was considered and interviewed for the head-coaching job at Notre Dame. The trustees at Notre Dame fired former head coach Ty Willingham a few weeks back, and speculation has been rampant that Weis would get considerable attention for the position.

Weis, and fellow coordinator, Romeo Crennel have been considered by many, top choices for openings at other teams. Unfortunately for both coordinators, the Patriots success has been an issue, in that neither man could interview with another NFL team until the season concludes. The Patriots success deep into the month of January and into the Superbowl period, basically eliminated any possibility of either man getting an interview for a head coaching job in the pros.

With the college recruiting period coming up soon, it's likely that any college interested in the services of Weis or Crennel would find it difficult to wait for the NFL season to conclude. By the looks of it, the Patriots 10-1 record and probably high seeding in the playoffs would mean Weis and Crennel would be unavailable again until after most coaching openings are filled.

For more on the Weis interview, and other coaching impacts, you can check out the Daily Newswire, or read about Weis from Chris Kennedy at The Republican, Clark Judge at CBS Sportsline, Jim Donaldson at The Providence Journal, or even Michael Parente at the Herald. With tons more on Weis out there, including the Official Patriots Site, we'll focus on the game against the Bengals.

Reader Feedback:

Apparently, John MacKenna struck a chord with many a reader in his preview Bengals Are Primed To Upset Patriots. Some readers wrote in to express their concern that "The Bengals have no chance", and "...the guys on Talk Radio 850 Corey Dillon has NO incentives that involve 100 yard games...". Others write that Dillon was put back in the game for different reasons than John hypothesizes about, citing comments from coach Bill Belichick's press conference.

The feedback we receive from our readers is something that makes doing this job that much more worthwhile. We appreciate the time readers take to express their thoughts both via the Site feedback link and In the forums. Right now we have a debate going on over Who's the best Running Back in the NFL, Corey Dillon, Edgerrin James, Ladanian Tomlinson or others.

Fan Forums:

Bengals fans have showed up to talk about the game in the Official Patriots vs Bengals message board thread, and some of actually make sense, unlike many of the Pittsburgh Steelers fans who have taken over many threads in the forums with the Steelers Are Better than the Pats posts.

SCOUT Free Gifts promotion set to expire:

A bit of housekeeping is in order. We would be remiss not to remind you that the SCOUT promotion deals that are happening now, make a great gift giving present for the sports fan on your holiday gift list. The promotions include a full year of Sporting News with every annual Total Access Pass, or the free annual Subscription to FHM with just a one month access pass, or even the new SCOUT Draft Guide for 2005. You get all that plus access to some of the best College recruit information available anywhere. Just think, for about $8, you can get a free subscription and all the draft coverage you crave.

All Access Pass includes access to all other Insider sites and subscriber forums anywhere on SCOUT's network, including every NFL Team, MLB teams like The Red Sox, The NBA, College Basketball and Football, and Recruiting News. It also gives you access to our ASK THE EXPERTS forums.

Enough of the shameless self promotion.


Little known to many subscribers or site regulars, is the opportunity to ask the experts your questions. We introduced a new area in the forums called The Insiders Lounge. Subscribers can use the forum to ask experts like Lane Adkins, Tony, and other NFL / College experts questions about the Patriots, the NFL, College prospects and many other things. Lane has been addressing many readers questions on other boards, and has generously agreed to address any questions we pose to him here in our forums. So, get those questions in, I guarantee you, Lane has access to better information many a local beat reporter. You can also e-mail your questions to our writers, and they will gladly get you a reply.

Game Day Chat a Success:

Don't forget the Game Day Chat, for those with access to the Internet during and after the game. We had close to 100 fans show up for the Browns game, and a little less than that for the Ravens game. By far the most popular chat rooms on gameday this year.

Thanks for being part of one of the best independent Patriots news websites out there on the Net. As always, let us know how we're doing.

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