Patriots: Roster Changes

<p>Comings and goings and comings again. The New England Patriots have been busy shuffling the bottom of their roster during this holiday week. Check out who's still here and who's not after Sunday's loss the to Dolphins. </p> <p>Get inside to read more about the special teams shakeup and other roster changes.</p>

PHOTO: New England Patriots Je 'Rod Cherry sits dejected on the bench after losing to the Miami Dolphins, 26-13, Sunday, Oct. 6, 2002, at Pro Player Stadium in Miami. (AP Photo/ Steve Mitchell)

The New England Patriots have announced the release reserve Safety and special teams ace, Je'Rod Cherry. Cherry, who had been released in training camp, had been resigned by the team the first month of the season as the Patriots looked to add depth to their secondary and special teams.

Other transactions announced by the team this week:

The Re-signing of RB, Rabih Abdullah and WR Kevin Casper who had previously been with the team and cut from the active roster recently. To make room for the signings, the team announced the release of DB Omare Lowe and LB, Justin Kurpeikis on Wednesday.

You can find more stories about Kasper, Cherry, Kurpeikis and Lowe in the HOT NEWS section or in their player profiles.

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