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<p>The Patriots Insiders want to thank our visitors and all those who contribute to the site. With all the excitement the Patriots are bringing us, we sometimes forget to thank all of you.</p> <p>Have a Merry Christmas, and our best wishes for a happy and safe holiday.</p> <p>More...</p>

Regular coverage of the Patriots will resume once we spend a little time with our family. In the meantime, the Newswire has been updated for your reading pleasure

Be sure to check out the Forums to talk a little football or wish each other well. Be kind, feel free to wish even the Jets fans a happy holiday.

Some stories from today's newswire:

Jets, Patriots have plenty on the line
MSNBC - EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - Tom Brady and the New England Patriots need to get over their meltdown in Miami, or the road back to the Super Bowl could get a lot longer ...

Keys should be Martin, Dillon
Middletown Press, CT - ... quarterbacks have done a great job grabbing the spotlight this week leading up to Sunday's game between the New York Jets and New England Patriots at the ...
Middletown Press

Pennington's education
Chad Pennington didn't like the questions, so he stopped answering them - for a day. The New York Jets quarterback caused a media uproar when he declined to answer questions following his team's 37-14 win over Seattle last Sunday. He had to be convinced by a member of the team's public relations staff to do as much as read a statement.
The Republican

Pats have reason to worry
Despite their impressive 12-2 mark the Patriots have expressed concern about their level of play in recent weeks.

We'll resume some limited coverage Christmas night. Be sure to check back for more game coverage this evening.

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