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PHOTO: Indianapolis Colts' Dallas Clark (44) leads his teammates off the field in front of Denver Broncos defensive end Marco Coleman (92) (AP Photo/AJ Mast)

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The Indianapolis Colts organization is in familiar territory, having to talk to the media about playoff challenges against the New England Patriots, the weather and now their kicker… again.

Colts head coach Tony Dungy has done an admirable job patiently answering questions about the upcoming rematch. He continues to be presented a new challenge daily by those around him determined to make his life as head coach that much more difficult.

Dungy, who has tried to steer his team away from controversy, had little to say about the comments Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt made referring to the Patriots as a team “Ripe for the picking.” ( Kicker's words get little Colts reaction ) What Dungy didn’t expect was the Colts Proshop hawking AFC 2004 Conference Champions gear on the Team website.

It didn't take long before the news spread like wildfire around the net, and the Colts organization issued a brief release and promptly withdrew the items from their store."AFC Champions 2004" items removed from Colts Website

Herald reports "Colts jump the gun with champs T-shirt"


Heard around the Boston Media:
Patriots radio picked up the story about the Colts Tee shirt gaffe, and ran with it all afternoon. You can see a version of the story from yesterday here on Patriots Radio from the Official Site.

Fox Sports Net, had Michael Holley author of Patriot Reign on last night talking about the game. He didn't think the banged-up Patriots secondary would be enough of an advantage for Manning and the Colts to take advantage of. His prediction was for the Patriots to emerge with the "W" again.

ESPN Radio is touting the Colts for the Victory: Preview. Also, if you listen to some of those guys... you wonder how much of it is what they believe, and how much is out there to generate debate.

WEEI has had Troy Brown talking about Tsunami relief and the Raffle he's lending his name to ( ).

Other outlets had Rodney Harrison responding to Vander-jerk's comments.

Today’s Newswire:
The daily fix has tons of articles from around the Net on the Patriots, some on Moss, a whole heap on Vanderjagt, and a little more on yesterday’s injury report. Plenty more is out there from the Patriots regulars like Boston Herald, Boston Globe and Masslive, so just use the links to cruz around.

We’ve slammed over 30 articles into the Newswire today, so grab your grub, a nice hot cup-o-joe and set yourself up for a heap of coverage on the Patriots.

Has Ben Picked up the Curse?
The Herald reports on whether or not Big Ben will be the latest player to succumb to the "Curse"

Tipline and Rumor Mill:
Thanks to Gordon for his comments in the Tipline about the TV talking heads claiming that Crennel will be the Browns next coach if the Pats lose on Sunday. Yesterday’s Newswire had a story on it about Crennel being in a win-win situation.

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Spotted in the Forums:
The message boards have continued to explode with Pittsburgh Steeler fans carrying the banner for their team. Tealsox asks Colts fans "If you switched Brady with Manning, would either team's performance differ? better or worst?"

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The Hot News gives you a little more insight as to Matt Chatham’s condition, the Latest Player to Sign-on with the team, and a Dexter Reid sighting and best of all, what gives with Roman Phifer. Morph has been asking questions on the Insider lounge, and Lane, Paul and others have been sending through updates on the East West Shrine game, and who the Patriots might be interested in.

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The Patriots - Colts GAME:
That's why we're here, so a little more on that coming shortly. John MacKenna's preview will be out as soon as I can mangle some more code. The Colts Insider has this article on their site: Are the Pats ready for a loss?. Todd Taylor, opines that the Colts Reach Familiar Crossroads

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