Patriots-Steelers: Gameday Update

<p>When the weather person first reported it, you could see, this wasn't going to be any ordinary AFC Championship game. This game was going to be one affected by the elements. The cold, driving wind, snow and bitter conditions will make it difficult to play football in. Get inside for today's news.</p>

PHOTO: Pittsburgh Steelers grounds crew member Andy Lipinski paints the field a Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Thursday, Jan. 20, 2005, in preparation for Sunday's AFC Championship between the Steelers and New England Patriots.(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

The New England Patriots flew to Pittsburgh a day early to avoid getting caught in mother nature's storm, but that will not help them once they step onto the field at Heinz Field. Game Conditions: It's expected to be 13' F and feel more like 1.

At least we have the warm comforts of our living room to enjoy this battle. Today's newswire is chock full of stuff, updated as of 5:00 pm. Enjoy the Game.

Gametime is almost here. From what many pundits are calling it, we're about to see the AFC Superbowl. Many others are predicting a repeat of the AFC Championship of 2001. We'll just have to see how it all plays out.

The Newswire is full of great coverage on all the team, players and field condition reports you could want. The Official Injury Report, Breaking News, Matchups, Breakdowns, op-ed pieces galore can be found here on the Newswire. We've provided a quick link section for your use pre-game, and will follow up with full game coverage after the game.

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And tons more in the forums and on the Newswire. Time to go find out chips and beer, kick the cat out of the easy chair and enjoy the game.


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