Eagles' Coordinator Shares His Thoughts

<p>Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress spent some time addressing the media on Eagles Media day at Alltel stadium in Jacksonville. Childress sat down to answer a few questions on his thoughts about the Patriots.</p>

Regarding the the status of having two weeks to prepare for the Patriots and how those plans are going.

Childress: I think you have to be careful with 2 weeks of preparation. You don't want to change things last minute, and we're at that point now.

Regarding Donovan McNabb's ability to as a running threat

Childress: He hasn't done it (run) a real lot this year, but he has that tool in his pocket and can do it when he needs to.

Regaring using Dorsey Levens as another running back option

Childress: we brought him in, and had to cut him early in the season, last preseason game I think, but we knew we were going to do that. And he's available. He's going to give you 12, 13 15 plays and that's what he's going to do.

Regarding how does TO look

Childress: He worked out for us. He practiced on Monday. He did about 8 or 15 plays. We'll have to see where he is.

Brian Westbrook's versatility to line up anywhere on the field - Which spot creates the most problems for the Patriots linebackers?

Childress: You'd think against Vrabel and McGinest, but those guys have such long wingspans... That would be a good match against the outside linebackers for Westbrook.

On Donovan's comfort in the system.

Childress: he's comfortable; he's playing the game on the other side of the line of scrimmage. He's really in tune with what's happening on the other side of the field.

Can teams (the Patriots) do things to confuse McNabb

Childress: You can always do something that will confuse him, but you have to adjust your snap counts, make adjustments and things like that.

On TO, what will Belichick do to cover him?

Childress: They need to see what kind of factor he is. They're not going to change everything just because Terrell Owens is going to be out there. He did good things yesterday. We're gonna have to see what he can do.

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