Patriots Report: What's Freddie Saying Now?

<p>When the Philadelphia Eagles take the field to play the New England Patriots in Superbowl XXXIX, all the hype, the talk and the media circus surrounding TO and Freddie Mitchell won't matter anymore. But until that time, Mitchell continues to provide plenty of bulletin board material for the Patriots.</p> <p>Get inside to see what Freddie had to say.</p>

PHOTO: Philadelphia Eagles' Freddie Mitchell gestures while being interviewed during media day festivities at Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Fla. Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2005. Mitchell received the "ET" trophy for "Most innovative use of a game day hairdo." (AP Photo/Stephen Savoia)

"I'm me. I'm Freddie Mitchell."
By Michael Reardon, Site Contributor

As could be expected, the first questions out of the gate for Freddie Mitchell were concerning the reactions that followed his less - than - complimentary comments on Rodney Harrison and the New England secondary. Mitchell knew it was coming and seemed eager to meet the questions.

When asked if he was apologetic at all about his comments or the ensuing reaction to them, he made his position clear: "Never. I Never feel bad for anything I say."

Mitchell did say that he was "shocked" at the reaction of the Patriots and at the amount of attention his words were getting in the media. He also admitted that Head Coach Andy Reid was not pleased with the comments, but still didn't convey any kind of apologetic sentiment.

The most prominent reaction that came out of the media, players, and fans to Freddie Mitchell calling out Rodney Harrison was "What has this guy done to earn the right to talk?" Detractors point to how little Mitchell has accomplished in this league since being drafted in the first round four years ago. Mitchell also had something to say about this characterization of himself by everyone around him.

"They have to understand with me, I haven't had many catches but the ball hasn't come my way. I haven't had that opportunity. Now that T.O. is injured, I'm getting that opportunity and people are starting to say, 'Ok, maybe he can do something. Maybe he is a role player.'" He went on to say that T.O. "takes a lot of catches away" implying that the explanation for his low production has been because he is behind one of the most talented receivers in the game and thus does not get a lot of opportunities. Mitchell's logic here seems flawed given the fact that this is Owens' first year with the Eagles and Mitchell's fourth year.

After talking about how he has been talked about a lot, Mitchell went on to talk about how he wished he wasn't being talked about so much (Read it again, it's right). "I really wanted the attention to be on Donovan McNabb and how he's overcome all these obstacles. Instead, they're talking about me and Rodney Harrison. Donovan deserves pretty much all of this credit because he's done a great job. I really would love for the focus to be off of me."

Mitchell was asked about life after the Super Bowl. How would things change if he had a huge game on Sunday? "It's not gonna change, I'm gonna be the same guy and just chill. I'll probably thank my hands again and go on from there."

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