Patriots Report: Brady Deals With Loss

<p>Tom Brady has yet another distraction to deal with during his preparation for the Superbowl. Brady received word that a family member had passed away Wednesday night. </p><p>True to his character, Brady addressed the media about the issue, and answered questions on how this loss will affect his focus on the game.</p>

Patriots Report: Brady Deals with Loss
By Jon Scott, Patriots Insider

Tom Brady will have more on his mind when he takes the field. That's because Brady's grandmother, Margaret Brady, died Wednesday night, according to team sources.

Brady was a little reflective when asked about the passing of his grandmother. "It has been a long road, that is for sure for my family" He said. "My mind has been here but my heart has been at home. It’s going to be nice to go out and play this game and now I have a even better reason to play this game."

Using the passing of his grandmother as inspiration may be one thing, but how will that affect his focus?

"We’re so driven here, we’re so focused and like I said the other day, that we get so wrapped up in this part of our life that other things escape us.

Brady will not fly home to California for the services. According to him, his family will make arrangements, so that Tom can focus on the game and deal with the rest afterwards.

"Anytime a family member passes away and especially when she is important in our lives as my grandmother, it’s real tough," He offered. "My sisters flew home earlier in the week and it’s been nice for them all to be together and I really wish I was there but duty calls here."

Tom Brady may be a lot of things, cool, calm, an NFL heartthrob, but one quality stands out above the rest, he's respectful. Brady realizes where he came from and the people who helped him get to where he is now. He's sincere when he shares personal events from his life with the media.

Moreover, Brady is on a mission, and that appears to be defeating the Eagles this week. Will his family's grieving affect his performance? Who's to say. Brady doesn't think so.

"Once you get out there, you’re out there. We have a tough enough opponent as it is in the Eagles. The focus for me this week has been a little bit different but I’m sure when game time comes around my focus will all be on the Eagles."

From all accounts, it looks like Brady will be ready come kickoff.

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