It All Starts With The Soup

<p>With a host of comments coming from players during media week, perhaps none were as humorous as Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb's dialog on Cambell's soup products.</p> <p>McNabb is one of a number of NFL players endorsing the Cambell's soup line, and it was apparent from his responses on media day, that he is entirely comfortable joking with the media about his endorsement deals.</p>

"It all starts and ends with the soup."

Quarterback Donovan McNabb appeared relaxed and content during his session with the Super Bowl media. He seemed very relaxed, however his excitement and enthusiasm were almost tangible. He started off by commenting on the media and experiences in the days leading up to the Super Bowl.

"It is great. This is what it is all about. This is our dream come true and we have been looking forward to this opportunity for the last three years or so., When you are here, you want to take full advantage of it, and the guys are truly excited. Looking at this field you kind of visualize yourself out there on the field. We are ready to get this thing started."

Despite the fun he is having, McNabb did say that it is frustrating to an extent. "Even walking out here for this and having the field right behind you, you just want to jump the fence and get started. It's kind of how all the guys feel."

McNabb was asked about the satisfaction of making the Super Bowl after falling just short for three consecutive years. "You look back and you say that we were just one step away. When you are in that game (NFC Championship), obviously, your focus is to make it here., When you haven't made it here, you see other teams platy and other guys sit in my spot now, you wish that I could have been you. Now that it is you, you want to take full advantage of it. It was a tough thing to swallow, but we are here and it is an exciting time for us."

McNabb cited a good team chemistry and improved feeling of camaraderie as some of the reasons the Eagles were able to take that next all - important step this season. He also said that when pursuing something as elusive as a Super Bowl berth, that patience is essential.

"Patience is everything. You continue to stay patient and just continue to work. Have dreams and visualize being in this spot, and it can happen."

One reporter jokingly asked McNabb about what his mother has been feeding him, a reference to the Chunky Soup commercials that McNabb and his mother have become so famous for. McNabb continued to earn his endorsement check. "It all starts with the soup and ends with the soup. In the middle of the soup. That is why my diet has really been intact. Eating the soup, savory beef pot roast, chunky chicken corn chowder, the list goes on. All those wonderful, wonderful soups."

Later when asked if Terrell Owens would play or not, McNabb continued to display his marketing prowess.

"We have been feeding Seabiscuit (Owens) Campbell's Soup and Sierra Mist. We can put some Reeboks on him since they are the best footwear as well as sportswear that you can have. Am I plugging everything (laughing)?"

But seriously Donovan, how do you feel about going into this Super Bowl as the underdogs?

"It's a slap in the face, but they are the champions. In order for you to become the champion, you have to beat the champion. There is a reason why they are the top dogs in this game. It is well deserved."

McNabb was asked what could be expected in the upcoming Super Bowl, and what he was expecting from the Patriots.

"I expect to see lot of blitzes. I expect to see disguises in coverages, moving guys around. That's the exciting part of the game."

"I am going to dig into the bag of tricks and bring out everything. This is one where you sit down in those blue seats and buckle your seat belt because you are going to get a nice little show."

And of course, perhaps the most revealing question of the day: what kind of soup would McNabb be eating before the game?

"Pot roast savory beef. I am going to make sure I get that and get me ready for the game."


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