Coordinator Concerned with the Patriots Offense

<p>The New England Patriots are a match for any team, as their record indicates. Reaching the Superbowl 3 times in 4 years with a core group of players and a quarterback that just seems to have &quot;It&quot;, puts the Patriots in the role of favorite.</p><p>Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, well respected foe creating an aggressive, attack style of defense in Philadelphia is concerned about the potent Patriot offense. Earlier this week he spent a few moments with the media.</p>

Eagles Coordinator Concerned with the Patriots Offense
Defensive Coordinator, Jim Johnson speaks to the media
By Michael Reardon, Site Contributor

On Tuesday, Eagles Defensive coordinator Jim Johnson was asked about the keys to stopping the New England offense that seemingly scored at will against the #1 ranked Steeler's defense in the AFC Championship game. Johnson made it clear that Tom Brady is a quarterback that he has a lot of admiration for, and is the centerpiece of the formidable opponent that Philadelphia's defense will line up against on Sunday.

"I think so much of Tom Brady. I think he manages that offense so well. We all know that they have a good running back in Corey Dillon but I think it all starts with Tom Brady, just the way he manages that offense. He is in complete control and doesn't get rattled so obviously we have to start with Tom Brady."

"The thing that Tom Brady does, even though you blitz him, he's 6-5, he gets rid of the ball, and I might even say he looks 6-9 back there, but he sees things, he's smart and he manages the offense well. You still have to blitz and we will. We just have to make sure we disguise it well, which we will be working on, but he is a hard guy to blitz because he does see things so well and he knows exactly what the offense wants to do and is the leader of it."

Johnson also attributed the Patriots' offensive success to their offensive line. Johnson said that they are solid run blockers, but also don't' give up very many sacks. That is also, Johnson noted, in part because Brady releases the ball so quickly when he needs to. He also noted that in their meeting last year, the Eagles did a good job at stopping the Patriot running game, but not as good a job against the passing attack. He knows their job has only gotten more difficult with the addition of Corey Dillon.

"First of all he is a pounding runner, which I have no question about it, makes them twice as effective as a team from when we played them last year," said Johnson, "All of the sudden they are more balanced and it sets up the play action pass better for Tom Brady. They've got exactly what they want. They got a situation where they can run the football and it sets up their play action passing, which they do as good as anyone in the league."

However, when asked what his defense has planned to stop the Patriots, Johnson seemed to comment mostly on the New England passing attack.

"Anytime you get a rhythm passing game you have to make sure to throw off their receivers. Our philosophy will be more of just making sure we handle the receivers and be very physical. If you don't do that and you are not physical with their receivers, then things will happen in their passing game. He will just hit them 1,2,3.


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