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Patriots - Eagles: Q and A with Andy Reid

<p>Friday's news comes to you from Jacksonville via the official sources. Here is a question and answer session with Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid. Reid spoke about the players, some injury news, and whether or not TO will start the game on Sunday.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Get inside for the rest of the story.</a></p>

Q. Coach, have you asked any of the players as far as meeting times, have you changed their curfew time this week?

COACH REID: We tried to keep it as close to our normal schedule, in other words, what we did in Philadelphia during the season as we possibly could.

In the evenings they have the evenings off. And they eat on their own, breakfast and lunch are together, dinner they're able to -- they're given some per diem money to go out and enjoy themselves.

Q. Can you sum up how the week has gone for your team in practice?

COACH REID: Well, the guys have practiced very well. They've had a lot of energy all season. They've maintained that down here. Hugh Douglas does a great job of keeping everybody nice and loose, and it's been fun for them all year, and it's going to continue down here.

Q. How have your young guys handled the week?

COACH REID: Well, I think they've done a pretty good job, and they've -- the veteran guys have kept focused all year, and I think they've done that throughout this week. We have a lot of young guys we're counting on doing some things for us, and have done things for us all season. It is important that they handle themselves right down here. But it looks like they've done that as well.

Q. You've been to a couple of Super Bowls as well as an assistant coach. What about this week has surprised you the most or caught you off guard the most?

COACH REID: Nothing much has caught me off guard much. I've been well coached about the media from Derek (Boyko), and the different responsibilities I have there. And that would be the biggest difference from being an assistant coach, being the head coach is the responsibilities again with the media. As assistant you can kind of find out, but as head coach you have to stand up and deal with you guys.

Q. Before you said you were kind of waiting to see how you've gone through the practices, how is Terrell Owens doing?

COACH REID: I can't tell you how he is this morning, but he practiced harder yesterday than he did the day before. He felt great yesterday, and we'll see how he does today. But I think I'm going to be saying that all the way up to kickoff, just to make sure that he feels good on game day. We've got to put him through some exercises and see how he does. But up to this point he's done very well, and he's increased his workload every day.

Q. How do you feel about your team being put in the overwhelming role as underdog here?

COACH REID: I think that's probably where they should be. You're playing the world champions, and they deserve to be the favorites, I would say. It's important that we come out and prove ourselves that we're worthy of playing, and until you do that, that's a position you're going to be in. I don't think our players look at themselves, though, as underdogs, which I think is important.

Q. Could you talk a little bit about the advantages having a running back like Brian Westbrook gives you, and what kind of challenges does Corey Dillon give defensively that you haven't seen this year?

COACH REID: Brian Westbrook is a heck of a player. He's equally as well flexed out of the backfield as he is in the backfield, as equally good receiver as he is a running back and carrying the football. He gives you a lot of flexibility in the offense. And then Corey, I have a lot of respect for Corey. Corey is a hard, tough-nosed runner. He gets better as the game goes on. I know he'll be fired up and ready to play in this game.

Q. Will T.O. start in the game?

COACH REID: I'm not saying T.O. will play every day, if he's ready to play. Then we'll see exactly how he's feeling during the game and kind of monitor that. Whether he starts or not, that's irrelevant, I think right now. We've got it broken down by different plays. If he can play we'd like to see him, and one of those happens to be the first play, it's the first play, and if not, then Freddie (Mitchell) will be there.

Q. I'm sure you had to answer this question different ways this week. You see how this league works with the salary cap. Is there a part of you that leaves last year's championship game, worrying that a window has closed for a great group and you might not ever get here?

COACH REID: I'm not too worried about that. We have a nice nucleus of young players that have stepped into important roles, and normally those are the guys through the draft that have helped us to continue to win for whatever number of years. And I have a lot of trust in Joe Banner and the way he handles the salary cap, and that's a big part of being able to win year in and year out. And I think he's the best in the business in what he does. And so between those two things, Tom Heckert drafting, and Joe working the salary cap, they give us opportunities as coaches to be able to keep these things going.

Source: NFL Media

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