Patriots-Eagles: Philadelphia Friday Pool Report

Philadelphia Eagles Pool Report by Chris Colston, USA TODAY Sports Weekly. The Pool report is generated by the NFL to cover Friday's practice which was closed to the regular media.

Friday, February 4, 2005
By Chris Colston, USA TODAY Sports Weekly

JACKSONVILLE – Philadelphia’s last full practice before the Super Bowl began at 11:48 a.m. Friday at the University of North Florida and ran for 54 minutes. Temperatures were in the low 50s, but with the wind and cloudy skies it seemed much colder.

The Eagles, who worked out in helmets but no pads, held out defensive end Jevon Kearse because of flu. He should play Sunday.

There was little if any limp in wide receiver Terrell Owens’ gait. He saw extensive playing time and caught a variety of passes. Coach Andy Reid said Owens got in all the work they had planned for him and that he was right on pace. “Just taking it day by day,” Reid said.

Weakside linebacker Mark Simoneau, who injured the tendon that wraps around the bottom of his foot and missed two playoff games, practiced again as part of the Eagles’ regular linebacker rotation. “He did nice,” Reid said.

Today was the Eagles’ last regular practice before Sunday’s game. Saturday’s workout will be a walk-through at Alltell Stadium.

“Today was our primary red zone day,” Reid said. “And we hit all the other categories and polished those up. We’re ready to go.”

Two old friends joined Reid on the field before practice: LaVell Edwards and Rod Dowhower. Edwards, who was Reid’s collegiate coach, directed Brigham Young for 29 years and won the 1984 national championship. Dowhower was Reid’s first offensive coordinator in Philadelphia before retiring following the 2001 season.

Edwards, a member of the College Hall of Fame, is one of Reid’s primary mentors. “The guy is just like he was the first day I met him,” Edwards said after practice. “We’ve had a lot of guys go on to the NFL, but this one I think I’ve followed closer than the others. I was the guy who got him into this business. He was going into medicine or some other field. We’ve had a good relationship for many years.

“He’s just great with people and had a good feel for it. I always thought he would do well in coaching and it has turned out for him.”

This is the first Super Bowl for Edwards, who arrived in Jacksonville Thursday night. He still wasn’t sure where he will be watching the game.

“I’ll leave that up to Andy’s wife, Tammy,” Edwards said. “She’s the one who directs everything.”

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